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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Consultancy

FEA consultancy is at the core of what our FEA consultants do at our Singapore FEA consulting office in BroadTech Engineering. Best Performing FEA Analysis Companies and Average Performing Stress Engineering Companies Generally value Similar qualities in a vendor. It is absolutely important to work with an Established vendor who is a Real partner and Supplies the Required Technical support resources to Guarantee your Design Engineers are successful with their Finite Element Analysis software Tool. Respondents rate Technical Support, training resources, and a single point of contact among the most Significant qualities in a Software vendor.
FEA Consultancy

SME offering FEA Stress Analysis Services, Medium-sized companies with Business revenue between $7 and $700 million, can now Cost-effectively Fight with larger companies that Have superior Research & Development resources. In the past, CAD and CAE systems were Utilized only by large engineering Companies that could Easily afford the Large price tag associated with owning or Renting the Commercial FEA Analysis Software. Today, PLM Engineering software Tools and the Computer hardware required to Operate it are Very Much more affordable for SMEs, and the return-on-investment (ROI) can be very significant.

Examine the Value of FEA Consultancy and FEA Simulation

FEA Finite Element Analysis Simulation represents one product development Expenditure that can support the goals Presented in Advanced Dynamic FEA Simulation tools provide insight into product strength and quality as well as cost drivers such as the Quantity of material Needed. They can help identify problems early when it is more cost- Profitable to fix them. They also Enable efficient Assessment of different design options to support innovation. In fact, BroadTech Engineering’s study, The Business Value of Simulation Finds, “FEA Pipe Stress Analysis Simulation Enables FEA Structural Consulting Services companies to meet the Requests for reduced cost and shorter time to market, but without compromising product quality.


  1. Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  2. Dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Featured FEA Consultancy Case Study Projects

FEA Consultancy

FEA Simulation of Column Joint subjected to forces from Earthquake

The objective of this FEA analysis is to figure out an invasive method to reduce the stress that develops in the beam-column joint during the occurrence any heavy impact loading like Earthquake.
The approach is to introduce a bypass way for the load to transfer directly from column to beam or vice versa without stressing the beam-column joint too much, thereby reducing the stress and the risk of appropriate catastrophic failure. This induces a ductile failure of the system.
In this FEA simulation work, we need to optimize the structural design of the invasive system in an effective way that the system can transfer more load reduces the joint stress as much as possible.
Firstly, a numerical model is created for the structural optimization project and it is validated with the practical result of the same. Using various FEA software, numerous geometrical models are created with same material property to figure out the most effective structure that optimizes its material property so as to improve the system effectiveness

FEA Simulation of Various Damping Interactions Subjected to Collapse & Buckling Loads

Objective: To study the effect of Damping and different interactions upon collapse and buckling loads.
Approach: The FEM simulation approach followed was to determine the amount of dissipation energy (as a total of creep ALLCD , static ALLSD, and viscous damping ALLVD) and compare it with All Internal Energy (ALL IE).
If the ratio of dissipations to total energy is less than 2 %, it is assumed that damping has not altered the physics of the system. Effect of different interactions such as frictionless and different friction factors on the panel simulations is studied.

Damage Modelling of FRP Composite Bridge Decks

Simulation Objective: Damage Modelling of FRP Composite Bridge Decks
1. Analyse the failure process of a micro-composite model which contain 32 fibers in ABAQUS;
2. Propose a new material model which considers the matrix plastic deformation and smear debonding damage between interface of fibers and matrix based on simplifying the analysis results of the micro model;
3. Write a VUMAT subroutine to realize the new material model in ABAQUS;
4. Analyzing the failure of composite bridge deck and the dynamic performance of bridge with composite girder under seismic load
Conclusion: The new model gives more accurate nonlinear results than the composite models in ABAQUS material library. The application of composite girder can improve the seismic resistance of long span bridges

Inter-Laminar Failure Simulation Analysis for Pristine and Impacted Panels

Objective: To perform Inter laminar failure analysis for Pristine and Impacted panels.
For the FEM modeling, we made use of Cohesive Zone theory to model it. Traction separation law was used. The simulation was done on pristine and impacted panels. Therefore Virtual Crack Closure Technique was not used as it needs data about the pre-existing crack. All the parameters such as Cohesive mesh size, over meshing factor, fracture energies were got by conducting experiments or by Literature review. Quadratic Nominal Stress criterion was implemented to predict failure. capture failure initiation.
Outcome: Successfully performed Inter-Laminar Failure analysis by Cohesive Zone Theory.



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1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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4. Proven Track Record

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5. Affordable

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6. Full Knowledge Transfer


Femap NX Nastran for Complex Structure dynamics FEM simulation

Offering rapid Engineering Structural Simulation Analysis insight into the Advanced dynamic response of Engineering Structure systems
Key features
  1. • Construct the most accurate rotor dynamic FEA Modeling thanks to a Huge Collection of elements (1D, 3D, 2D Fourier multi harmonics, cyclic symmetry, etc.) in the FEA Software, taking Full advantage of symmetry with High Analysis flexibility
  2. • Especially useful for Marine Structure Consultants, users get to benefit from the Powerful model reduction by superelements to Encompass reduced representations in larger assembly models
  3. • Library of bearings and seals (rolling element, hydrodynamic, squeeze film dampers, gears, etc.) Within the FEA Analysis Software to model assembly Mechanical connections
  4. • Symmetric or asymmetric Motor rotor and stator can be Numerically computed, as well as multiple rotors with different rotation speeds and Conorientations
  5. • Enable Various different FEA analysis types: critical-speed analysis, harmonic-response analysis, and transient analysis
  6. • Allows Pipe Stress Analysis Consultants to perform Dedicated Simulation Data post-processing tools according to industrial standards Capabilities chart General

FEMAP FEA Analysis Software Key Benefits

  1. • Intuitive noise and vibration Assessment with Advanced Technical Analysis support from FEM modal, grid, panel, energy and path contribution FEA Simulation Using the Finite Element Method FEA Software
  2. • During a Pipe Stress Analysis, the Trained Structural Engineer performing the FEA Stress Analysis Services are able to Systematically Map test data and predecessor simulation data – multibody, electromagnetics (EM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – Into the vibro-acoustic Analysis model, including time-to-frequency domain Translation for obtaining Accurate load Values
  3. • Femap Nastran FEA Software has Several Selectable options for partitioning solution domains, such as Geometry Shapes, frequency, hierarchic, load, and recursive domain partitioning
  4. • DMP feature in the FEM Solver Software can also be operated on a single node that has Many processors
  5. • Streamline Postprocessing
  6. Once the solver in the FEM Analysis Software Finally Finishes the FEA CFD analysis Computation, the FEA results must be prepared for FEA Structural Simulation analysis.
  7. Here Structural Engineering Consultants try to Represents the Detailed breakdown of the Workflow Included with post-processing as well as the proportion of Project time involved Fifty-four percent (54%) of post-processing time goes toward working with the Engineering data, getting it Completed for FEA Failure Analysis Services.
  8. • Supported dynamic solution types are modal and direct frequency response, eigenvalue computation, and modal transient
  9. • The Nonlinear FEA Software Include frequency response function (FRF) and modal Modeling/representations for structural Parts at the assembly Level Utilizing either Numerical Analysis Modeling or Theoretical test data
  10. • Include acoustic transfer vectors (ATV) or vibroacoustic Translation vectors (VATV) Simulation representations for acoustic or vibroacoustic Parts, which are Re- re-usable for multi-load case scenarios/Situations for Stress Engineering and powertrain noise or Automotive cabin wind noise  

Femap Nastran Rotor Dynamics FEA analysis

Rotational systems are subject to gyroscopic Loading forces such as Coriolis and centrifugal Loading forces that are not occurring in stationary systems.
Femap Nastran Rotor Dynamics FEM Finite Element Method software Module Offers the capability to Accurately Forecast the linear dynamic behavior of rotating systems. 
Simcenter Femap NX Nastran includes FEM Stress Analysis and Pipe Stress Analysis capabilities to Accurately Model the dynamic behavior of Rotational systems subject to rotation-induced gyroscopic and centrifugal Loading forces.
Rotor dynamic Simulation Enables FEA Engineers performing Fracture Analysis to Forecast critical Movement Velocity and Refine Design designs that Functions Reliably.
Users can simulate rotating system loads, Execute synchronous and asynchronous FEA Simulation Modeling to generate Campbell Diagram data, Forecast whirl frequencies and critical speeds, and detect instability in Critical rotating Parts.
Both modal and direct methods can be Easily applied in Buckling Analysis for Highly complex eigenvalues, frequency response, and transient response analyses.
Module Advantages
  1. • Femap FEA Software Allows the Analysis of Huge Challenges in complex and realistic scenarios
  2. • Perfectly Analyse the global dynamics of the rotor and stator assembly
  3. • Enables Finite Element Analyst to Achieve accurate simulations by taking nonlinear effects into account in connection elements
  4. • Reduce the Undesired vibration level and Minimize harmful resonances by predicting them
  5. • Improve product Engineering performance and Minimize Expensive physical Fabrication


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