CFD Flow Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamic Flow Analysis

CFD flow analysis or (Computational fluid dynamics Flow analysis) is an engineering simulation techniques that have been used extensively by BroadTech Engineering since the beginning to solve a broad variety of Fluid flow engineering challenges which encompasses liquid flow, thermal heat transfer, and chemical reaction. Our specialized strength as a CFD company is in the development and application of numerical simulation methods for CFD Flow analysis in our CFD consulting services. Using the most current CFD flow modeling methods, we are able to provide detailed engineering analysis of complex fluid flow behaviors in our CFD consulting. This includes CFD flow analysis into the detailed fluid flow characteristic patterns, such as flow velocity, pressure, turbulence, thermal temperature, and species concentration for internal or external flows.

Featured Case Studies

CFD Analysis of Wind Turbine Wake


CFD Analysis of Wind Turbine Wake  

The influence of coupled wind turbine wakes was analyzed using CFD in order to address the impact of different design layouts.
Multiple parameters were studied, such as rotating speeds, wind direction, wind intensity, wind turbulence levels and boundary layer evolution with the terrain.

CFD Analysis of Solar Chimney


CFD Analysis of Solar Chimney

An energy efficient solar chimney was developed to work as ventilation engine for residential building. Its design was optimized to maximize solar energy collection and air-suction power during building´s working timetable.
It was placed on the roof of the building and thanks to its 4-sided design it also maximizes the solar energy captured in low radiation periods (such as dusk o dawn).

Simulation of Aircraft Hight Lift System

Objective: The goal was to take up a well known heavy problem with experimental result and solve it using OpenFOAM. It was taken to check how feasible it is to solve a complex problem using open source codes.
Methodology: OpenFOAM, Python
Outcome: Meshing of the Geometry was the most difficult part in open source. SnappyHexMesh was not so efficient. Tuning the solver for not breaking was another crucial part. Experience was gained in solving complex problem using OpenFOAM, cutting cost used to solve the same problem using StarCCM+

CFD Flow Simulation Analysis of Flow Behind A Bluff Body

Objective: The goal of the CFD flow analysis project was to identify the vortex instability that occurs behind the bluff body. It was a simplified version of C130 aircraft.
Methodology: StarCCM+, MATLAB
Outcome: Three unstable modes were identified. A flow control methodology (Vortex generator and Jet) were applied to check if the modes can be suppressed.

CFD Flow Modeling

In addition, we have the technical expertise and CFD analysis software capabilities to create CFD model and simulation of various fluid dynamics flow scenarios as part of our CFD services that we offer, such as

1. Multiphase Liquid flow
2. Particle tracking
3. Modeling of Particulate during Evaporation Phase change
4. Thermal Mixing
5. Species Mixing
6. Thermal heat transfer Modeling due to various methods such as Combustion, Convection, Conduction, and Radiation. The data collected is then used for CFD Thermal analysis.
7. Combustion Modeling
8. HVAC System Modeling


CFD Software

At BroadTech Engineering, we use a wide array of CFD simulation software tools to solve challenging engineering problems in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Our suite of CFD simulation capabilities include several

1. Powerful 3D Navier-Stokes solvers
2. Potential flow solver
3. 1D Network solver, along with boundary layer and separation prediction techniques.

Features & Benefits of CFD Flow Analysis

CFD flow analysis enables development engineers to explore and accurately validate more product ideas during the early engineering development phase.
Many complex interplays of different factors are involved in the play in determining the fluid flow performance of each actual application design.
Leveraging on the power of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid dynamics simulation gives engineering companies the capability to accurately model and simulate the performance of the products under a wide variety of operating conditions in a virtual environment.
This fluid dynamic analysis helps to gives engineers a better understanding of the pressure, flow and thermal characteristics of their product in order to ensure performance and reliability.

1. Accurate Insights into Fluid Flow performance & Reliability

This ability to test and validate design concepts with computational fluid analysis early in the development process enables engineers to be more well informed with valuable technical engineering insights into key fluid flow performance indicators.
Flow performance indicators include examples such as

Flow Analysis

1. Prediction of fluid flow rates & Flow Velocity
2. Occurrences of flow turbulence (if any)
3. Occurrence of Recirculation of Fluid Flow distribution


Pressure Analysis

1. Drop in fluid flow pressure
2. Stagnation of pressure
3. Regions of low pressure which cause Cavitation
4. Mechanical chatter


FEM Thermal Analysis 

1. Temperature distribution
2. Heat transfer
3. Multi-fluid heat exchange
4. Thermal stacking


2. Accelerate Engineering Innovation with CFD Flow Analysis

This allows engineering development teams to make better design decisions and have greater confidence in the fluid flow performance of their engineering designs.
In addition, CFD flow engineering simulation allows engineers to strike a winning balance between conflict demands such as Product cost pressures, requirements for Performance reliability, and all to be achieved while working with a tight project time schedule.

Common industrial Products where fluid flow performance is critical includes

● Pumps
● Valves
● Heat exchangers
● Nozzles
● Measuring devices
● Choke valve


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