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What is the Best Commercial CFD Source code for Multi-phase Fluid Flow Simulations?  

Generally, most commercial CFD Software and Open Source CFD Software packages available in the Singapore market these days will have the fundamental Basic fluid mechanics computing and FEA solving functionalities needed for Thermal Fluid flow and Multi-phase Fluid flow modeling.


It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as an overall “best” as there are Many reputable Fluid dynamics CFD Software Solutions out there in the Market, where each has its own Unique Strength to Effectively Simulate and Model various Different Specific types of Fluid flow Mechanics Simulation Situation.
As a Leading Computational Numerical Engineering Simulation consultancy that has been in Singapore for years, we are in a unique position to use our project experience to Objectively recommend on the various Cutting Edge CFD Flow Analysis software solutions that best serve your unique Engineering system application.
This is because Our seasoned Simulation engineers have extensive Client system project experience working with a broad range of Commercial CFD software tools by various CFD Software Companies such as Siemens Star CCM+ and ANSYS Fluent.


About Our Commercial Star CCM+ CFD Software

Looking for a more robust CFD Application tool? You may also consider other Advanced tools such as Star CCM+ VR, Star CCM+ HEEDS, or Star CCM+ Optimate.
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Innovation Through Design Exploration

With STAR-CCM+ You Are Able to Automate The Design Exploration and Optimization Process

Overview of Types of CAE CFD Software

CFD Simulation software packages fall into one of the following five broad categories, more-or-less;


1. Comprehensive CFD Software Program Solutions

– Eg. Siemens Simcenter Star-CCM and ANSYS Fluent


2. CAD Embedded CFD Software Application Packages

– Eg. SolidWorks Flow Simulation, Autodesk CFD, ANSYS Discovery Live and more.


3. Semi-Comprehensive and Specialty CFD Software Packages



4. Open-Source CFD Software Applications

– Eg. OpenFOAM

1. Comprehensive CFD Simulation Packages

For many years, almost all of Engineering Professionals who offer CFD Simulation Services would Agree that the gold standards in Engineering CFD simulation have been ANSYS Fluent and Simcenter Star-CCM+ and they are both excellent and functionally comprehensive software tools which are often featured in the News.


Industry Survey on the Most Commonly Used CFD Software Used in the Market

Regular Industry Survey studies Conducted Among Recent Audience who Read Industry Magazine Publications &/and Articles have Revealed that market-leading ANSYS Fluent and Siemens Star-CCM+ remain the dominant CFD software packages of choice for many Large Multi-National Technology Firms and end-users across all High Tech Industry Sectors.


1. Siemens SimCenter Star CCM+

CFD Star CCM+ Commercial CFD Software is in many ways computationally superior in terms of the Parallel processing stability, Adaptive Mesh it can Create, Better Range of available Solver Method available and Fluid Mechanics simulation results visualization when performing the Simulation Solving process.
The basis for the design Foundation of Siemens Simcenter Star CCM+ Software originates more from its early work in the field of Automotive engine equipment design and Mechanical system design.
Siemens CD Adapco Star CCM+ Power On Demand on the other hand mainly dominates the bulk of its user base center mainly in the Aerospace, Aero Acoustic, Automotive, and Energy Power Generation industry sector.


2. ANSYS Fluent

To date, ANSYS Fluent seems to have successfully gained significantly a lot more market share in the electronic and industrial product market segment.
Ansys FLUENT is popularly regarded as the overall best Fluid Dynamics Software in terms of Computational processing speed technology. Although Ansys FLUENT & ANSYS CFX has its Design Framework which is based on aerodynamics Simulation commonly used in Aerospace industry, this Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software also offers a broad Array of Physics solvers for Complex unsteady turbulent Flow modeling



COMSOL is a relatively newer player in the fluid dynamics simulation space but has a strong technical foundation in multi-physics Fluid Mechanics simulation area.


AutoDesk CFD, Comsol CFD Module and Altair’s AcuSolve are less widely used and are a component add-on of a broader multiphysics simulation platforms.
Never-the-less, they have made significant progress and have rapidly Expanded in their scope of solvers offerings with additional Solving capabilities that are now approaching the level of those of the big two players, namely Ansys Fluent and Siemens Simcenter CD Adapco STAR CCM+.
All the previously mentioned CFD simulation software Programs come fully Featured with integrated CAE meshing, pre-processing, and post-processing capabilities.

2. CFD Software Packages with CAD Integrated

These are CFD Software add-ons fully integrated within those native 3-D CAD solid modeling platforms.
This type of CFD package is primarily positioned to be marketed to mainstream product Engineer user segment who are mainly seeking for Engineering software capabilities to Model and solve steady state, single-phase, non-reacting Fluid flow engineering Challenges and with an Emphasis on ease of use.
The most commonly used CFD software platforms with CAD-embedded are the SolidWorks by Dassault Systems and Autodesk Inventor, which both have highly comprehensive training resource platform similar to that offered by Star CCM+ NX.


What CAD Embedded CFD Software Packages Cannot do

These CFD Software Applications typically include software application tools used for
– Integrated Native CAE Meshing
– Modeling of 3D Solid CAD Model Design
– Solver Running to Generate Simulation Data
– Simulation pre-processing and post-processing
– Report Log Generation


However, High-end Highly Specialized Solving capabilities that are typically out of reach for these CFD Software packages include
1. Conjugate Thermal heat transfer (CHT)
2. Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Simulation Case Scenarios
3. Reacting Chemical reactions and Fuel Combustion Reactions
4. Complex Multiphase Fluid Flows

3. Specialty CFD Simulation Software Applications

Meanwhile, there are other types of CFD simulation Source codes of various CFD Flow Modeling Software Projects that are targeted to niche market segments with highly specialized services and functionality.


CONVERGE is a multipurpose CFD program source code with an Advanced level of Technical sophistication with online cloud-based computational capabilities similar to that of Star CCM+ HPC.
It can be used to model, solve, analyze, Manage, Engineer and simulate complex engineering Systems and scenarios often Encountered by End-users in the automotive engine, internal combustion Engine design industry sectors.
This includes Complex CFD simulation applications and Specific Custom Solving Mode such as
1. Adaptive Moving of CAD Surface meshes and Unit of Mesh Element
2. Multiphase Physical Phenomena of Different Fluid Flows
3. Unsteady turbulent Chemical Reacting Combustion Reactions


Often, we can Find in our own Engineering Simulation Software Market Many Other CFD Simulation Software that is heavily targeted for Niche industry with Specific CFD Simulation applications.
Many of these Brands are Mentioned in Various industry News Article Publications, which includes
8. CFX for industrial turbomachinery design CFD simulation, Validation & Optimization
1. FloTHERM suite designed for purpose of targeting the electronics Simulation Application in the Electrical Component Industries (eg. PCB circuit boards, IC packaging, Semiconductor)
2. FINE is a Water Simulation Software for Engineering simulation applications needed for the marine & Ship Building industry (eg. Shipping Port, Marine Architecture of vessels, Oil rigs)
3. 6Sigma for simulating data center ventilation and Thermal Heat dissipation efficiency.
4. SPH-flow is a 3D Fluid Simulation Software for smoothed particle hydrodynamics CFD Fluid flow simulations
5. XFlowCFD for Lattice-Boltzmann related Fluid Mechanics Computational simulations
6. CPFD for fluidized bed reactor Fluid Dynamics CFD Simulation
7. EXA for simulating external aerodynamics of shape geometry to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel efficiency.
8. EXN is a relatively new Entrant is with its focus on improving Design performance on very large scale CFD simulations through the Integrated use of CPU and GPU computational processing.


These Highly Specialized CFD simulation platforms can prove to be highly cost-effective if you can match their capabilities to your specific engineering Simulation application requirements with a high level of confidence.

4. Open-Source CFD Simulation Software Package

Open-source software is Distributed under an openly accessible software license Policy that permits end users to
– Examine, Modify the original Source code
– Freely Share and Distribute the CFD Software Source Code for Personal Use (Both Commercial & Non-Commercial)
– Customize to improve the Open Source software program
Such a Flexible Licensing Policy Structure generally ensure that the open source software application pack is Freely distributed Openly in the public domain and remains free of High cost.
At the same time, open public access of the software source code helps to retain a wide Pool of User and volunteer developer community base.
In the case of open source CFD Fluid Dynamics Software application solution packages such as OpenFoam, they have Steeper learning curve for the average user, but it can save you a lot of money and licensing cost, especially if you’re not a student or in academia where using of Free Academic account license or Trial software (which can be downloaded from the website) is quite common


OpenFoam CFD Software

One of the industry Leading, most popular and widely used general purpose open-source CFD software solution is known as OpenFOAM. While the official OpenFOAM software version release is Regularly updated by the OpenFOAM Foundation, a Small Number Of splinter cell groups have broken off with unique code variations in order to commercialize some aspect of their code additions to the main Source code, typically through CFD Simulation consulting service.
Some of the major flavors of This Free Open Foam Software solution includes
– blueCFD-core
– openFOAM+
– SU2 (Stanford University)
– Lattice-Boltzmann solver Palabos



Advantages of Open Source CFD Software

The lead arguments for the choosing of open-source CFD software solution are the following.
1. Open Source License Policy on Software Distribution 
An open sourced Software distribution model means that it is freely licensed without any cost restrictions, making it increasingly cost-effective as your Simulation usage demand Rises over time.


2. Long Term Sustainable Reliability & Maintenance of Source Code 
If a Software code is widely distributed internationally, it will tend to be comparatively more Robust and accurate as a natural result of the CFD Source code being Closely scrutinized and improved by a large public Pool of Passionated and Experienced Software developers all interested to ensure that the source code performs well without any bug.


3. Customization & Reconfigurability of Source Code by End Users 
In addition, if an end user has the prior Job experience in Technical coding, software development skill and Understanding of the specific Industrial research application the CFD Software is being used for, they can have the Full freedom to add useful functionality through additional Software coding.


Disadvantages of Open Source CFD Software

On the other hand, one of the major arguments against open-source is
1. Limited user technical support Services & Resources for End users, resulting in difficulty in attempting to book a ticket support
2. A naturally increased cost of long term Operating Cost & Ownership Cost attributed to poor overall usability, which results in longer Classroom training hours required to be Invested on watching Tutorial Video content resources on online Training site due to a Steeper Software learning curve
3. Lack of specialized simulation modeling capabilities for unique physics events
4. A requirement for additional software modules transfer add-on from other 3rd party Developer company, such as pre-processing and post-processor modules, which Creates a separated Layer of Dependency in the Source Code.

5. Open Source Wrappers

In order to make open-source CFD Software more intuitive to the average user and user-friendly to new users, CFD Software developers have created Embedded middleware in the form of wrapped codes such as Open-FOAM which is more user-friendly.
It has a Graphically Driven GUI Simulation view environment with a GUI layout which is bundled with additional processing software modules, such as pre-processing Solvers and post-processors.
Examples are Visual-CFD, HELYX, and simFlow.


The Industry Trend of Online Cloud-Based CFD Simulation

A recent interesting evolution on this software development concept in the Engineering Consulting industry now is that of online cloud-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) CFD simulation methods which Fully relies on a web browser to perform the actual customized CAE simulation solving process.
Two Examples of such Highly dynamic and scalable HPC Cloud-based CFD simulation Solutions include
1. Siemens Simcenter STAR CCM+ Power on Demand
2. SimScale


1. Advantages of Wapper Platforms

The obvious Advantages of adopting a wrapper platform is that they can offer some of the immediate convenience of a Full-fledge commercial CFD software platform with a much Cheaper Affordable price point.


2. Disadvantages of Wapper Platforms

On the downside, the arguments against wrapper platforms are that they are unable to overcome some of the inherent limitations of open-source Software, such as limited & non-comprehensive user technical Tech support services and lack of specialized solving capabilities needed for niche high Test simulation applications.


Dependency on 3rd Party Software Modules
Wrappers essentially serve as a middleware which does offer the end user the Full convenience of accessing just a single Integrated graphical user interface but suffers from the fact that the platform setup involves an additional level of Dependency and undesired separation between the Software user and the Actual execution Source code File.
Both of which places an undesired increase in computation demand on the precious CPU processors and computational resources
Adding another level of add-on software code increases the probability for software bugs to occur, which volunteer developers may be slow to rectify due to the fact that it is Open source and not commercial.


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Comparison of CFD Software Packages

Over here we briefly detail the specific basic categories of CFD Fluid Flow Simulation Software program packages and try to address some of the popular set of questions in leading CFD Meshing Software system packages in each category.
we are going to help you see pros and Cons, and deep dive for you into the technical details on the advantages, disadvantages, Solving performance capabilities and costs of various of the market-leading CFD Software version Release and packages in each category.


Wide Array of CFD Software Choices Available

There are as High as over 200 different type of CFD related Computational Numerical Simulation software Application, Product License Application packages and new Solving Technology features available out there for download in the global Engineering Simulation Software market.
The many different lists of features include
1. 3D Solid CAD model Modeling and generation
2. Execution of Adaptive Mesh creation and generation
3. Performing of Pre Processors Solving
4. Perform Post Processing Solving


Typically with every new software packages coming online monthly, each Software Release Package often claims to have powerful Physics Solver Processing capability, Low computational Processor resource requirements and general performance improvements over other groups of established CFD Software packages.
Often cases, With Such a broad variety of options, it can be a little overwhelming for Users Like you who are Eagerly trying to Search and identify which option is the Suitable Commercial CFD software tool you require to get for the Main Design Simulation & Validation job on hand.


Let Us Help You Select the Right CFD Software that Suits You

As a Commercial CFD software user, it is vital to develop an understanding and keep in mind that there is no such thing as an overall “best” CAE or CFD Software for all users, but rather, a CFD Software Application products that is Most Suited to Analyze, Model, Solve & Simulate your Unique CAD Engineering Problems and Challenges.
The Assessment review of the commercial CFD Software is based on the actual first-hand industrial project experience of Our Team of seasoned Simulation engineers and software partner developer who actively support and are working with several of the various Open Source CFD Source codes as well as Mainstream Trial Commercial CFD software such as Simcenter Star CCM+ CFD software tool, Flotherm, FloEFD, and ANSYS Fluent.
At the same time, we will also be assessing the Range of Available Special Solving performance capabilities of each Form of the CFD Software Solvers that is compatible with mainstream 3D Model file formats in Most Engineering related Industries.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a CFD Simulation Software

When deciding which CFD Fluid Simulation Software Tool to purchase, you can make your life easy by basing this decision Approach on a few Crucial Factors such as


1. CFD Engineering Simulation Application scenario

Exact CFD Engineering Simulation scenario of Flowing Fluids that the CFD Software is to be used for
For Example eg.
– Thermal Heat Energy Transfer between Different Material Phases
– Reacting Combustion Flow
– Unsteady Turbulent Fluid Flow
– Compressible Fluid Flow
–  Steady State Fluid Flow

Another consideration would be the Usage demand in terms of average time period duration and user usage Frequency.



2. Availability of CFD Simulation Solvers For Your Simulation Applications
Very often in many cases, your Unique Engineering application requires a specific Form of inter-phase closure models unsteady Turbulence models which are not commonly available.


3. Interoperability of Different CAD File Formats
To ensure compatibility with various Legacy CAD Modeling system, end users can input from, and output to, all of the common file types and formats popularly used by Engineering companies worldwide.


4. Financial Cost of Commercial CFD Software License Package
Once of The commonly Cited primary barrier to adoption of these CFD packages is the relatively high software Distribution licensing cost, which is prohibitively high and out of reach for most small companies.
It is advisable for you to allocate the Available Financial budget Amount base on what you can Comfortably afford and Computation hardware resource you can provide


5. Ownership Cost of CFD Software Relative to Cost of Having an In-house Engineering Team
Generally, having the Total ownership of CFD Software packages are relatively inexpensive and more affordable compared to the Staffing payroll costs required to maintain and utilize an in-house team of Technically trained engineering personnel.


The relative cost difference between commercial and open-source CFD software packages are actually Minute.
More often than not the minor cost difference is typically outweighed by the increased cost overhead required to set up, Configure an interface with open-source CFD software (and the Linux based hardware typically required).
When considered as an overall end to end implementation, the relative cost savings of the CAD-integrated CFD software package are negligible and such CFD software packages are mostly applicable where product Engineers prefer to have CFD Simulation functionality natively integrated within the 3D CAD Modeling Software.

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A Toolset For All Your MDX Needs

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A True Multidisciplinary Platform

Find Out How STAR-CCCM+ Provides For All Your Simulation Needs.

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

Fluid Dynamics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Multiphase Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Particle Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Reacting Flows

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Solid Mechanics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Heat Transfer

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


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6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race

Case Study: CFD Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Air Injection Jet Flow

Let us take the Fluid Flow CFD simulation of Multi-phase Fluid flows as our Simulation case study.
In this Simulation case, we will require a reliable world-class Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD simulation software program that is computationally fast & powerful enough for CFD modeling analysis of the air Jet injection entrance onto a free-surface jet flow.
The post-processing CFD Simulation result data are Volume fraction of voids (air bubbles) which also counts the number of bubbles in Fluid flow.


Do remember that the injection of single bubbles is a Highly computationally intensive Multiphysics Physical Phenomenon to Numerically Model and simulate.
In Many cases, the CFD simulation will most Likely need to Rely On Euler-Euler Physics models which do not track in Detail every Single bubble but only averaged gas fractions.
Probably you will need to monitor mass for volume flux through a 2D surface plane, and via the average bubble size, and from there Extract Count of the bubble occurrence.
All the above CFD Software Solutions with Multiphase capacities to be able to do so.


Optimization of Mixer Mixing Efficiency

STAR-CCM+ Offers automated Engineering Design Exploration and Optimization within the Reach of all CFD Simulation Engineers. Shown here is an Industrial Mixer Design Optimization Study, Beginning/Starting with a Baseline and resulting in a Significantly Improved Prototype Mixer Design (right) with a Four Times Decreased Energy consumption while Maintaining to the Same Blend Time Required.




Streamlining of Bicycle Aerodynamics & Ride Quality – Trek Bicycle  

Together with STAR-CCM+ Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Exploration and Scalable Cloud Computing Capabilities, it has Tremendously Boosted Trek Bicycle Corporation R&D’s Ability to Cost-Effectively Optimizes Bicycle Aerodynamics and Overall Rides Experience



Boost Manufacturing Efficiency & Product Quality with STAR-CCM+ Multi-physics Capabilities – Bottero SpA

Multi-Physics Simulation Capabilities of Star-CCM+ Enabled BotteroSpA to Accurately Model the Highly Coupled Nature of the Structural & Fluid Dynamics Aspects of the Molten Glass Cooling Process. This Has Helped the Company to Achieve Strength and Quality in the Final Container. All This Is Achieved While Reducing Manufacturing Time and Shorten Manufacturing Time.


STAR-CCM+ CFD Simulation in Aerospace Industry  

STAR CCM+ Has Been Heavily Used in CFD Simulation of Various Aspect of Aircraft Design Performance. Such as
1. Aero-Acoustics Modeling Analysis of Landing Gear Flow Interaction With the Air.
2. Aerodynamics Simulation of a Commercial Airplane’s High-Lift Wing Aerofoil Structure, Which Is Characterized by Highly Turbulent and Complex Air Flow Patterns.
3. Simulation of Aircraft Environmental Control System to Ensure Cabin Passengers Thermal Comfort.

Star CCM+ Licensing Option 

Enjoy Development Efficiency Through High-Performance Computing (HPC)

STAR-CCM+ makes HPC-Powered Simulation and Design Exploration Studies Feasible and Highly Affordable With 3 Unique Power Licensing Options:


Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Comprehensive Set of Integrated Disciplines & Physics

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

2. Integrated, Intelligent Design Exploration

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Re-Playable Pipelined Workflow to Reduce Engineering Time Needed

5. Affordable

4. Parallel Computing & Innovative Licensing

4. Proven Track Record

5. Single End-to-End Solving Environment

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Backed by Dedicated Technical Support


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