FEA Services

The FEA services that we provide here at BroadTech Engineering play a major part in what we do here in our Singapore offices. Our track record of successful FEA simulation case studies has been earned the hard way by having our theoretical models put to the test in real-world conditions and continuous service for years.

Why FEA Simulation (Finite Element Analysis)?

In addition, customers are Now expecting Compressed product Client delivery times to Market Therefore, SMEs offering Structural Consulting Services and Pipe Stress Analysis Services Now Require to add FEA Fatigue Failure Analysis to their Engineering product Research & development R&D Development Workflow processes in order to Satisfy their product Reliability, Built quality and delivery requirements.
Performing Finite Element Simulation Much early in the Product Conceptual design Stage will help SME Technologically Evolve more, Achieve Proven feasible Commercial Product designs earlier and also reduce any Needed Redesign and FEA Contact Analysis of Modification rework Needed.
FEA services
For the cost of 2 individual Mechanical brake drum Functional Stress tests, I can Purchase Femap FEM Packages with NX Nastran Solver and do Several computer FEA Computational Structural Dynamics analysis studies. In today’s International Consumer market, we’re as likely to see our Automotive wheel components in the Outback of Australia as we are on an ‘out n’ back’ to the neighborhood grocery store. We must design our Final products with Ultmost Attention, and Femap 3D FEM Software with NX Nastran Perform a big role in Assisting us do that.

Why Engage a Professional FEA Services for Your Project?

Top Performing Structural Engineering Companies are 89% more Probable than their Competitors to address these Confrontations with preprocessing Nonlinear FEA Software tools and FEA Analysis Software that have the flexibility to Refine and optimize the FEA model for the Expected FEA Structural analysis.
Best Performing Marine Structure Consultants are twice as Probable to automate Complex assembly Boundary contact definition and 4-times as Probable to automate 3D geometry clean-up. Further analysis identified how Best Performing FEA Pipe Stress Engineering Businesses address these Confrontations. Best Performing FEA Pipe Stress Analysis Consulting Companies are those who are much more successful than their Adversaries. 
Compared to other Structural Engineer Consultant Adversaries, they are more Adept, more Inventive, produce higher quality products, and Perform a Much better job meeting cost targets. 


FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for all Mechanical Design Professionals

Like larger Companies  SME and FEA Company alike, Encounters the Exact same business Growth Factors such as Product Research & development time compression, Lowered product cost expectations, overhead cost reductions and Customer Ever Growing demands for Better product Built quality, Reliability and longer Useful service life.
All These drivers can have a Significant Impact on profitability. The Impact of global competition and outsourcing is also putting Increasing pressure on SMEs, forcing them to review how they conduct business.
BroadTech Engineering has deep domain knowledge in the area of finite element analysis FEA consultancy. Our portfolio of past FEA analysis ranges from full-size automotive chassis to naval crafts to space satellites.
Best Performing FEA Services Companies are more Probable to take Profit from Various automation capabilities to speed up the Tiresome and Monotonous tasks of preprocessing. They are twice as Probable to Totally automate assembly contact definition and four times more Probable to Intelligently automate geometry clean-up. 
They Are also 4.75 times as Probable to take Profit of customization for In-depth Workflow automation. All of this Helps to save Limited Development time and minimizes the workload Included with preprocessing. Best Performing Engineering Finite Element Simulation Companies and Finite Element Analysis Companies also take Profit of automated meshing, but more Significantly, they still have the Capacity to Manage and edit it for cases when the mesh is not sized correctly. Best Performing FEA Consulting Company is 69% more Probable than peers to Possess the Capacity to Rapidly re-mesh with newly Added parameters. 
We have also been pro-actively involved in the renewable energy field with complete mechanical stress and dynamic analysis of turbine generator systems, solar panels, and photovoltaic systems.
The one thing in common in all of our FEA consulting work is that every project that we are responsible for has always passed our clients’ requirements and expectations.
Manually Cleaning up 3D geometry is a Highly time-consuming Stage of preprocessing for the FEA Vibration Consultants, Using 32% of preprocessing time. The 3D CAD geometry Utilized in the FEA Consulting simulation model can come from a variety of sources. The most General sources of Model geometry are native CAD models (reported by 61%) or 3D CAD models that have been Converted into a Common neutral File format Extension such As STEP or IGES (reported by 62%).
This 3D CAD geometry must then be Imported into a CAE Finite Element Software Solution and prepared for FEA Fracture analysis. Here it shows the Main challenges Often associated with this process (respondents were demanded to select the top two).


Cutdown R&D development Time and warranty Expense

 Using Simcenter Femap NX Nastran for FEA Engineering simulation by Stress Analysis Services Companies performing Structural Simulation Services, it is credited with significantly Lowering High Organization research and development (R&D) costs.
This is because in the Practice of FEA Stress Engineering, Constructing a CAE Computational model, performing the FEA Failure Analysis Services, and Virtually testing Engineering performance is Significantly Affordable, Quicker, and more effective than the Actual physical prototyping processes it replaces.
With increased Engineering Built quality, Both Structural Engineering Consultancy as well as Engineering Organizations can also use the Advantages of FEA Tools and Software to Recap on any Future warranty Expense.

Overview of Our FEA Services

Please click on the link below for more details about each of the following FEA services:
  1. Stress Analysis
  2. Dynamic Analysis – Vibration Analysis
  3. Thermal Analysis
  4. CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics
  5. ASME Code Analysis
  6. Icing Analysis





Siemens PLM Software’s Solution

Professional Product Design and FEA Consulting Professional, who have some Broad Familiarity to Performing FEA Failure Analysis Services, need to work in the 3D CAD environment and Encompasses all of the basic analyses Much early in the Engineering design cycle to gain a Common Comprehension of the Case problem, Refine and firm up the Final Product Engineering design itself and Assess the best FEA Piping Engineering solution based on their Existing Available knowledge.

Professional FEA Modeling Software used without FEA Services Provided

Femap NX Nastran Response Dynamics FEM Modeling software is a Totally integrated FEA Stress Analysis solution that makes FEA dynamic analysis Much more Affordable and efficient for the FEA Consulting Engineers and analysts. 
It allows FEA Engineers to use Structural Simulation Services to Accurately predicting the Dynamic Loading response of Structure systems under various Structural loading Scenario conditions in a Unified Software graphical user environment, thereby Lowering the complexity of the Initial setting up and launching FEM analysis and Offering rapid Crucial Engineering Findings into Structural dynamic behavior. FEM Modeling Simulation information Gathered can then be Utilized to perform design studies to enhance the new product development process and confirm the quality of designs prior to physical prototyping and production. 
Solid Edge Simulation Analysis is a mid-range Front end FEA Structural simulation capability Seamlessly embedded in Solid Edge CAD Software. This provides a Highly intuitive, easy-to-use FEA Design Optimization analysis environment that can offer access to the Mainstream industry-standard NX Nastran FEA Simulation solver for Structural stress, normal modes, and buckling analyses, Offering Extremely Quick and Precise FEA Structural Optimization Simulation results.
Solid Edge Simulation is the Main Software Constituent component that is focused on bringing FEA Finite Element Thermal Analysis Much closer to the Product design workflow process and is intended to make FEA Thermal Structural Analysis Simulation more accessible and easier to use by both occasional users and Seasoned experts while maintaining the Full Data integrity of both the 3D CAD model and the FEA Simulation analysis Findings.

About Us

BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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1. Cost Savings of External FEA Services

1. Cost Savings of External FEA Services

2. Depth and Broad Range of Real-World Industrial Experience

2. Depth and Broad Range of Real-World Industrial Experience

3. Professionally Trained FEA Consultants

3. Professionally Trained FEA Consultants

4. Shorter Product Development Cycle

4. Shorter Product Development Cycle

5. Reliable Validation of Engineering Design

5. Reliable Validation of Engineering Design

6. World-Class Engineering Tools

6. World-Class Engineering Tools


Features & Benefits of FEA services


1. Cost Savings of External FEA Services

Many Smal medium-sized companies in Singapore prefer to engage external FEA analysis services so as to focus their attention on their business.
In many cases, outsourcing FEA services makes logical financial sense as there is no need to pay for cost-prohibitive FEA simulation software (IL: FEA software) or employ an in-house FEA analysis staff.

2. Depth and Broad Range of Real-World Industrial Experience

We also have a broad range of FEA consulting experience assisting a broad spectrum of industries to help tackle some of the most complex and difficult FEA engineering investigations.
Some of the real world FEA experiences include

1. High-power transmission shaft and Gear assemblies
2. Linear dynamics (normal modes, sin sweep, PSD or seismic analysis)
3. Detailed stress analysis
4. Nonlinear contact analysis for complicated assembly designs and Plastic thread design
5. Off-shore oil patch winches, top drives, and many other fields.


3. Professionally Trained FEA Consultants

Most Major FEA analysis software in the market world has evolved to be extremely high in their accuracy.
Therefore, apart from the analysis software, there are other major factors that play an important role in influencing the precision of the FEA Analysis results
Some of these key factors include

  1. Accurate Interpretation of Post-Analysis Data
    As most FEA simulations are conducted in a perfect theoretical environmental condition, having a broad interpretation of the analysis results that take into consideration of external real-world conditions is vital.
    Therefore this calls for the FEA engineering team that renders the FEA services to have both a deep and broad Industrial Experience.
  2. Accuracy of Input Parameters
    Precision of the FEA simulation service heavily depends on the correct application of input parameters, such as Geometry, Physics, Loading forces, and Material properties
    While having an innovative product concept idea is great, it is crucial for the engineering design to be 100% validated to ensure that it will perform as planned.

4. Shorter Product Development Cycle

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to objectively understand and accurately predict product performance.
This capability is extremely invaluable for today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, such as the consumer electronics market which demands for

  1. Shorter product Time to Market
  2. Cost pressures due to the global nature of today’s businesses
In the event of an occurrence of an unsatisfactory product failure rate, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services can be critical in providing quick and reliable answers to solve engineering design problems


5. Reliable Validation of Engineering Design

Once built, the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) computer models become a tool our clients retain for future optimizations and tests.
These Simulation Models are valuable for

  1. Engineering Design optimization and Improvement to decrease product test cycle
  2. Prediction of product life and occurrences of fatigue failure rates
  3. Validation of data to ensure correlation with real-world test results
  4. Verification of design to ensure it meets safety requirements


6. World-Class Engineering Tools

BroadTech Engineering uses Finite Element Analysis as a software tool to provide meet a broad range of our client’s needs, whether it’s the submission of technical proposal work, simulation analysis for design evaluation, estimation of fatigue life, or pre-safety certification analysis.
Our professionally trained FEA engineers based locally in our offices will carry out the Finite Element analysis and build the Finite Element Simulation modeling base on the CAD file provided by you
Our comprehensive range of FEA simulation software Toolbox includes the following software in the latest and legacy versions:

  2. Nastran
  3. SolidWorks Simulation (FLOW WORKS)


7. Delivery of Results

Our Analytical consultants at BroadTech’s Engineering communicate directly with the client from the project introduction right up to the delivery of the analysis results.
Once the analysis is completed, we will issue an official FEA analysis report written by our FEA consultants based in Singapore.
Base on your needs, the results are delivered using a variety of means including Email, Personal PowerPoint presentation, Web video conference, and Secure file transfer.
Our delivery services include the ability to clearly explain the FEA simulation methodology and analysis results. If needed, we can also serve as a direct representative of our client to face their end customer.


Application Areas of FEA Services

FEA analysis service is the most widely adopted software application used for analysis of Stress and Structural investigation.
It can also be configured to accept input data from other engineering analytical tools such as Kinematics analysis systems and Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) systems.

Finite Element (FEA) software can be used in engineering stress analysis applications such as:

  1. Mechanical Engineering design
  2. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation services
  3. Civil Structural Analysis
  4. Modal Analysis
  5. Simulation of Solid Mechanics Behaviors/performance (eg. Non-linear Deflection displacements, impact/crash)
  6. static stress analysis of complex Multi-part assemblies
  7. Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics for Failure analysis & prediction of component life
  8. Analysis of Thermal and Electrical
  9. Mold Flow Analysis
  10. Sheet Metal forming analysis


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