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Antenna Simulation Software

Antenna Simulation Software is one of the Key Antenna Design Software tools that our Antenna Design Consultant use at out Antenna Simulation SoftwareSingapore Antenna Simulation office in BroadTech Engineering.


Overview of Antenna Types We can Simulate

Microstrip Antenna
Waveguide Horn Antenna
Microstrip Wraparound Antenna

Featured Application Case Studies Involving Antenna Simulation Software

1. Design Simulation of L-Band Array Antenna for Surveillance Radar Application

The simulation objective was to optimize the design of L-Band Array Antenna for Surveillance Radar Application.
I. Design and optimization of feed network in triplate air dielectric to handle high power
II. Triplate dipole antenna element to achieve wide BW and avoid arching.
Designed and Developed L-Band Array Antenna and now it trails with Indian defense.

2. Low-cost SDR based receiver using RTL2832U for measuring Atmospheric Parameters

Objective: Main aim is to design an antenna and simulate it, which can measure weather parameters within low cost using software defined radio.
Designing and simulation of the antenna are done in Ansoft HFSS software, the project uses the scientific facility available at NARL called GPS radiosonde and receives the transmitted radio signals from radiosonde. These transmitted radio signals are received with the help of patch antenna and generated with GNURadio software.
For the Reflector Antenna design at Ka-Band, our simulation engineers used prime focus feed, Novel monopulse Feed Horn antenna with challenging of equal beam width on both principal planes
After tuning of SDR, the weather parameters are obtained from the GNURadio software. Designed and Developed Ka-Band Reflector Antenna.


3. Miniaturizing of RF MEMS DMTL Phase shifter
Objective: The main objective is to design a low loss MEMS shunt switch which is below 10 volts and it is implemented in phase shifter to achieve the large phase shift
Approach: Various parameters are varied in designing of RF MEMS switch using Ansoft HFSS software. Parametric analysis of MEMS bridge is observed at different lengths and also the implementation of holes in the beam is done using HFSS software for performance calculation.
Outcome: This MEMS switch is applied in phase shifter and achieved large phase shift.

4. Microstrip Patch Antenna with Split Ring Resonator

Objective: To study the effect of split ring resonator (SRR) on a microstrip patch antenna.
1. Design a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with operating frequency of 6 GHz.
2. Simulate the antenna using CST.
3. Add a pentagon SRR on the original antenna and simulate the antenna using CST.
1. The antenna transformed from single-band antenna to dual-band antenna with the present of pentagon SRR.
2. The power gain of antenna increases by 4.07 % with the present of SRR.

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1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

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2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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4. Proven Track Record

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5. Circular Polarization Folded Reflectarray Antenna for 5G Applications

1. To design a linear polarization folded reflectarray antenna.
2. To convert a linear polarization folded reflectarray antenna design to circular polarization using meander line polarizer.
Design Methodology:
1. Calculate the dimensions of the waveguide, the polarizing grid, and the twist reflectarray reflector. The target frequency is 28 GHz.  Simulate them using CST.
2. Combine all the parts to form a linear polarization folded reflectarray antenna.
3. Use parametric studies method to obtain the optimized dimensions of meander line polarizer.
4. Add the meander line polarizer in front of the linear polarization antenna and simulate the antenna using CST.
1. A linear polarization folded reflectarray antenna has been successfully converted to circular polarization using meander line polarizer.
2. The performance of the circular polarization folded reflectarray antenna is better than the linear polarization folded reflectarray antenna.

6. Deployable Mesh/Reflector Antenna (Defense Industry Applications)  

BroadTech Engineering was involved in a joint venture project, building Singapore’s 1st Deployable Mesh/Reflector Antenna, which was successfully rocket-launched into space, from India.
This was a center fed Reflector by a 2×4 rectangular linear polarized fed array and supported by 3 curved waveguide-feed struts,  positioned/designed to reduce scattering and minimize blockage, producing maximum gains.
The Reflector design was completed with TICRA(Software-Physical Optics), designed  meeting electrical specification: 8-overlapping, Main-Beams with specified Gains, operating frequency,  bandwidth, sidelobe levels and beam pointing characteristics (3db beam width-linear polarization),
Simulation studies on electrical-mechanical error tolerance were conducted and collected on the finalized design, on dynamic and static budget error tolerance. Collaborating with, multidisciplinary team of engineers this enabled designing and developing mechanisms to align and deploy antenna structures to be used for our Satellite.
Subsequently, the reflector was built and measurements were conducted to verify confirming its performance.

7. Researching Frequency Selective Surfaces, Artificial Magnetic Layers & Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures

Designed Stealth Radomes-FSS-Bandpass (Used to reduce antenna’s Radar cross-section A 4×4 Linear polarized, aperture coupled, microstrip patch ( ACMPA -Broadband array antenna),  was designed with, Broadband matching feed.
The Radome, was linear polarized, FSS-Bandpass slot elements, custom designed to be transparent only at the arrays operating frequency and given bandwidth.
With FSS the backscattering was reduced   (RCS)  by tilting the Radome and redirecting the reflected wave, making the antenna less visible.
Electromagnetic Band Gap(EBG) structures were then used in the feed cavity to remove surface waves and reduce undesired radiation,  maintaining Antenna radiation efficiency

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