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Electromagnetic Field Simulation

Electromagnetic Field Simulation is at the heart of what our Antenna Design Consultant do here at our Singapore office in BroadTech Engineering.

Simulating Complex Antenna Environments

BroadTech engineering is an engineering consulting firm which offers our client world-class electromagnetic simulation and Engineering design solutions that cover all the required disciplines. This involves the use of ANSYS HFSS for electromagnetic (EM) wave analysis and antenna design and placement.
Employing the use of ANSYS RF Option in the circuit and system simulators, our engineering design consultants have the capability are able o precisely to simulate the actual performance of wireless sensors when connected to the Antennas mounted.

Our engineering simulation of the antenna performance has the capability to seamlessly integrate all the constituent technologies from the electromagnetic and transmission system to comprehensively simulate the data transmission performance of all the presently installed wireless antenna systems in the complex usage environments.

Hyper-Competitive Market Conditions

Concurrently, the technical challenges faced by our CAE consulting engineers in designing and concurrently implementing so many variants of wireless signal communication systems in highly complex environments have significantly risen.
Stiff market competition market forces call for rapid yet reliable product design process, evaluation and actual implementation of wireless systems that are capable of achieving superior technical performance in their intended operating conditions.

Complexity of Antenna Usage Environment

The engineering electro-magnetic field simulation of wireless communication systems in complicated deployment environmental environments covers multiple computational domains and solution methodologies.
It requires an efficient and productive antenna development workflow created for product engineers, not just expert analysts.
This demands that these antenna modeling methods work together in a seamless engineering workflow that provides the necessary multi-fidelity model libraries so engineering simulations can begin before comprehensive and precise information concerning the device is available.
Electromagnetic Field Simulation of Antenna performance should produce reliable test results that drive the most effective engineering performance requirements and selection engineering component.

Avoiding Electromagnetic (EM) Interference

Another typical technical difficulty in obtaining a seamless engineering system integration in complex environments is making ensuring proper operation of all radio signal transmitters and receivers on an aviation aircraft, such as aeroplanes and helicopter.
All signal transmission antennas implemented must have the capability to operate simultaneously without causing deterioration of the performance of the other antenna which is in close proximity.
To have an understanding of the complexity that must be addressed, a typical commercial airliner environment can possibly have tens of millions (or even more) permutation of scenarios that the transmission signal interference can happen.
Antenna field analysis is important as an occurrence of interference in signal transmitted which can lead to deterioration of transmission performance.
Although the conventional 2-Dimensional scenario matrix table offers a clear high-level overview to quickly highlight problems with any systems to system adverse signal interactions, it, however, gathers little or no actual engineering insights into the real root cause of the signal interference problem or the actual 3D physical paths of the interfering signal causing the interference.

Recognition of EM interference Causes

For instance, in an actual antenna application example, if one of the transmitting radio equipment on a helicopter suffers from signal interference caused by simultaneous operation of other nearby signal transmitting device, the antenna design diagnostic tool will visually display the signal traceback diagram along with interference tags that are placed on the wideband spectral plots.
Antenna Designers can immediately recognize that the EM interference issue is caused by a high-order inter-modulation product which is arising from the nonlinearity of a power amplifier that occurs due to signal coupling between two of the antenna signal transmitting systems.
This sort of interaction occurrence can be incredibly challenging to simulate and solve in the absence without an automated diagnostic method.
Relying on the conventional test and measuring approaches to identify electromagnetic interference(EMI) issues is an extremely costly solution which is exacerbated by the necessity to thoroughly evaluate the whole 3D usage environment space with every Radio Frequency (RF) equipment in a fully operational state.

Unique Multifidelity Simulation Modeling

Our engineering Antenna simulation uses FDTD simulation model libraries which is compliant based on industry standards for many types of wireless systems. The unique multi-fidelity simulation modeling approach that we use provides extremely valuable engineering electromagnetic field simulations capable of driving early engineering design decisions even when only an incomplete collection of design and performance parameters is made available.

Tremendous Cost Savings

Most recently, an antenna system integration engineer manager at a industry leading aerospace service company approximated achieving a financial savings of over $1,000,000 dollars by accurately identifying and systematically addressing aeroplane Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) issues, which is very similar to the same as the case study scenario presented here, very early in the conceptual design development phase for a brand new autonomous platform.


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Electromagnetic Field Simulation

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