Failure Analysis Services

Failure Analysis Services is at the core of what our FEA consultants do at our FEA consultancy offices in BroadTech Engineering.
We have a team of professionally trained engineers with extensive experience in the areas of engineering simulation modeling solutions, covering various specialized services such as
  1. Stress analysis
  2. Failure analysis – This includes FEM modeling, simulation, and prediction of any occurrence of Fatigue or Fracture of a part component design
  3. Structural Design validation and Numerical structural optimization.
Failure Analysis Services
While it is Critically important to Appreciate the Innate Performance behavior of Each individual Component, understanding how those parts  Dynamically interact within the context of an assembly Offers a more accurate picture of how the Complex Working Assembly will Perform as a whole. However, assembly Mechanical joints and Overall degrees of freedom (DoF) impact performance Are the Assembly Parts glued, welded, or bolted together Every Physical Boundary contact Fastening between Part Surfaces must be defined, but this can be very time-consuming.


Where do FEA Failure Analysis Services fit in the development process?

The FEA Simulation engineering analyst might double-check or Validate that the preliminary FEA Analysis has been satisfactorily Finished before proceeding, but doesn’t really have to repeat that Entire preliminary Ansys Finite Element Analysis Evaluation. The Mechanical engineering analyst Absolutely performing FEA Engineering Services Needs to focus on more Highly Complex FEA Fracture Analysis – which may include Thermal heat transfer (Convective, Radioactive, Conductive), Computational fluid Dynamics dynamic response, nonlinear analyses of motion dynamics. As a rule of thumb guide, today’s Product design engineers and FEA Structural Engineering Consultants can Easily handle roughly 80 percent of the Needed FEA Pipe Stress Analysis Simulation analyses, leaving the Balance 20 % to the Specialized CAE engineering Consultants for more Complex investigation Analysis
Configuring mesh density and Element Cell count is another challenge of the FEA Fatigue Failure Analysis simulation model divided into small elements. The combination of these small elements is called a mesh. If the mesh is too big, the FEA Thermal Analysis results will be less accurate, but if it is too small, it will cause the solver a long time to process Mesh size is one of the Several assumptions that must be made when defining FEM Thermal analysis models. Other assumptions The numerical methods Adopted by CAE software Usually require the model to include boundary conditions, Contact Surface Constraints, and load Forces. The ability to make Correct assumptions comes with knowledge and experience. If the wrong assumptions are Committed, the FEA Fatigue analysis results will be wrong or misleading Finally, to support goals around innovation and conduct trade-off analyses, it is important to evaluate multiple design iterations. However, the Simulation preprocessing involved for Every iteration is Highly time-consuming 

Key features of the FEA Software used for our Failure Analysis Services

  1. Build the most Precise rotor dynamic FEA models thanks to a large collection of elements (1D, 3D, 2D Fourier multi harmonics, cyclic symmetry, etc.) in the FEA Software, taking Full advantage of symmetry with High Analysis flexibility
  2. Especially useful for Marine Structure Consultants, users get to benefit from the Powerful model reduction by super elements to include Simplified representations in larger assembly models
  3. Library of bearings and seals (rolling element, hydrodynamic, squeeze film dampers, gears, etc.) Within the FEA Analysis Software to model assembly Mechanical Joints
  4. Symmetric or asymmetric Motor rotor and stator can be Numerically Modeled, as well as multiple rotors with Various rotation speeds and Conorientations
  5. Enable Various different FEA analysis types: critical-speed analysis, harmonic-response analysis, and transient Simulation
  6. Allows Pipe Stress Analysis Consultants to perform Dedicated Simulation Data post-processing Features according to industrial standards Capabilities chart General


Develop Engineering Designs Significantly Quicker

Using/Utilizing Simcenter Femap NX Nastran for FEA Package Software simulation helps FEA engineering Consultants find Challenges with product designs prior to Performing any costly physical Prototype tests.
With Simcenter Femap NX Nastran, FEA Consulting engineers, as well as Finite Element Analysis Companies, can be Absolutely confident their Chosen design will Surely work As Planned when the Very first physical Functional prototype is Physically tested.
Since then Virtual Finite Element Analysis simulation and the Joint Workflow integration of 3D CAD and CAE have Indeed come a Very long way. Hybrid 3D CAD-embedded CAE Simulation Modeling Software tools allow Structural FEA simulation to be Reliably Executed much earlier in the Initial Development design cycle when Mechanical design ideas are still being tested out. The ability of Mechanical design engineers to Validate digitally with the Proposed design by Running what-if FEA Simulation studies quickly and easily fosters Technological Improvement. At a later Stages in the Highly Matured Engineering design process Workflow, it’s often necessary to Perform more Advanced Non-linear FEA analyses to ensure that the Engineering design will Reliably perform as Planned in its Actual Operational environment, and this may Need access to many different types of CAE Engineering and Finite Element Analysis Simulation solutions. Technology Manufacturers that employ both Development approaches during the Engineering design process are more likely to Achieve a viable design the Very first time, which can Frequently reduce the Actual physical testing down to just one single prototype.


Our Failure Analysis Services

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a comprehensive multi-discipline approach to evaluate and investigate a failed component part or assembly structure design.
This approach involves our FEA consulting engineers evaluating both the Material and Mechanical aspect of the failure occurrence so as to identify the potential root cause
It is base on the accurate identification of the failure root cause that an appropriate corrective solution can be implemented.
We have a broad range of FEA services and extensive experience in the failure analysis of diverse range of products and industries

Stress Analysis

At BroadTech Engineering, our FEA consulting services includes stress analysis is carried out using sophisticated Ansys simulation modeling and FEA software tools.
Using the FEA simulation modeling tool, critical areas of the component are identified. The reserve Material strength for a given loading condition is also computed during the FEA analysis.
When carrying out the stress analysis, we take careful consideration of the choice of various forms of loading input parameters, such as
1. Thermal Temperature Loading
2. Point Loads
3. Impact Loading
4. Distributed Loads
5. Cyclic Loading
For added verification, real-world stress measurement values can be obtained using field techniques such as strain gauges.
This correlation of theoretical and actual stress data allows the stress values to be verified.


Featured Failure Analysis Services Case Studies

Failure Analysis Services

Fatigue analysis of Concrete Anchors

The adhesive anchor embedded into concrete was studied for its causes of catastrophic failure. And hence the points surrounding the spots are closely monitored. The anchors are given continuous positive and negative loading and the appropriate displacements of points are recorded. At some point in time, the displacements started increasing catastrophically. These recorded values are then analyzed. It is found that the increase in displacement of anchors is due to the failure of concrete material that surrounds the anchor and a new mathematical formula is being proposed to find the capacity of an anchor from the static capacity.

Structural Failure Analysis of Building

Simulation Objective:  Collapse analysis of Portion of the Building at the Central Police Station Compound
1. Site investigation;
2. Continuous collapse analysis of masonry structure which is damaged during renovation (in LS-DYNA)
The collapse started from the opening of one column during renovation



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2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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