FEM Modeling

Finite Element Method (FEM) Modeling

FEM modeling is at the core of what our team of FEA consulting engineers does at our Singapore FEA consultancy office at BroadTech Engineering
Here it Represents the Percentage of overall FEM Modeling simulation time each Step consumes. At 38%, Engineering Simulation preprocessing Uses the most simulation Computation time, followed by postprocessing, and then waiting for the FEM Thermal Analysis solver. We will Analyse each Step to understand where to prioritize Advancements and look at the best Exercises for doing so.

Why FEM Simulation Modeling (Finite Element Method Modeling)?

3D CAD Model and FEA Fatigue Analysis Services has Long Ago been Widely Relied Upon as an Extremely Reliable Validation Technique by SMBs for Many years as a key to Highly competitive product design Tool.
As SME providing Structural Simulation Services and Pipe Stress Engineering Progressively become Fully responsible for the Mechanical Engineering design Performance, Numerical Modelling analysis, manufacture, and warranty Coverage of the End products they Create to Sell, their Urgent need to Use FEM Modeling Simulation to be Extremely Financially efficient also Rises.
The design-analysis phase of Commercial Engineering product development is Crucial in determining whether or not the Finished product Geometry design will Function as required, Satisfying end customer Demanding expectations, and Minimizing warranty claims.
FEM Modeling


FEM Modeling Designed for all Mechanical Design Engineers

Over the last two decades, advancements in Ultra-High-Performance computing hard-ware and software Solutions have made the Concept of Engineering product lifecycle management (PLM) Very Accessible through effective integration of CAD and CAE.
Professional Numerical CAE Modeling and Engineering Simulation Analysis Software tools, which once were only Accessible to large engineering Companies, are now Easily accessible by mid-sized manufacturing businesses – but they can no longer afford not to use them.

Importance of FEM Modeling Simulation

FEA Fatigue Analysis Services Companies and SMB manufacturing and Mechanical engineering companies that fail to utilize the latest PLM technologies are foregoing a competitive advantage. SMBs face challenges that can be mitigated with the strategic use of Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge Simulation and Femap Finite Element Analysis Software Solution with NX Nastran. By Delivering product design Much closer to engineering, time to manufacturing can be Drastically reduced, product quality maximized and Business profitability increased.
As Engineering Firms and FEA Modeling Services companies seek to improve profitability and competitiveness, investments in the product development process can yield Off big returns. Empowering Design and Finite Element Consulting teams to make the best Excellent design decisions puts them in a great position to bring innovative, high-quality, profitable products to market.
As Technology Firms and FEA Modeling Services Enterprises Want to Advance Efficiency and competitiveness, investments in the product development Action can yield Off big returns. Allowing Design and Finite Element Consulting teams to make the best Excellent design decisions puts them in An Ideal Place to bring Inventive, high-quality, profitable products to market.
  1. What challenges do Pipe Stress Analysis Services companies experience as part of the Finite Element Thermal Analysis process? 
  2. What delays and slows the Product Development process down?
  3. How do successful Engineering companies Derive the most value from FEM Stress Analysis simulation?


Where does FEA (Finite Element Analysis) fit in the Engineering Development Process?

Today, FEA Simulation fits in both the Mechanical design engineer’s and FEA Consulting Engineers analyst’s Development process. Early in the Product design Stage FEA (Finite Element Analysis) plays an Integral role in Encouraging Technological innovation through the Capability to digitally experiment with New design.
In order to do this, the FEA CFD Analysis functionality must be presented in a Forward-looking environment that is very familiar to the Product design engineer; that is the 3D CAD Platform Environment, which is possible with an embedded FEA Finite Element Analysis solution.
Best Performing Marine Structure Consultants are twice as likely to automate Complex assembly Boundary contact definition and 4-times as Probable to automate 3D geometry clean-up.
Further analysis Recognized how Best Performing FEA Pipe Stress Engineering organizations address these Confrontations. Top Performing FEA Pipe Stress Analysis Consulting Companies are those who are much more successful than their Adversaries. 
Compared to other Structural Engineer Consultant competitors, they are more Adept, more innovative, produce higher quality products, and do a much better job meeting cost targets. 
In addition to ease of use, other Important aspects Assist to Assimilate Finite Element Simulation Capabilities Much closer to 3D CAD Modeling, including model associativity, which allows the Mechanical design’s Inherent analytical Performance Metrics such as 3D CAD geometry topology, material Physical properties, load Forces and Constraining boundary conditions inherent in the CAD model, to also carry over to the finite element analysis simulation Modeling. Therefore, any changes Done to the Pre- Existing 3D CAD model will carry through and Refresh the Ansys FEA Analysis Modeling automatically.
Also, with embedded FEA Fatigue Simulation post-processing analysis, the 3D CAD system’s geometry manipulation tools can be used to make any necessary model refinements quickly and easily – in the case of Solid Edge, synchronous technology can be leveraged.
BroadTech surveyed Almost over 160 manufacturers and FEA Consulting Companies about their FEM simulation processes The End results were Tabulated and analyzed to identify Out the top Most challenges Commonly Related to Simulation preprocessing, preparing for the solver, and postprocessing.
The Initial Preprocessing Work is the most time-consuming Phase of the FEA Structural Simulation process Workflow, taking up 38% of the Total FEA Finite Element simulation time
The research reveals that:
  1. Preprocessing is the most time-consuming part of the FEM Stress Analysis simulation process, taking up 38% of total simulation time
  2. Top challenges of preprocessing encountered by FEA Piping Engineering Consultants include finding problematic geometry, recreating card geometry, and defining assembly contacts
  3. Top challenges of post-processing encountered by Structural Design Consultants involve the time invested in Processing through vast amounts of Simulation data


Siemens FEM Modeling Capabilities and Advantages

Solid Edge Simulation is an embedded CAE FEA Software Tool that is based on Mainstream Femap finite element modeling Solver technology and Utilizes the industry-standard NX Nastran solver. With Solid Edge FEA Simulation, it’s Actually Feasible to analyze Components and Complex Mechanical assemblies and Get Final results due to static loading Forces, Locating the natural frequencies of vibration or determine buckling loading Force. Solid Edge Flow Simulation provides a Total complement of load Forces and Boundary constraint definitions, with meshing control, and comprehensive post-processing functionality to understand the behavior of the design quickly and efficiently.
A market-leading Part of Siemens PLM Software Group, Femap FEM Modeling Software Solution provides a Highly Standalone backbone to a number of other well-known and industry-respected CAD and CAE solver products. For post-process analysis, Engineers in FEA Consulting Companies can take Full advantage of Solid Edge Synchronous Software technology to make any Required order-free design refinements (not possible in typical history-based CAD systems) quickly and easily.

Prepare for the FEA Computational Solver

Once the FEA Numerical model is Finished preprocessed as part of the FEA Consultancy Project, it must be prepared and Transmit to the solver for FEA Pipe Stress analysis. Here, we show the top Most Technical Confrontations Commonly associated with this Workflow. Respondents were Demanded to Choose the top three.


Featured FEM Modeling Case Studies

FEM Modeling

FEA Modeling of a Stiffened Composite Panel

Objective: The objective of the FEM modeling was to model a Stiffened Composite panel and load it in Compression up to Collapse. Determination of Failure location and Failure Modes. This involves the usage of a suitable failure theory in the FEM software (IL: FEM Software).
The FEM simulation approach used was FEM modeling the various parts such as Skin, Stiffeners, UTM Casings and assembling them with the enforcement of Constraints (Tie, MPC) and Shell to Solid Coupling.
Compression load was applied from a Reference point via Multi Point Constraints defined between the Reference point and the nodes on which load will act. Using FEA software, the precise physical load is applied through displacement controlled mode on the RP and this is thereby applied on the nodes of the panel. Hashin’s intralaminar failure theory in combination with fracture energy based stiffness degradation approach was used as the failure theory.
Through the successful modeling of the Stiffened Composite panel in the FEA analysis, our FEA consultant was able to simulate till collapse and determined the failure locations, failure modes, and magnitude of collapse load.



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Industry Engineering Usage of FEM Modeling
Since most Engineering systems are Exposed to Loading Forces that is Very dynamic in nature at Certain Stage in the lifecycle, understanding the dynamic Nature of Mechanical Structural Design is a Very important Subject of Interest in many Engineering fields. Femap NX Nastran Offers a complete FEA Finite Element Analysis solution to predict dynamic behavior, be it for a Single Part, subsystem, or the Whole complete Engineering system. 

1. Automotive and Industry transportation 

NVH performance Greatly impacts the Consumer driving experience and Interpretation/perception of Built Reliability.
Femap NX Nastran FEA Simulation Software offers Fully integrated FEM Stress Analysis tools and Physics solvers to predict NVH Behavior and analyze the root cause of noise and vibration Challenges. 

2. Aerospace and defense 

FEA Packages and Computational Structural Dynamics Software such as Femap NX Nastran helps FEA Consultancy Companies and FEA Consulting Engineers identify the Structure weaknesses of An given Existing Structural design and optimize the Overall Vibration/vibration and dynamic performance of aeronautical structures subjected to Complex dynamic loading Forces.
Specialized Vibration Analysis solutions for Mechanical Rotation dynamics Assist FEA Engineers in Evaluate the Engineering performance of aero-engines to Minimize Performance instabilities.

3. Industrial machinery

 Mechanical Machinery that excessively vibrates during Normal operation directly impact the Performance Reliability of the Created product.
FEM Analysis Software such as Femap Software Offers Structural Engineering Consultants Valuable/Useful Engineering Findings into the Shortlisted Underlying cause of Harmful Structural vibrations, including rotating machinery. 

4. Electronics and consumer Products

FEM Software such as Femap Analysis Software Assist Forecast the dynamic characteristics of electronics and consumer goods to avoid excessive vibrations and Stress Forces, which Can result To Structural fatigue or catastrophic Structure Deformation failure.

5. Marine Vessel Architecture

With Rising Engineering Requirements for Quicker and Lighter Marine ships, design engineers can rely on FEM Simulation Software such as Femap Siemens FEA Software to use FEA Structural Analysis Accurately to predict the Dynamic response of the Whole structure and its individual components that are Constantly subjected to wave Forces and current Motion.   


Solution benefits of Femap NX Nastran FEM Modeling Software

  1. FEA Analysis Companies are now able to Perform Detailed dynamic FEA Thermal analysis Modeling and Shorten Overall product time-to-market Launch
  2. • Improve Customer confidence in Approved design by Utilizing Femap Nastran Finite Element Thermal Analysis to perform Pipe Stress Analysis Services to Numerically investigate the New product’s performance under dynamic Operational conditions
  3. FEA Services Companies are now able to Enjoy Highly Useful FEA Engineering Analysis Results from the FEA Tools and Software and improve NVH Overall Engineering performance by Specialized Software toolset for NVH Data postprocessing and troubleshooting
  4. • Use the FEA Finite Element Analysis Software to Combine FE with Collected measured data as Loading Forces or component’s description for Significantly more realistic FEA simulations and hybrid assemblies
  5. FEA Consulting Company are now able to Quickly evaluate and Boost the dynamic performance of Complex rotating systems
  6. Structural Engineering Companies are now able to Improve Precision and increase Reliability Of your Numerical FE Thermal Structural Analysis Simulation models by Cross-checking with actual measured Measurements

Finding Just the Perfect combination – Coupled physics

In the Actual world, Designed product behavior is not just determined by a single, isolated physical domain. Instead, effects from one physical phenomenon will simultaneously impact how a product reacts to another physical domain.
For example in the Application of Thermal FEM Structural analysis, and Pipe Stress Analysis thermal-mechanical effects are Extremely crucial to Aerospace engine Development.

DMP with recursive domain partitioning Case example:

• Modal solution of FEA simulated Aircraft wing model
• 50 million degrees of freedom (DOF)
• 1,521 modes below 200 Hz
• Each node: dual quad-core Intel Nehalem 2.67GHz, 24GB RAM
SMP performance for a model with 68K nodes solved on a laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 8GB RAM.
– Minutes
– Processors

Shared memory parallel processing

Taking Total advantage of multiple parallel CPU Cores can Drastically Lower FEA Modeling Software solution runtimes compared to Conventional serial FEA Finite Element Analysis Software solu­tion sequence that uses one Single CPU processor.
Shared memory parallel processing (SMP) uses multi-thread­ing and can be used to Processes Computationally Demanding operations, such as matrix factorization, forward-backward substitution, and matrix multiplication. Since every solution sequence involves matrix multiplications or matrix factorization, SMP can be activated in all solution sequences as long as the hardware supports it.


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