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Building CFD Simulation has seen an increasing demand among the Green building industry in Singapore due to the government push for more energy-efficient buildings.
As one of the largest CFD Services company in Singapore, we provide professional CFD consulting and Computational Fluid Analysis services in various areas of Building CFD Simulation applications, such as
  1. Building Ventilation CFD Simulation
  2. Passive Building Natural Ventilation CFD Simulation 
  3. Jet Fan CFD Simulation of Ductless Ventilation System for Carparks
  4. Axial Fan CFD Simulation of HVLS Fans used in circulating building interior air spaces
  5. Wind Load Analysis to Study the Building Aerodynamics of Building Structural Designs
Buildings CFD


Featured Building CFD Simulation Case Studies


CFD Study on Smoke Extraction Efficiency during Tunnel Fires


In this CFD Simulation study, our CFD Engineer has investigated the smoke extraction process inside the tunnel when a car affected by the fire. Fluent 15.0 is used to do CFD Analysis Study. We have investigated the process with horizontal ducts with free and force ventilation, Natural Ventilation with Vertical ducts with and without board coupled shaft.

Problem statement

The tunnel total length is 1Km. In the middle portion of the tunnel is firing due to car accident. In real-time while accident car produces a lot of smoke and heat. For problem simplification of the CFD Research & consultancy Project, we have not modeled the car body in the CFD modeling. we just modeled a cube with 1m^3 volume and assigned it as a heat source which produces 20MW heat into the Tunnel along with other gases. 
As a CFD Consulting company, we have to determine suitable smoke ventilation method to be used for the CFD Fluid Dynamic Simulation. The smoke should clear within 100 sec inside the tunnel.

Analysis Methodology

Our CFD Consultant created the hollow tunnel in Catia V5 and imported the model in ANSYS Design modeler and extracted the Fluid domain using “Fill by Caps”.Suitable Name Selections like inlet, outlet, walls, interfaces, and other required name selections have been given in the Design modeler itself.


Meshing is the process of dividing the solid part into several infinitesimally small, but non-zero elements. The partial differential equations that govern fluid flow and heat transfer are not usually amenable to analytical solutions, except for very simple Fluid Flow Simulation cases. Therefore, to analyze fluid flows, flow domains are split into smaller subdomains during the CFD Consulting Workflow. We have used Tetrahedral Elements to mesh the Fluid Domain inside the Tunnel and maintained the q in range.
Fluent setting
  1. As a CFD Company, our CFD Consultants studied the case using Pressure based solver in the Transient Case simulated for 100 seconds.
  2. We have used Realizable k-e model in our Fluid Flow Analysis to consider the turbulent effects in flow.
  3. Energy equation is switched on to consider the heat transfer effects inside the tunnel.
  4. As part of the scope of work for our CFD Analysis Services, We have used Discrete Ordinate Radiation Model, Multi Species Model to give the mass fractions of CO, CO2, and hydrogen in the smoke.
  5. We have assigned the above mixture as a material property to the fluid domain inside the tunnel and Heat source with 20MW energy is assigned to the 1m^3 cube which we have modeled in the Pre Processor. And above CO, CO2, H2 mass fractions produced by the Heat source.
  6. As we are having two different parts here that is, Fluid domain inside the Tunnel and Heat Source, We have given fluid-fluid interface between the two domains.

Outcome & Result

  The following things we have to find out from CFD Tool
  1. Velocity, pressure streamline contours
  2. Co, CO2 concentration at a different time step of the CFD Flow Analysis
  3. Smoke mass concentration vs time
  4. Flow separation
Case_1 Atmospheric Pressure is not allowing the smoke to flow out easily, so the velocity of smoke is reduced because of Backpressure.
Case_2 Board is stopping the Back Pressure so that smoke can flow out easily.


Shaft with board coupled having less mass fraction of CO inside the Tunnel at the end of the CFD Flow simulation. So, case_2 is more efficient comparing to other cases.




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3. EM SC Consulting

1. PCB Simulation
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4. Cross Talk, Eye Diagram
5. RLC Extraction

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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

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