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Introducing Solidworks



Solidworks from Dassault Systèmes provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.


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Buy Solidworks today and get to enjoy the various benefits of owning a world-class CAD modeling software popularly used by Engineering companies all over Singapore.

Solidworks Parasolid 3D Modeling software

At the heart of Dassault Systèmes Product Range is Solidworks Parametric Design software Platform, the industry’s most Broadly used computer-aided geometric modeling kernel.
Parasolid Allows the Easy creation and Changing of digital 3D models and Offer 100 percent 3D CAD model compatibility between Critical Engineering Disciplines such as Engineering development applications
For Example Engineering design, CAE Engineering simulation, Design Validation and Large scale manufacturing.

Buy Solidworks Today – Reason: Synchronous Technology

The cornerstone of the Dassault Systèmes Solidworks CAD Modeling Software portfolio is its market-leading computer-aided design (CAD) software application.
Fully Developed and Created from the ground up From the Beginning to be an Open source and Expandable Software Solution, Solidworks Software with Famous synchronous Solver technology is the only Engineering CAD software tool that Offers you with the Full freedom to design Intuitively and iteratively with ease , Be it you are working on a brand new Product design or editing Preexisting Engineering Components, Complex Multi-part assemblies or products with Sub-systems.
That’s because the Solidworks Generative Design technology Native in Solidworks Design Software Comes contains with Included Artificial intelligence that can Intuitively interpret and Understand the Original Engineering design Motivations and Objectives regardless of where the design Was Created.
Specifically Developed with Immense foresight, Solidworks with synchronous technology packaged in a very affordable Solidworks Price also enables Easy & Tight collaboration between Multidisciplinary R&D Team like no other professional Commercial CAD solution Available in the Market.
In today’s Highly Open source, Very Interconnected digital Engineering environment, CAD File format Exchange is Now no longer just a nice Added feature to Possess − it is Critical.
Dassault Systèmes synchronous technology Offers the common Communication language for the Future next generation of Engineering design.
Additional Add-on Software components at the Main core of Solidworks Professional Software include Revolutionary Engineering Design technologies such as
  1. Generative design,
  2. Convergent modeling and
  3. Reverse engineering.
Deeply Integrated with Solidworks 3D Software Core Source Code, these Extremely Reliable CAD Software Capabilities are Revolutionizing the Approach Products are Design and Engineered.
“The Capability to Intuitively problem-solve without Modeling constraints is Very magical.”
Ryan Spoering
Lab Machinist Solutions



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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Visualize and Validate your Ideas with Next Generation technology, from Augmented Reality to Model

Compress Product Engineering Development time with Seamless integration & Validation of Electrical and Mechanical design Concepts. 

Core CAD Enhancements

Solid Edge supports all major 3D files so that you can continue working on the CAD format you are familiar with

Solid Edge_Core CAD Enhancements - File Formats_614x81

1. Model-Based DefinItion

Enjoy Gains in Engineering Productivity Output with Model-based Definition & Total Digital Characterization

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Make Design Concepts with 3D Immersive & Realistic AR Visualization

3. Reverse Engineering

Render Digital Twin Quicker & Simpler with Next Gen Integrated CAD Technologies

4. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Integrated with Latest Manufacturing Technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing


Put your Designs in Motion with Simulation Tools Built for Designers, Powerful Enough for Analysts

Solid Edge Fully Embedded CFD Analysis Tool, FloEFD, enables You to Front-load Simulation by moving CFD simulation early into the design process. This enables Design Engineers to Examine & Evaluate Design Ideas earlier to obtain optimized Performance & Reliability


Powerful, Scalable Simulation Solutions

Empower Engineers to Choose the Best CAE Tools for Specific Simulation Requirements.

Validate, Optimize Design Early to Save Time & Cost

Virtually Validate & Optimize Engineering Design with Modules such as FloEFD Solid Edge

Why Solidworks ?

Don’t Just Model, Innovate!

When You Choose to Buy Solidworks with Innovative synchronous Modeling technology will reshape the way you Approach Engineering product design.


Solidworks Convergent CAD Modeling

Solidworks CAD Software Convergent Modeling™ technology allows you to Include mesh models into the design Development workflow Operation to create real Cutting Edge Product designs.
You can also seamlessly Fuse traditional boundary Models (b-rep) solid CAD Modeling with triangular mesh Element models without time-consuming and error-prone conversions.

Solidworks Reverse engineering

Regardless of where or how Engineering Components are created − imported from External 3rd Party CAD Modelling systems, digitally scanned or products of a generative design analysis
Solidworks Advanced Software provides you with Highly Advanced Software tools to prepare and Model Beautifully faceted Solid bodies for downstream Solid modeling and Fabrication.

Solidworks Generative design

Solidworks Generative Design Pro is a Highly Advanced solution Tool that enables Fast creation of optimized, lightweight product Engineering designs.
Solidworks Premium Software Offers the latest Advanced topology optimization Software Tool for fast and Precise Geometry design Improvement so you can digitally analyze Critical Input factors such as weight targets, load cases (Static & Dynamic) and other Specific Physical constraints of the Case Situation simultaneously.
By adopting Solidworks Technologies, Your generative Engineering design Projects are sure to Redefine both the way you Strategize about designing a new product and the product Altogether.
Incorporating generative Geometry design capabilities Much early in your Engineering design process will assist you to create Fresh innovative Engineering designs, reduce material Expense and influence your Later manufacturing process, whether you’re leveraging Recently Created additive technologies or employing traditional Product Fabrication processes.

Solidworks mechanical and electrical design

Across All Engineering industries, Commercial products are increasingly Getting More smart, embedded with Electronics systems and Interconnected, Specially designed to Boost our Lifestyle productivity and Streamline our Everyday lives.
Designing, Developing and Manufacturing These Complex Finished products are anything but Easy.
Solidworks Sheet Metal Designer and Solidworks CAM Software Designer Fully integrated mechanical and electrical design (MCAD/ECAD) CAD Software applications offer the Highly robust yet Highly easy-to-use Engineering design Software tools available.
A Fully modular and scalable CAD application, Solidworks Plant design Software is available in 4 different Software packages, Starting from Foundational design and 2D Engineering Drawing drafting Features to a premium version that includes Powerful CAD capabilities for designing more advanced embedded systems. While your digital design Begins with Solidworks Engineering, you won’t want to end there.
The fully integrated Solidworks Electrical Wiring Design makes it easier to design the wiring of electrical systems, with electrically-aware schematic tools and built-in design rule checks to confirm the correct-by-construction design. With a Fully Integrated Engineering data flow between the 2D Electrical wiring Layout, 2D harness, and 3D MCAD ECAD domains, Every Multi-disciplinary Engineering team can understand and trace the impact of design decisions across domains. Schematic capture and PCB layout tools are also available, including sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement, and ECAD collaboration to simplify printed circuit board (PCB) routing design.
Solidworks design Software Solution is available in four different Software packages, Starting from basic Foundational Engineering design and Engineering drafting capabilities to a Full premium Software version.

Buy Solidworks – Next-generation product development for today’s engineers


Solidworks Engineering Data Management Portal

The Solidworks Portal offers a Robust browser-based platform for managing, Accessing and control the sharing of Protected Internal Engineering project files.
Accessible to Technical engineers and Managers around the globe, the portal Allows you to Conveniently collaborate with vendors, partners or Colleagues.
State of the art Viewer tools allow users of any device to share, Access, rotate, pan and section the most popular CAD file formats, explode Assembly Data, and Record & capture Critical feedback with Clean markup.
“ Demanding customers, rapidly morphing products,
new business models, and product development
workflows provide a valuable opportunity for
innovation. And the opportunity to innovate across
any or all of these axes is not a distant vision, it is very
much a present-day possibility, but it will require a
digital technology platform; one that enables more
then the sum of its constituent parts.”
Digital Innovation value: The whole being greater than the sum of its parts,
— Taxal Consulting



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Solidworks Portfolio

Solidworks 2020 from Dassault Systèmes provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.

Mechanical Design

Speeds Up Design Iteration of Lighter, Stronger Parts with Topology Optimization, Generative design, Synchronous Design suited for today’s additive Manufacturing Processes. 


Front-Load Simulation early in Design Development, to Shorten Time-to-Manufacture, & Cost-to-Manufacture

Electrical Design

Overcome Electrical Design Challenges early in the Design Cycle with Solid Edge Integrated Electrical Design


Design for Manufacture (DFM) Capabilities suitable for Both Conventional & Additive Manufacturing

Cloud Ready

Enjoy online Cloud-based CAD Data management, Viewing Access, Dynamic markup, Secured Sharing & Collaboration with Solid Edge Portal

Technical Publications

Dynamically Generate technical Documentations that Communicate the most efficient Engineering Workflow for Your Products.

Data Management

Highly Scalable Engineering data management Tools & PLM capabilities Integrated into Solid Edge

Customer References

Some of our customers who benefited from choosing Solid Edge 

48.3% of SMB manufacturers believe their efforts around digital transformation will be essential to their company’s survival in the next 3-5 years.


Thriving In the Digital Economy

Solid Edge with synchronous technology will reshape the way you think about product design.

“Digitalization has also made it possible to better track and manage the materials used in production and Thermoplan’s quality assurance processes. The company can now also offer customer service remotely over the internet; for example, by providing instructions for replacing the water filter.”

Adrian Steiner

CEO and co-owner, Thermoplan

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A CAD Modeling Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How Solid Edge Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

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