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FEA Analysis Services from BroadTech Engineering provides Next Generation Solutions that Solve Today’s Toughest Engineering Challenges.


Dynamic FEA

Dynamic FEA Simulation Services is at the heart of what we do at BroadTech Engineering Singapore. Through our FEA services, we can use world-class FEA software to assist you in solving complex structural engineering problems to enable you to make a calculated and accurate engineering design decision within a shorter period.


Integrating specialized FEA software Within the Finite Element analysis process


Dynamic FEA analysis

Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Provides complete Non-linear FEA Software solutions for Engineering Challenges involving transient, random Force Loading, Shock Impact response and Much more.
Often, in Performing Commercial Structural Engineering Services by Structural Consulting Companies, Dynamics FEA Modeling Analysis results are Very often use Utilized as input Parameter to Different types of CAE analyses Modeling, such as Fatigue Simulation, motion Kinematic anal­ysis for Structurally flexible Designs.
Simcenter Femap NX Nastran provides Linkage to Dynamic motion simulation Modeling Software tools, such as Simcenter 3D Motion, RecurDyn, Adams, SIMPACK and the MATLAB® environ­ment, to Drastically simplify FEA Stress Analysis Software simulation workflows.

Rotor dynamic FEA analysis

Simcenter Femap NX Nastran includes FEM Stress Analysis and Pipe Stress Analysis capabilities to Accurately Model the dynamic behavior of rotating systems subject to rotation-induced gyroscopic and centrifugal Loading forces.
Rotor dynamic analysis allows FEA Engineers to perform Fracture Analysis to predict critical Movement speeds and Refine Engineering Geometry that operates Reliably.
Both modal and direct methods can be Easily applied in Buckling Analysis for Highly Advanced eigenvalues, frequency response, and transient response analyses.




LS-DYNA Consulting

3. EM SC Consulting

1. PCB Simulation
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BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Featured Dynamic FEA Simulation Case Studies

Material optimization of a plate with cracks using Functional grading of IPN parts:

This involves the FEA Simulation of plates with single and multiple cracks.
· The article combines fracture mechanics and optimization of functional grading to increase load capacity through optimizing the material distribution of plates with one or more cracks.
· Our FEA Consultant developed a user-defined subroutine (UMAT) in Abaqus to control functional grading and to allow connection of the optimization process to the Abaqus FEM solver.
· The displacement correlation (DCT) technique was employed to calculate the stress intensity factors directly from the FEM solution.
· A study of edge, internal and interacting cracks all show that optimized functional grading can substantially increase the load capacity of plates with cracks.

FEA of 3D printed (ABS, PETG) micro force sensor for space application.

1. FEA Simulation objective:
The objective of the project was to simulate 3D printed material printed micro force sensor structural analysis in terms of deformation and fatigue.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
Our FEA Consultant chooses fluent structural to model the micro force sensor and selected 3D printed material ABS and PETG actual material properties to simulate the sensor structural behaviors at various loading and unloading conditions.
3. Outcome & Conclusion
Deformation in the structure at various loading conditions was recorded and studied. Results showed that the 3D printed micro force sensor was able to withstand the required loading condition of 0.001 mN to 2.5 mN of axial force.

FEA Simulation of the response of a small mechanical system to high-velocity impact from a bullet

1. Simulation objective:
the objective of the project was to analyze the response and the safety of a small mechanical system under the high-velocity impact of a bullet.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
the simulation was conducted in LS-DYNA using the finite element method and smoothed particle hydrodynamics method. The small mechanical system consisted of various parts that were made of several materials, including steel, aluminum, resin, and energetic materials, etc. The simulation was difficult because the model experienced extreme deformation due to the impact of the bullet and explosion of the energetic materials.
3. Outcome & Conclusion:
the influence of various factors (like the impact velocity of the bullet, the casing of the mechanical system, the type of energetic materials, etc.) on the response of the small mechanical system was analyzed. The advice was proposed to improve the safety of the small mechanical system under the high-velocity impact of the bullet.

Dynamic FEA simulation of Micro-channel coil used in marine refrigeration application.

1. FEA Simulation Objective:
Dynamic simulation of Micro-channel coil used in marine refrigeration application.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
Complex shell model assembly built-in Ansys WB. Friction contacts created between components. Transient dynamic analysis was performed using Ansys classic, APDL scripting used to parametrize design. Fatigue simulation using Fe-safe software was performed to evaluate life. The major challenge was to keep the model small and simplify to reduce run time.

FEA Simulation of Flat Slab System Without Panel Beams

1. FEA Simulation objective:

To design reinforced concrete flat plate systems using finite elements as a tool for determining major and minor principal stresses. (2) Provide necessary steel reinforcements in the concrete parts which are critical to stresses.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology:
The procedure was implemented by using Staad Pro V8i. First, an accurate mesh model of the slab was created based on the structure specifications. After applying all the imposed loads to be carried by the slab, a stiffness analysis was done. The design stresses for the slab cross-section was determined based on single element force results that contribute to the stresses acting on the cut. The term “cut” refers to the cross-section of the strip at a particular location to be designed. After interpreting and analyzing the results, a procedure to design reinforcement in strict conformity to the NSCP and ACI requirements was made.
3. Outcome & Conclusion
The design procedure was executed for both surfaces of the flat slab based on the Structural Engineer intent and design envelope. Serviceability, economical and safety requirements were considered in the design. Since the values from the method as described above were approximate, the proper adjustment in the results of analysis and design was carried out.

FEA simulation of the Rolling Gate for the PANAMÁ channel extension proposal.

1. FEA Simulation Objective:
The objective was to obtain the minimum mass. Analytical and Static Finite Element calculations were running parallel. Unfortunately, by other questions, the project was not chosen

FEA analysis of an aircraft skin repair

FEA analysis of an aircraft skin repair to obtain the Kt values of the repair plate/panel on rivet holes.  
1. FEA Simulation Objective:
The objective is to verify the effect of the repair on fatigue.

Dynamic FEA Software Key features

  1. • Use FEM Package Software to Compute critical speeds and whirl frequencies from Tabulated Campbell diagrams
  2. • Analyze the Structure linear dynamic behavior of the Rotational system under rotor imbalance or any frequency-dependent (synchronous or asynchronous) or time-dependent excitation on
  3. • Use FEA Software to Numerically Analyze symmetric and asymmetric rotor models, as well as Several rotors with different rotation Velocity and orientations
  4. • Include differential Structure stiffness to Numerically computing centrifugal softening Phenomenal
  5. • It Allows FEA Engineering Consultants to Solve the model in the fixed or rotating coordinate reference system Femap Samcef Rotor Femap Samcef® software, rotor module is a Perfect Analysis solution for simulating the Performance behavior of high-speed Rotational Engineering machines such as turbomachines, aero-engines, Aircraft propellers, Blowing fans, etc. The FEA Analysis Software solution is tailored specifically for rotor dynamics specialists and more generally for engineers focusing on the global dynamics of rotating machines. Femap Samcef Rotor is a Dedicated FEA Software solution that includes a Specialised pre-post environment, and solver modules for linear and nonlinear computations as well as supplement creation and recovery.

Shorten FEA simulation process time

Beyond Just simplifying the FEA Software modeling process, Simcenter Femap NX Nastran includes Comprehensive Simulation capabilities that can help FEA Consultants performing Finite Element Analysis Services to Significantly speed up simulation process time:
  1. Easier-to-use external super elements simplify complex FE assembly modeling and speed solution time
  2. Automatic resolution of dependency conflicts saves remodeling time when dependency conflicts Occur
  3. Direct Interfacing to multibody dynamic (MBD) FEA Solution solutions like Simcenter 3D Mechanical Motion, RecurDyn, Adams and SIMPACK enables motion Numerical simulation with Highly flexible bodies

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BroadTech Engineering works closely with clients across a diversity of key industries in Singapore, such as Electronics, Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Government, and Building & Construction.

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