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FEA Analysis Services from BroadTech Engineering provides Next Generation Solutions that Solve Today’s Toughest Engineering Challenges.


Fatigue Analysis Services Companies

Fatigue Analysis Services Company Services is at the heart of what we do at BroadTech Engineering Singapore. Through our FEA services, we can use world-class FEA software to assist you in solving complex structural engineering problems to enable you to make a calculated and accurate engineering design decision within a shorter period.

Femap NX Nastran for Advanced Structure dynamics FEA Analysis

Providing Fast Engineering Structural Simulation Analysis insight into the Complex dynamic response of Engineering Structure systems
Femap NX Nastran software Provides a comprehensive FEA Simulation solution to Comprehend, analyze and improve the Resultant Performance response when an Engineered Subsystem is subjected to Complex dynamic loading Forces.
This includes the Commercially Adopted Femap Nastran® software Tools for FEA dynamic analysis Modeling as well as Highly interactive solutions for general dynamic analysis to Effectively understand and avoid excessive vibrations and stresses.
Also, dedicated FEA Analysis Software capabilities are Accessible for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) engineering Development, Aircraft rotor dynamics and Advanced correlation.

Simplifying component connectivity

The Simcenter Femap NX Nastran connectivity modeling Capability enables Structural FEA Engineers and FEA Consulting analysts to perform FEA Modeling Services to model contact Engineering problems for FEA Finite Element Software simulations that are otherwise linear, as well as more easily connect dissimi­lar FE meshes, thus Shortening FEA modeling time.
Connectivity features in Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Nastran  include:
  1. Linear contact
  2. Glue connections for joining dissimilar meshes, including edge-surface and surface-surface connections
  3.  Fastening Bolt preloading Forces
  4. Thermal Structural expansion for rigid elements

Assessing Evaluating composite Structural designs


Simcenter Femap NX Nastran FEA Structure Wind Load Simulation Software is at the Cutting edge of Numerically Modeling the Physics performance of Engineering Designs made of Man-made composite Building materials and Offers Features for Consistently Refining material models and element types.
Structure Strength of composite designs can be Easily evaluated using first-ply failure Assessment criteria such as Tsai-Wu or Hoffmann, advanced progressive failure methods or composite delamination Modeling methods.
Using Structural design optimization techniques during the FEM Stress Analysis, Trained FEA Consulting Engineers can essentially develop the Best optimal ply layup for a Specific Composite design, Considering for Material thickness Dimension, orien­tation, and Constituent material stiffness.




LS-DYNA Consulting

3. EM SC Consulting

1. PCB Simulation
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BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Featured Fatigue Analysis Services Case Studies


FEA Simulation of Engine Mounts


1. FEA Simulation Objective
The objective was to determine the life of engine mounts for a BAJA vehicle which had to endure engine vibrations and low frequency bump/droop loads.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
The design was made on SolidWorks and then the fatigue analysis was carried out on ANSYS. As the analysis was for Al7075, Gerber mean stress correction was used. The load applied was 2000N(based on calculations).
3. Outcome & Conclusion
The engine mounts endured the load for 14000 cycles. This was enough to last a season of BAJA. Hence, the design was a success.

Static Simulation – Analyzed exhaust cold end line


1. FEA Simulation Objective:
Static Simulation – Analyzed exhaust cold end line behavior under self weight (1g load) to check the total mass distribution (equilibrium conditions), number of hangers is sufficient enough to take the load of the exhaust line and also to study the sag / displacement (clearance) of the cold end. 
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
The simulation is done with considering the non-linear isolator properties (force vs deflection) with this calculation the preload of the rubber can be determined for the exhaust line position in the design zero position at earth gravity. The pretension indicates how much mm the hanger has to be designed higher, so that the exhaust line is placed in the predetermined position after lowering the hanger pins.
Frequency response analysis (SOL111) is performed to predict the failure locations under the influence of dynamic loads from the engine. The engine excitation/load data is defined in frequency domains in engine orders with three types of engine loads- Idle, Full throttle & Trailing mode. 
Simulation is done in two steps, displacement for selected nodes to identify resonance frequency and stress calculation at selected critical resonance frequencies. Further, FRA adjustments/tuning performed for co-relation of measurement and FE simulation, to evaluate the critical realistic stresses values. Measurement report/data as input received from test center. Parameters like mass, stiffness, damping etc are considered for mode shapes (MAC value calculation) and amplitude adjustment.
– Transient Thermo-mechanical Fatigue analysis carried out to analyze the thermal expansion of system due to thermal loads of engine operating conditions. 
3. Outcome & Conclusion
Input thermal loads/BCs are obtained from CFD analysis in form of film temperature and co-efficient. In 1st step the thermal simulation performed considering transient effects of thermal cycle as per the thermo shock test cycle. In 2nd step the thermal expansion analysis is carried out taking temperature output from 1st step. Evaluated plastic strains are compared with limiting values of PEEQ 2% and DPEEQ 0.5%.

FEA Simulation of EPS slab panel system under static load


1. FEA Simulatio Objective
ANSYS 15.0 was used in the case study to predicts the performance of EPS slab panel system under static load.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology & Approaches
The slab panels were designed in the AutoCAD and exported to ANSYS software. 10mm mesh was considered for accurate results. The concentrated two-point loading was given. The support conditions were fixed support at one end and hinged support at the other end. The load are given gradually and compared with experimental results.
3. Outcome & Conclusion
 It was found that the analytical results have fewer values when compared to experimental results and it shows good correlation with experimental results.

FEA Analysis over In-ground tank

The hydro-static and buckling analysis are performed over the In-ground tank. The scope of this project is to reduce the material needed for the production and improving the performance of the tank. The Main objectives of the projects is to carried out the linear static analysis and buckling for the given tank with 8mm thickness and 10 mm thickness with the LDPE & MDPE material properties and ensure the secure storage of water in underground tanks

Shock Robustness Improvement of 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 


1. FEA Simulation Objective:
The objective is to improve the shock input (drop height) that can be tolerated by 2.5″ HDD in operating condition
2. FEA Simulation Methodology
– The method used was to conceptualize the solution/ideas that can improve the shock robustness, then the ideas were tested by means of simulation in two steps: (1) simple model simulation in MATLAB and (2) full model simulation using FEA in ANSYS and finally the idea were tested on real 2.5″ HDD and shock tested in the laboratory. Our FEA Consultant am the only researcher that involve in this project, so Our FEA Consultant did the conceptualization, simulation and experiments on my own.
3. Outcome & Conclusion
The conclusion is that the proposed solution improves the shock robustness of the 2.5″HDD, the simulation in MATLAB and ANSYS really help in determining the best solution while the experimentation serves as means to fine tune the selected solution.

Femap NX Nastran FE Model Correlation
Femap NX Nastran FE Model Correlation Function in the FEA Modeling software enables FEA Consultants to quantitatively and qualitatively Cross Reference and Benchmark FEA Analysis and test results, as well as two different  FEA simulations. It Offers the FEA Finite Element Analysis Services tools needed to geometrically align the models, pair the modes from both FEA solutions, view mode shapes and frequency response functions and display correlation metrics.
Module Advantages/benefits
• Validate the Precision/accuracy of the finite element model for dynamic FEA Fracture analysis Simulation
• Assess optimal sensor and exciter Placement Position before performing Experimental physical modal Testing
• Boost Engineering productivity by enabling model Checking in the Identical environment as used for model creatio n/Generation and FEM Simulation analysis
FEA Software Key features
• Supports Femap Nastran, Femap Samcef® FEM software, Abaqus, ANSYS and MSC Nastran results
• Convenient Testing solution Data import using universal files or Femap Testlab FEM Analysis software files
• Automatic and manual Routing of Finite Element FE model nodes and test sensors
• Collection of mode-pairing Analysis Selectable options and Analysis correlation Criterion
• Pretest planning in the FEA Software for Optimized number and Placement of Measurement sensors and exciters
• Very Intuitive and powerful test model Synchronization for Assisting in the FEA Modeling Services
• Dynamically Interactive correlation with Data Management Dashboard and mode-shape displays in the FEM Simulation Software

Features & Benefits of FEA Consulting 

An actual physical engineering test can reveal you of an 

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