FEA Analysis  

Finite Element Analysis

FEA Analysis is at the heart of what we do at BroadTech Engineering Singapore. Through our FEA services, we have the capability to use world-class FEA software to assist you in solving complex structural engineering problems so as to enable you to make a calculated and accurate engineering design decision within a shorter span of time.

FEA Analysis Simulation can be a Highly powerful tool for Making better Critical Design decisions.

FEA Simulation can be a Highly Useful R&D Product Development Software tool for Making Superior decisions. However, Many steps during the Linear and Non-Linear FEA simulation Workflow Operation can Inefficiently slow things down and Hinder Structural Consultancy Enterprises from taking full Benefit of potential Gains. Comprehending Finite Element Simulation Confrontations can help Enterprises put the right Competences in place so they may Derive even more value from FEA Finite Element Analysis simulation Software Solution.
  1. What Confrontations do Pipe Stress Analysis Services Enterprises Encounter as part of the Finite Element Thermal Simulation Operation? 
  2. What Delay and slows the Product Development Operation down?
  3. How do Profitable Engineering Enterprises get the Maximum value from FEM Stress Analysis simulation?
    FEA Analysis


FEA Analysis for all Mechanical Design Professionals

With the Complete integration of CAE, finite element analysis (FEA) can be Cost-Effectively during the Engineering Development Workflow, closing the Post Engineering design-analysis gap, minimizing the Unnecessary Number of Engineering design Variants, and Practically Removing the Requirements for Expensive physical prototyping Fabrication and Experimental testing
FEA Structural Analysis allows Finite Element Consulting engineers to effectively simulate the operating characteristics of their designs digitally, well in advance of Physical prototype tooling Fabrication Countless Company Expenses can be Conserved by Recognizing Engineering design Challenges Well before entering into the Actual manufacturing process
It is clear that Best Performing FEA Services Providers and Stress Analysis Services Companies are more Allowed to make the Adapted design decisions They have the Critical insight to make Design trade-off Choices to Satisfy Objectives for Built quality, while still meeting cost targets 
FEA Services Companies can Review through enough Simulation iterations to Come at more Inventive decisions. FEA Structural Engineering Consultants accomplish all of this while still Conserving efficiency.
All These drivers can have a significant effect on profitability. The Impact of global competition and outsourcing is also putting Growing pressure on SMEs, forcing them to Reexamine how they do business.
Stress Engineering SMBs providing FEA Structural Engineering Consultancy Services involved in an International Logistic supply chain are Witnessing the effects of Evolving working relationships with Bigger businesses, with Various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Pushing Engineering design and Product warranty responsibilities down to Second-tier Partners. 

Where does FEA Analysis fit in the Development Process?

These products provide a Very scalable Software Offering to Grow a company’s FEA Thermal Analysis needs when Professional Finite Element Analysis Services Required is too Expensive. Although Femap FEA Software is CAD independent, it offers Easy and Simple file Extension associativity with Solid Edge and supports Key Mainstream commercial solvers and all versions of Nastran. Femap and Solid Edge Simulation were Especially designed with all Types of engineers And Design Engineering Application in mind – both the Product Structural Engineer Professional and the FEA Engineering Consultants analyst Performing the FEA Modeling Services – and support the most common FEM Modeling analysis needs as well as more Complex highly Unique FEA Analysis types. With both product Solutions, the CAE Product portfolio offers a built-in upgrade path allowing for Widen FEA Finite Element Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Simulation Modeling capabilities as business and simulation needs Grows.
An actual real-world engineering test can inform you of an occurrence of a failure in a product or structure, however, this inefficient testing and development practice is often Costly, takes up precious product development time and in often cases, does not accurately reveal the actual reason behind the failure.
Product goals of Superior Built quality and lower cost have a strong influence on design investments. At the same time, these goals Are Also often Conflicting, so balancing them is complicated 
Product development teams in Advanced Fatigue Analysis Services Companies Teams Require ways to Perform Technical Design trade-off analyses to Comprehend the Long Term Impact of Engineering design decisions on both cost and Built quality.
Investments in Engineering Product design Software tools can help Offer this Design insight, empowering Product development teams to make better decisions.
In addition to ease of use, other Important Areas help to Assimilate Finite Element Simulation Functions Much closer to 3D CAD Modeling, including model associativity, which Enables the Part design’s Inherent analytical Performance properties, such as 3D CAD geometry topology, material Physical properties, load Forces and Constraining boundary conditions Native in the CAD model, to also carry over to the finite element analysis simulation Modeling. Any Modification made to the Existing 3D CAD model will carry through and Refresh the Ansys FEA Analysis model automatically.
With the Complete integration of CAE, finite element analysis (FEA) can be Cost Competitively during the Engineering design Workflow, Minimizing the Post Engineering design-analysis gap, Avoiding Unnecessary Quantity of Engineering design Variants, and almost removing the need for expensive physical prototyping Fabrication and Experimental Evaluation.

With our FEA consultancy services, we can give you answer to several questions that an actual test simply cannot.
This includes
  1. Identification of Areas with Excess Mass to eliminate unnecessary material and weight.
    Having an iterative and intuitive FEA simulation process which helps engineers to push the envelope to optimize engineering designs for maximum strength and minimum cost
  2. Evaluation of the product design’s current Factor of safety 

Confidently Engineer the Ultimate Engineering innovation

Productivity Driving CAE/Numerical FEA engineering Simulation Workflow efficiency
  1. Unparalleled Realism – FEM Simulation Software helps to Boost confidence in Initial Technical Design
  2. Long term Continuity – Enabling Dynamic Cross-functional Team Project collaboration
  3. Parametric Design Exploration – FEM Analysis Software helps to Deliver Crucial Engineering insight

Executive Summary

As Technology Firms and FEA Modeling Services Enterprises Want to Advance Efficiency and competitiveness, Expenditure in the product Advancement Action can Pay Off big returns. Allowing Design and Finite Element Consulting teams to make the Most Excellent design Choices puts them in An Ideal Place to bring Inventive, high-quality, Cost-effective products to market.


Siemens PLM Software’s solution

Siemens PLM FEM Software has been helping Big manufacturing companies as well as Finite Element Analysis Consulting Companies to be Commercially Profitable in the Mainstream automotive, Military, aerospace Design and Development, Naval architect shipbuilding Building & Construction, Industrial electronics and other Key industries for Over than 35 years.
SME and Structural Design Consultants can now Gain Full advantage of what Siemens PLM Software Solutions has learned from serving these Big manufacturing businesses.
Siemens PLM Software has a Complete PLM Engineering solution to the engineering issues facing SME manufacturers that helps them become Highly Cost competitive, Operationally Lean and profitable.
 These products Offers a Very scalable Software solution to extend a company’s FEA Thermal Analysis needs when Professional Finite Element Analysis Services Required is too Costly. Although Femap FEA Software is CAD independent, it offers Quick and direct file Extension associativity with Solid Edge and supports Key Mainstream commercial solvers and all versions of Nastran.
Femap and Solid Edge Simulation were Especially designed with all Types of engineers And Design Engineering Application in mind – both the Product Structural Engineer Consultants and the FEA Engineering Consultants Professional Performing the FEA Modeling Services – and support the most common FEM Modeling analysis needs as well as more Complex highly Unique FEA Analysis types. With both product Solutions, the CAE Product portfolio offers a built-in upgrade path allowing for expanded FEA Finite Element Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Simulation Modeling capabilities as business and simulation needs expand

 FEA Analysis Software Module Advantages

  1. Gain Quick Engineering Results from FEA Thermal Analysis and insight into the FEA dynamic response of Structure systems
  2. Allows FEA Fatigue Analysis Services Companies to Quickly Create and view results graphically
  3. Leverage Every FEA Finite Element Simulation Analysis/Modeling capabilities of Femap NX Nastran FEM Packages and Software to Deploy Much quicker Engineering design Modifications and provide Quick Engineering feedback on dynamic performance

Siemens FEA Analysis Features and Advantages

Based on a 25-year Established Tradition of being Utilized in conjunction with Nastran solvers, Femap Stress Analysis Software Tools can be Highly seamlessly Assimilated with NX Nastran. It directly supports a wide range of NX Nastran Simulation Modeling capabilities commonly performed in Standard FEA Analysis Services, including
 Basic linear and nonlinear statics,
  1. Normal modes,
  2. Transient/dynamic
  3. Frequency/harmonic response
  4. Response spectrum
  5. Random response
  6. Buckling
  7. Rotor dynamics
In addition, there is add-on NX Nastran Features available for Multi-criteria Parametric optimization, aeroelasticity, rotordynamics, superelements, DMAP, and advanced nonlinear. Femap with NX Nastran Offers a Highly comprehensive Scope of Very detailed functionality to Conveniently Configure and control all aspects of FEA finite element Vibration Fatigue Analysis modeling, NX Nastran solutions, and subsequent postprocessing Workflow operations.
There is a Popular adage, Check twice, cut once.’ In the Professional mechanical engineering Circle, we use Simcenter Femap with NX Nastran FEM Solver to Computationally Compute twice so we only Require to Physically test Only once.
Long-term Aspect, This Definitely pays off ROI in R&D Product Development time-to-market Delivery, lower Engineering Development costs, and Significantly safer products on the market. In today’s global Consumer market, we’re as likely to View our Automotive wheel Parts in the Outback of Australia as we are on an ‘out n’ back’ to the Suburb grocery Supermarket 
We must design our Final products with Utmost care, and Femap 3D FEM Software with NX Nastran plays a Huge role in helping us achieve that.


About Us

BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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FEA Analysis

1. Shorter Product Development Cycle

2. Complete Structural Analysis Solution

2. Complete Structural Analysis Solution

3. 2D/2 Dimensional Simplification

3. 2D/2 Dimensional Simplification

4. Powerful ANSYS FEA Analysis Software Tools

4. Powerful ANSYS FEA Analysis Software Tools

5. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Industry Experience

5. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Industry Experience

6. FEA Projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-Effective Manner

6. FEA Projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-Effective Manner

Complete Range of Professional Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Consultancy Services

At BroadTech Engineering, we provide a complete range of finite element analysis (FEA) engineering simulation services. Some of the common types of FEA engineering analyses that we have successfully solved for our FEA consulting clients include Structural, Thermal, Fatigue, Composite, Explicit Dynamics and Fluid-structure interface (FSI) analyses.

13_FEA Analysis
13_FEA Analysis

1. Static Structural FEA Analysis Consulting

To improve your products or engineering performance, our highly skilled FEA consultants will conduct a structural engineering analysis via a comprehensive Finite element simulation to provide answers to your engineering challenges.
Static structural analyses simulation allows for the significant predicting and validation of structural deflection, distribution of Strain and Stress regions, and temperature distribution within an assembly under analysis.
Although this is the most common FEA analysis performed for structural validation, the simulation is often rarely simple in nature and has in recent years evolved to encompass complex interactions within the simulation analysis (eg. Surface Contacts, Mechanical joints, Composite materials) to interacting with other physics (fluid-structure, electromagnetic-structure).

Some of the related FEA software capabilities include:

● Nonlinear contact of body structure, while taking into account of mounting conditions, such as fastener tightening torque forces or initial interferences between mounting contact surfaces
● Static structural buckling
● Nonlinear Stress/Strain relationships such as elastoplastic material, hyperelastic characteristics, temperature dependent, and coupled physics (piezoelectric)
● Parametric Design to determine the sensitivity of a system to specific variables
● System-level Optimization to satisfy specific design criteria
● High-performance computing
● Rock and Soil Mechanics characterizations
2. Kinematic Analysis
2. Kinematic Analysis

2. Kinematic Analysis

A kinematic analysis is often used when the motion or displacement of an assembled design is pre-dominantly consist of joints within the mechanical system.
A kinematic analysis is considered to be rigid when deflections are totally characterized by the joints or can be flexible when the stiffness of the moving parts is taken into consideration.

Some of the related FEA software feature includes:

● Load cycle prediction for fatigue evaluation input
● Plot tracing of Critical Points.
● System level simulation analysis to determine/evaluate interaction with input controls
● System excitation
● High-performance computing
3. Explicit Dynamics Analysis
3. Explicit Dynamics Analysis

3. Explicit Dynamics Analysis

Explicit dynamics solutions are suitable for analyzing physics that involve extreme loading forces exerted over a short period of time (in the order of micro- or milliseconds).
It can also be used for investigating dynamic non-linear physics problems, such as an occurrence of eroding contact, exceedingly large strain, and material fracture failure.

Dynamic Analyses

The dynamic analysis allows the user to account for the time-dependent behaviors of their structure.
For linear dynamics, the initial effort is often to obtain the natural frequencies through a modal analysis. Results are then used in a seismic, harmonic, shock, random vibration or transient simulation to determine deflections, stresses, and strains.
For nonlinear dynamics simulation, a direct transient analysis can be carried out.

4. Fatigue Analysis & Fracture Analysis

4. Fatigue Analysis & Fracture Analysis

Through Fatigue analysis and Fracture failure analysis, we are able to provide you with clear answers to your most pressing fatigue life prediction investigation questions through professional numerical analytical simulation of fatigue life prediction.

Durability and Fatigue – Failure Analysis

Component failures are often not caused by a single event, but due to incremental damage caused by a series of event occurrence.
The typical fatigue process is to maintain stress/strain values below the allowable for the required number of cycles. Multiple loading forces often occur and will have a different cyclic requirement.
ANSYS Fatigue or the more advanced nCODE can reliably predict the component life.
An alternative approach is to understand that a fracture exists in the component. The crack is analyzed to determine whether it will further propagate, and if so, at what speed.

Some of the related Ansys FEA software capabilities include:

● Life optimization
● Multiphysics
● High-Performance Computing
● Data management
● Durability
5. Composites Analysis

5. Composites Analysis

Composite materials are widely popular for engineering applications because of their unique high Strength to Weight ratio as well as the flexibility they offer to be optimized.
FEA Analysis Simulation helps optimize the design for maximum durability by giving insights into the best configuration of Fiber orientation and Stack-up to meet desired structural goals with the minimal possible weight.

Composite simulations add an additional degree of complexity over other FEA analysis. One can utilize dynamics, advanced non-linear capabilities and thermal, combined with additional factors of ply orientation, resin properties, draping, curing stresses, degradation fields, progressive failure and complex failure criteria.
The ANSYS Composite Prep/Post module facilitates the generation and eventual post-processing of the simulation models.
BroadTech Engineering’s strength includes analysis of composite manufacturing processes, thin and thick composite capabilities, material experience, localized attachments and thermal.

Some of the related FEA software capabilities include:

● Stress interaction failure criteria
● Thermal warping studies
●  Structure Optimization for maximum strength to weight ratio
● Measurement of Temperature-dependent material properties
● Core crushing
● High-performance computing

 6. Thermal Analysis Services

In many applications, the primary parameter of emphasis is the temperature distribution in an engineering assembly design when it is exposed to a combination of both internally generated heat as well as External thermal heat sources.
For these categories of design challenges, FEA thermal analysis can provide detailed insights into the temperature distribution and thermal heat flow pathways.

Thermal Analysis – Thermal Stress

Accurate prediction of temperature distributions is critical to performing thermal stress analysis. Forces generated by thermal expansion can be significant and proper analysis techniques need to be implemented.
With ANSYS’s accurate analysis capabilities in conduction, convection, radiation, temperature-dependent material models, and internal heat generation, complex systems can be accurately simulated.
These can be further advanced by performing FSI with a CFD model. 


Some of the related FEA software capabilities include:

● Thermal warping
● Thermal fatigue
● Thermal shock
● Temperature-dependent material properties/characteristics
● Conjugate heat transfer
● High-Performance Computing
● Thermal prestressing
● Thermo-electric
7. Optimization

7. Optimization

These days as the fast-paced business landscape has become more competitive, even a small gain in material performance can be instrumental in the success or failure of the product.

Optimization can be measured in a variety of ways, such as cost, pressure drop, mass, deflection and useful life.
By means of either parameterization or topological optimization, engineering designs can be drastically refined to maximize their performance durability.

An additional metrics that are of a close relation with Optimization are Sensitivity and Robustness.
There are cases where a structural design performs perfectly under a specific manufacturing and environmental conditions, but a minor deviation can quickly degrade this.
Often the optimum design isn’t the one that has the best results for one specific operating condition but has good performance over a range of external conditions.
Having a design performance that is insensitive to external variables allows the opening up of machine tolerance. This helps to cut down cost by eliminating the need for tight tolerances.

Some of the related FEA software capabilities include:

● System Simulation
● Fluid-Structure Interaction
● Adjoint Solver
● Mesh Morphing
● High-Performance Computing
● Optometrists
● Correlation Matrix

Features & Benefits of FEA software


1. Shorter Product Development Cycle

With Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Simulation solutions, it can play a key role in your engineering innovation process by helping you to save precious project time and development costs by

1. Eliminating completely the need for costly fabrication of physical prototypes and its subsequent iterations
2. Eliminating the need for physical rework and delay of project schedule from delivery lead time of components

Because of the speed & economical advantages, Finite element analysis is popularly adopted early in the product development process to effectively predict whether a product concept will fracture, Wear out, or perform the way it was designed.

2. Complete Structural Analysis Solution

We have a comprehensive suite of FEA simulation software tools at our disposal to help you evaluate in detail

1. Single loading, Vibrational forces or Transient loading conditions
2. Linear and nonlinear behavior of materials, joints, and geometry.
3. Simulation of Sudden Drop, impact, and Explosion (using Advanced FEA solver technology Autodyn and LS-DYNA)

If required, we can tailor and automate simulation solutions for your specific structural mechanic’s challenges and parameterize them to simulate multiple physics scenarios.
For even greater fidelity, our simulation software tools can also be seamlessly configured to work with other physics simulation tools.

3. 2D/2 Dimensional Simplification

FEA Simulation also offers the 2D/2 Dimensional simplification assumption for Plane Strain, plane Stress, extrusion features, or Axisymmetric features.

Beam Elements

Our FEA consultants can support the simplification of the modeling of various types of structural beams (such as Straight, Curved, and tapered beams) to maximize its performance in a Simulation environment.
* For a fast setup and modeling of the simulation analysis, structural members that are modeled as weldment features in 3D CAD are automatically converted to beam elements.

4. Powerful ANSYS FEA Analysis Software Tools

Our FEA engineering consulting engineers employs some of the world’s most powerful analysis tools which are widely adopted in the engineering simulation industry.
This includes ANSYS finite element analysis FEA software Tools such as

● ANSYS Mechanical
● ANSYS Multiphysics
● ANSYS nCode DesignLife


5. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Industry Experience

Our team of FEA engineering consultants you will be working with has advanced post-graduate degrees and extensive research experience across a broad variety of industries including Turbomachinery, Biomedical, Aerospace engineering, Civil-structural Building, Chemical processing, Energy generation, Oil and gas, and Consumer products.

6. FEA Projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-Effective Manner

During the entire duration of the FEA consultancy project, our FEA consultants will work closely with you to understand your simulation requirements to ensure that the right finite element analysis input parameters are selected.

7. Trusted By Industry Leaders

For several years, our FEA consultancy services have been trusted upon to provide solutions to some of the most challenging Structural and Thermal engineering simulation projects.
From basic part component analysis to complete end-to-end FEA analysis processes, we are able to provide benefits that help you to solve real-world challenges.

8 Cost Savings

Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) consulting services offer you an engineering analysis solution that is accurate, timely and cost-effective
Our cost-effective analysis solutions allow smaller-scale companies to enjoy the advantage of a professional Finite Element Analysis solution without incurring a heavy expense of employing a full-time in-house FEA analyst.

9. Full Knowledge Transfer

Our FEA consulting services does not just stop at the delivery of simulation results. To make sure that there is a full knowledge transfer at the end of the analysis, we provide thorough training to ensure there is full clarity on the understanding of the FEA results.

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