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Ansys CFD Software

Overview of ANSYS CFD Software

ANSYS CFD Software, such as Ansys CFX Simulation Software popularly used in Singapore is a Cloud-based high-performance computational fluid Mechanics (CFD) Simulation software Application tool that Offers reliable and Precise solutions quickly and robustly across a Broad range of CFD Fluid Dynamics and multiphysics MDX Simulation Modeling Engineering applications.
Ansys CFX Fluent is Popularly Reputed for its Superior Simulation Data accuracy, robustness and Time to Completion of the computational process when simulating Industrial turbomachinery, For Example Mechanical pumps, Turbine fans, Refrigeration compressors and gas and hydraulic turbines.
ANSYS Fluent CFD Software, such as Ansys Polyflow Software, Ansys ICEM CFD software are high-performance, general-purpose fluid dynamics Software program that Ansys CFD engineers have applied to solve Broad-ranging fluid Dynamic flow Challenges for over 20 years.
At the heart of Ansys CFX and Fluent Gambit Software is its advanced Physics solver technology, which is the key to achieving Robust and accurate Simulation solutions quickly and Reliably.
The Current, highly parallelized Physics solver used by the Ansys Fluent Software is the Critical foundation for an abundant choice of physical models that capture virtually any type of Physics phenomena related to fluid flow Dynamics.
The Physics solver Add-ons and Simulation models used in Ansys Fluent Simulation are wrapped in a modern, intuitive, and Versatile Graphical User Interface GUI and Front End user environment, with extensive capabilities for customization and automation using session files, User Defined Function scripting and a powerful expression language for a more Automated Ansys Flow Simulation Process Workflow.

Generate Performance Maps with Ansys CFX

The Mechanical Engineering performance map is the Output result of your CAE Simulation analysis performed using Ansys Fluent CFX Software.
Now CFD Analysis in Ansys Software Enables you to create Holistic Simulation maps with a Single Totally integrated process.
Using a Standardized Simulation performance map format file, Ansys Fluent CFD Software is capable of generates all Required results as if they were a single CAE simulation run.
The Ansys CFD Meshing software then Systematically organizes them into a master Administration folder for Single Integrated analysis.

About BroadTech Engineering

BroadTech Engineering is a Leading engineering Simulation & Numerical Modelling consultancy Which was Founded in Singapore.
We Offer Professional CAE engineering Simulation services In the area of to engineering Applications in a broad range of Technology Focused Industries.
Some of the Projects we are currently Working On includes 
1. Ensuring of Passenger Flight safety in Aerospace Design of Aircraft using Ansys Fluent Simulation
2. Civil Structural engineering Optimization of Tunnel HVAC ventilation using Ansys Flow Analysis Simulation
3. Ensuring on the Work Environment safety of underground spaces using Ansys Fluid Flow Analysis.
As a Technologically innovative company at the ForeFront of Technology, we Require Equally innovative Technology partners and Robust CFD Modeling & Optimization solutions such as Ansys Fluent Software.
ANSYS is the partner that we work with very Frequently in order to Efficiently Design, Engineer and develop these Technology products which are Significantly more energy -efficient and also Offer more value for our clients and customers.


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Featured Case Study: Mosen Ltd Developed the Innovative Mojet Tunnel Ventilation System with ANSYS Fluent CFD

As Engineering design Engineers Deeply Engaged in the Most recent Client Projects involving the tunnel ventilation industry, we are tasked to optimize the efficiency of a Ventilation fan turbine Design.
For this challenge, the engineering Insights that Ansys Flow simulation Provided played was a central role in Helping to Solve the Challenge. 

1. The Challenge: Aerodynamically & Energetically Inefficient Fan Turbine Designs

Our CFD Simulation Engineers Professionally trained in ANSYS CFD Software Program such as Ansys Fluent Software, Ansys Polyflow, Ansys ICEM CFD & Ansys CFX Began off with a Technically Challenging situation where the conventional Ventilation jet Turbines have some significant Technical Performance Challenges in terms of Inefficiency.
In particular, during the performance of Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Fluent Simulation Modeling using Fluent CFD Software, we Realized that the Turbine jet Flow streams tend to Adhere to Either the side or the Upper ceiling of the Cylindrical tunnel Structure.
As a Result, we realize from the Ansys Airflow Simulation that around 20% of the Electrical Energy consumption that goes into the Ventilation Turbine fan is actually wasted and that’s why we came up with the Idea of the Mojet Design.
The Solution: A CFD Optimized Mojet
What the Mojet does is that it is Designed with Ansys Fluid Dynamics Software to reduces the Electrical power Requirements of the fan Turbine and it also Significantly Optimize the Airflow thrust Velocity in the tunnel.
 The Mojet is Specially Adapted using ANSYS CFD Premium Program to deflect and Channel the Airflow through the fan downwards but this is sort of symmetrical device.
Surprisingly, through Ansys Fluent Software, we discover that there is Almost always a potential conflict in the Overall shape Geometry that is Best for blowing Air out is not necessarily the shape that is optimum for sucking in through.
 So using Fluent CFD Software, Ansys Fluid Flow Solver and Ansys design modeler which is part of the Fluent Gambit Software Suite, we set up a parametric Modelling representation of the Front bell mouth Input.
It was really a Challenge of trying to ease the Fluid Flow transitions, Such that there were no Drastic changes in the Fluid flow Patterns.
Our Engineers Trained in advanced Ansys CFD Meshing techniques. made use of Ansys CFD Fluent to Methodically Reviewed 25 to 30 CFD simulations case studies to Slowly Optimize and Refine the shape Geometry of that bellmouth.
In addition, through the use of Ansys CFD Software, such as Ansys Mechanical CFD Software and Ansys CFD Student, we have also come up with a Engineering solution that could be Easily Mass Fabricated using a Usage of very simple Elliptical and shape Geometries, so that our manufacturing Suppliers will be able to actually construct this Economically .
By using Ansys CFX, we can significantly reduce the Number of Physical prototypes Needed to be Manufacture and we can also reduce the full-scale Prototype testing.

2. Reliable Cavitation Predication in a Broad Range of Industry Applications without Empirical Parameters or Tuning

Modern Product Engineers and CAE Engineers Today need to Leverage on the CAE Simulation Capabilities of Ansys CFD Software to Precisely and Quickly predict Occurrence of cavitation in diverse Industrial applications such as Large Scale Electricity Generation hydro pumps, diesel Engine fuel injectors and rocket fuel Based Propulsion systems.
However, classical Physics models such as Rayleigh-Plesset are Extremely empirical and can return Relatively unphysical Simulation results data unless the required Input Physical parameters are carefully Fine Calibrated.
A Fresh new approach to cavitation Simulation modeling in ANSYS CFX Pre uses an equilibrium phase Modification Physics model and Only relies on material Physical properties only, to reliably Simulate cavitation Phenomenal without the need for empirical model parameters.
The use of Ansys CFD Fluent software Program provides you a Practically Economical solution (e.g., no negative absolute pressures) without Fine-tuning, and naturally includes physics such as thermodynamic suppression head and Variations in vapor pressure due to Dynamic variations in Thermal temperature Values. 

3. Optimizing Turbomachinery – Taking Turbomachinery Simulation to the Next Level  

High Efficiency via High Technology
As Modern Engineering power plants have Dynamically Changes to become more Technically complex, energy efficient and renewable, the Engineering challenges to Guarantee reliable Engineering operation have increased.
A critical role of simulation and other advanced engineering technologies in their design efforts of TurboMachinery
With more than 20,000 steam turbines installed worldwide, Siemens PLM has long relied on ANSYS CAE simulation Software to perform Ansys Fluid Flow Analysis so as to Accurately predict how their product Designs Variants will perform under today’s diverse, Harsh, and Highly demanding Usage conditions.

As a CFD Simulation Engineer who is considering to Buy Ansys Fluent Software such as Ansys Discovery Aim or Ansys Discovery Live, You should think of ANSYS ICEM CFD Software Program as a Module Add-on of the Advanced Adaptive meshing capabilities in ANSYS CFD Meshing Software.
Interestingly some of the Ansys CFX and ANSYS ICEM Computational Fluid Dynamics technology Know how is Integrated into ANSYS Workbench Meshing, along with tech from TGrid, ANSYS, Ansys CFX, etc.
Ansys Workbench Fluent meshing is more parametric, persistent, physics aware, etc. Plus it is easy to use and fits into the Ansys Workbench and Ansys Discovery Ultimate Simulation Environment which makes the whole Simulation Software Platform Very Intuitive to Use. But some Specific Groups of Users who are Familiar with Gambit Fluent software often need the Highly interactive or extended capabilities of Ansys ICEM CFD Software.
Ansys ICEM CFD Software, just like other Ansys CFD Analysis software such as Ansys Fluent CFX can be Independently Utilized outside of Ansys Workbench Fluent to Render 3D Surface Meshing from a Raw ‘dirty’ CAD and faceted Shape geometry (STL, etc.) for Meshing various Usage scenarios such as
1. mesh really large or Complicated models (a larger capacity than Workbench), 
2. if you Wish to Use Hexa mesh (structured or unstructured) with advanced Software Input Mesh Parameter controls (Workbench meshing has hexa with simpler controls)
3. If you Wish for the extended mesh diagnostics and advanced interactive mesh editing in ANSYS ICEM CFD,
4. If you want to output to a Broad variety of other Mainstream CFD Software solvers or neutral File formats for Post Processing of Ansys CFD Results Obtained.
In other words, We Strongly Suggest that You try the ANSYS Meshing Technology Program in the ANSYS CFD Software, such as Ansys Fluent Student Edition During the first Attempt.
If Fluent Gambit Software gets the job Accomplished, then it is Definitely the easiest tool to Learn and use in Your Engineering Applications.
If you need something Additional like Adaptive Structured hexa or interactive mesh editing is done dynamically, you can Consider Using ANSYS CFX Fluent or ICEM CFD instead of Ansys Fluent Student Version.

1. Parametric Functions

However, Ansys workbench and Ansys Fluid Flow Software can Effectively control Input Physics parameters in other 3rd party 3D CAD Modeling Software packages (such as Pro/E or UGNX or Solidworks or CatiaV5 or Inventor, etc.) so you Can Easily create a parabolic function with an Input parameter there when Performing Ansys Fluid Flow Analysis
To Begin Getting it into Ansys Fluent workbench, just start the User input parameter with a Specific key string such as “WB_” or something like that.
During the Actual Data import Prior to the Ansys Fluid Dynamics, you can Easily filter for certain Input Physics parameters that you Would Like to control and Fine Tune (using a string like “WB_”).
During the preprocessing of a Typical Ansys AirFlow Simulation, the Physics parameters will come Into the Picture and have a Selection checkbox next to them.
During the performance of the Ansys Flow Simulation, You can Manually check the Selection box and turn them into Ansys workbench Linked Input parameters.
As for persistence, that means that one setup (geometry operations, mesh settings, boundary conditions, even your ANSYS CFX Pre setup, Ansys CFD post-processing operations, and Post Processing report Creation ) will be Easily updatable when you change The Input parameter Used for the Ansys Flow Analysis.

2. Interactive & Adaptive Mesh Geometry Modification

Mesh Geometry Change Modification is actually Modifying the mesh Shape interactively (or with automatic routine Processes ) to improve Fidelity and Accuracy physics capture.
Common Surface Meshing operations Often Performed using Ansys CFD Software, Such as Ansys Polyflow and Ansys Fluent include Migration and merging of nodes, splitting edges or nodes, Adjustment of Node element normals, creating of elements, refining or coarsening mesh Cells, etc.
There are also more Engineering Simulation Software Driven Process operations such as merging or smoothing meshes.
A distinct advantage of AI*E (now just called Ansys ICEM CFD) is that the node projection is maintained (it Retains the Mesh geometry shape much better).
Curve projected Mesh nodes stay on curves, Surface projected nodes Remains on the surface, etc.
And this is Constantly Retained for all Engineering Simulation operations (unless you Switch it off). Other 3rd party mesh editors Normally just move things Along the plane of the screen which tends to lose the shape of the model as you edit

ANSYS DesignXplorer

Another Engineering Fluent Simulation Analysis Software tool, Ansys DesignXplorer can Easily Interface with Ansys CFD Fluent to automate the process Workflow of Modifying the Input Physics parameters and Accurately plot Sets of statistical data Points such as Plots of response curves, etc.
Ansys CFD Premium Software is Capable Of Efficiently automate the Geometry meshing of Complex Shapes because it is Totally aware of All the physics Parameters involved…
For instance, if you Require to Use Fluent CFD Software to mesh for a Particular mechanical Performances, the Ansys Fluent Simulation Software would Pro-actively know that you need a Coarser mesh Grid Size, perhaps a quadratic tetras.
Perhaps, if you Require to Create Meshing for EMAG using Ansys Mechanical CFD Software, it would Dynamically adjust the Ansys Fluent Software Input Parametric settings Correspondingly and give you straight-sided mid Mesh nodes.
Ansys Fluent Software can even Effectively tell the Minute Functional Discrepancy between Input needs for Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent Flow Simulation software.
Both Meshing Methods adopted in Ansys CFD Student is able to Offers you Higher Quality and Significantly Much finer linear Meshing, but Ansys CFX will Offer stair step prism and ANSYS Fluent CFD Software users usually prefer to compress prism in Constricted areas …

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Case Studies - Designed With STAR-CCM+

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