Energy Modelling

Energy modeling and simulation is at the core of what our team of ESD consultants does here at our Singapore office at BroadTech Engineering.
It enables our clients to have an accurate and reliable means to simulate and project a building’s energy consumptions.
Our team of engineering simulation expertise and Green Building Consultants at BroadTech Engineering use a various computational simulation program to numerically model, simulate and predict the net energy consumption by analyzing the interactions between the various building subsystem.
Base on the study, an optimal energy consumption levels can be recommended as per national or international energy standards.


Case Study: Energy Modelling Analysis and Wind Comfort Analysis

This energy modeling case involves the architectural study of a prestigious study of a luxury complex designed in Singapore. In order to offer the maximum energy and comfort levels, a LEED certification was achieved.
Energy modelling simulations were performed to find the most effective materials for thermal insulation and parameters for climatization system.
Prevailing winds were simulated through CFD analysis to assess wind comfort in the whole complex and focusing on certain areas of open spaces, such as the main restaurant or bungalow terraces.

Energy Modelling Analysis


What is Energy Modelling?

Using engineering simulation, we as an Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) consultancy are able to comprehensively analyzes the relationship between various building subsystems to allow building designers to have an in-depth understanding of the engineering project’s needs and specification.
In addition, it also helps to provide Building design consultants, as well as key stakeholders with critical information needed for making decisions concerning the adoption and implementation of green building designs and measures.

Comprehensive Energy Modelling Process

For a thorough and accurate energy modeling of the building energy needs, all the building detailed design and operating design parameters that influence the building energy consumptions will be taken into careful consideration as part of the environmental modeling exercise.
This includes a wide range of building features and energy performance parameter data, such as the required number of occupant to be housed indoors, thermal performance values of window panels, indoor daylighting illumination performance (as measured from Day light analysis), installed electrical systems for powering artificial lightings, Air mechanical ventilation requirement (base on HVAC simulation), natural ventilation performance (base on CFD air flow simulation and airflow modeling), material constructions used for wall partitions and roofs, water distribution system as well as cooling and heating equipment details.

The building energy simulation takes in the energy model data as input from the various analysis (such as Thermal comfort analysis, Solar radiation analysis, and Sun path analysis), and then combine it with the historical data collected.
Base on this, our energy modeling and simulation engineers at BroadTech Engineering are able to accurately approximate the energy performance of the entire building and system components for the year.

Benefits of Building Energy Modelling


1. Significant Reduction in Building Energy Consumption

Benefit from significant reduction in energy consumption and overall building’s operating costs (either institutional, Mixed-use, multi-residential and Commercial office buildings

2. Proven Expertise in Green Building Design

Leverage on BroadTech Engineering’s years of expertise and experience in Green Building design to formulate a cost-effective and long-term energy conservation solution implementation.

3. Leverage on our Proven Engineering Simulation Methodology

Confidently Base your engineering project decision on BroadTech Engineering’s scientific and proven simulation methodology for accurately mapping and modeling your building design’s energy consumption and evaluate the effectiveness of different energy saving measures

4. Make informed and Data-backed Engineering Decisions

Evaluate, Analyze, and quantify the energy performance of various variants of building design concepts and low carbon emission technologies and make informed and data backed decisions with regard to the selection of building construction materials & M&E equipment, periodical preventive building system maintenance, system technology refurbishment and designing for future development

Our Expert services at a Glance 

– Defining assumptions for Building Energy modeling
– Detailed energy modeling and building simulation
– Detailed Engineering Simulation of additional energy conservation measures


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BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
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Energy Modelling

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2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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4. Proven Track Record

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