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FEA Analysis Services from BroadTech Engineering provides Next Generation Solutions that Solve Today’s Toughest Engineering Challenges.


FEA Stress Analysis

FEA Stress Analysis Services is at the heart of what we do at BroadTech Engineering Singapore. Through our FEA services, we can use world-class FEA software to assist you in solving complex structural engineering problems to enable you to make a calculated and accurate engineering design decision within a shorter period.
FEA Stress Analysis


Integrating Simcenter 3D and Femap

Siemens’ Approach is to Create Simcenter Femap NX Nastran for the most advanced and Seasoned FEA Engineering Services users.
The same robust capabilities are then Fully integrated with Simcenter 3D and Femap™ software tools to benefit a wider FEA Finite Analysis Software user Circle. Solver and graphics teams work closely, making sure Improvements to Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Core capabilities are Quickly supported by corresponding advances in Simcenter 3D and Femap.
…robust FEA Simulation Features are then Seamlessly integrated with Simcenter 3D and Femap FEA software Solutions to Tremendously Help a wider community.

Key features of FEA Stress Analysis Software

  1. • During the Thermal FEM analysis, FEA Vibration Consultants can Effectively Compute responses using a modal Formula starting from an Earlier solved Collection/set of Femap Nastran mode shapes
  2. • Allows Structural Engineering Consultancy to Precisely Forecast FEA model response to transient, frequency (harmonic), random vibratory, shock spectrum, dynamic design analysis method (DDAM )(ship’s shock loads) and quasi-static loads Forces
  3. • The FEM Finite Element Method Software Seamlessly/Quickly interface FEA Numerical models with measured Testing data Collected for Example – Experimentally measured Body accelerations used for base-excitation loading Scenarios 
  4. • The FEA Finite Element Software allows you to Conveniently Import, Create and Modify the excitation information from computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis and Experimental Testing data, Such as Loading Forces, enforced Mechanical Movement/motion and distributed Loading Forces (for Instances/example, dynamic pressure)

Direct matrix Abstraction Software

The direct matrix abstraction program (DMAP) Enables FEA Engineers providing/Performing FEA Services to expand Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Current FEA Software Analysis Features by writing your own Customized Mechanical Engineering FEA Software applications and Adding-on custom Software modules. DMAP can be Utilized to Numerically computing additional measures of structural response, Seamlessly transfer intermediate Solving Computational data to and Fro Simcenter Femap FEA Software (for example, externally Created system matrices), incor­porate the Newest software enhancements without Planning for a major FEA Stress Analysis software Update release and Easy access to more than just the standard FEA Structural Simulation Software results output sets.
Confidently Design the Ultimate Design innovation
Productivity Driving CAE FEA engineering Analysis Process efficiency
  1. Unparalleled Realism – FEM Simulation Software helps to Increase confidence in Early Engineering Design
  2. Long term Continuity – Enabling Interactive Cross-Discipline Team Project collaboration
  3. Parametric Design Exploration – FEM Analysis Software helps to Delivering Timely Engineering insight




LS-DYNA Consulting

3. EM SC Consulting

1. PCB Simulation
2. SI, PI, S-Parameters
3. Return/Insertion Loss
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BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Featured FEA Stress Analysis Case Studies


FEA Stress Analysis of Cooling Fan

Vehicle Load capacity: Arjun TOT-72 rated up-to 1000Hp
1. FEA Simulation Objective:
Description: Material property assigned as composite aluminum. The cooling system design to get engine heat release curve either from heat-conducting requirements.
To find the maximum heat rejection point at the maximum torque point is consider for a severe case. The maximum heat generated by the data is 25kw. The Cooling fan is verified with composite aluminum material in different fin thickness maximum up to 0.15mm.
Post processes the results for energy balance, structure stability, displacement with planes.
Check the Fan Fins failure for the specified yield limit.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
  1. Pre- Processing: Material and Element properties for linear static analysis problems which its behaves stress are independent of elastic modulus.
  2. I will understand the degree of freedom for choosing an element type solid section/shell section based on size f problem which has control of translation and rational behavior of an element.
  3. Mesh conservatively: Check simulation goes with less amount of mesh size to solve quickly.
  4. Perform Equilibrium checks: Our FEA Consultant will always double-check the Applied loads  & boundaries with my reaction force using simple bending equations.
  5. Understandings of deformed shape-mechanism:
    un-connected regions ,incorrect material property,incorrect loads & boundary,incorrect contacts interactions,rigid body mechanisms.
  6. Singularity checks:
    Ensure the model applied with material property and restrained six-degree rigid body motions in boundary and loads
  7. Software warning: monitor the solutions whether converging or diverging.
  8. Solutions: Compute the unknown values of the primary field variables
3. Outcome & Conclusion
Post processes the results for energy balance, structure stability, displacement concerning planes. Check the Fan Fins
failure for the specified yield limit.

Short Shot FEA simulation

The simulation Our FEA Consultant did on the semiconductor package is called Short Shot simulation. Our FEA Consultant this we will mold the IC package from 10% to 90% to determine the epoxy flow, this is also called Christmas tree analysis. By this, we will know the mold flow and its pattern. This will help us to resolve any mold tool issues.

Bolted Joint analysis of Stage1-2 & 3-4 Disk for 775 review

Description: Simulated the assembly subjected to operating speed, pressure, and temperature with actual boundary conditions, performed speed only analysis and mini mission analysis.Simulated Contact between the touching surface. Post-processing involves interference plot and stress plot.

Features & Benefits of FEA Consulting 

An actual physical engineering test can reveal you of an 

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BroadTech Engineering works closely with clients across a diversity of key industries in Singapore, such as Electronics, Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Government, and Building & Construction.

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Featured Simulation Case Study

building energy design



shaft failure




high speed cabin




nozzle development




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1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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4. Proven Track Record

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Over the years, BroadTech Engineering has Set Itself Apart By Striving To Exceed Client Expectations In Terms of Accuracy, Timeliness and Knowledge Transfer. Our Process is Both Cost-Effective and Collaborative, Ensuring That We Solve Our Clients Problems.

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At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
We can help walk you through the software acquisition process, installation, and technical support.

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