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Solid Edge from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.


FloEFD Solid Edge


FrontLoad CFD Simulation Early in Design Process

FloEFD Solid Edge sold in Singapore by BroadTech Engineering is the only Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis tool that is fully embedded in the Solid Edge Simulation Suite of CAE Tools.
It Conveniently enables Design engineers to use Solid Edge Software to frontload simulation by moving CFD simulation early into the design process; thus, enabling design engineers to utilize Siemens Solid Edge to examine and evaluate design options earlier to obtain optimized product performance and Boost Overall reliability.

FloEFD Solid Edge features:

  1. • An intuitive user experience – a short learning curve
  2. • Use of native Solid Edge CAD data – no translation or fluid body creationFloEFD Solid Edge
  3. • Automatic recognition of model change within Solid Edge Premium – geometry and simulation data are synchronized
  4. • Fast automated mesher – fast and easy SmartCell™ meshing with Solid Edge Software 
  5. • Unique solver by Mentor Graphics – getting accurate results fast for highly complex geometry
  6. • Powerful parametric study and design comparison functionality within Solid Edge 2020 for easier what-if analysis
Due to ease-of-use, fast meshing and unique solver technology powered by incorporated analytical-empirical models, FloEFD integrated with Solid Edge ST10 Truly allows for intensive use of simulation by a wide range of users at any design stage providing valuable insight into product behavior from the beginning of the design cycle.

Overview of FloEFD Solid Edge

  1. What is FloEFD
  2. What Does CAD Embedded Mean?
  3. FloEFD vs. Traditional CFD
  4. Key FloEFD Technology
  5. Some of the Major FloEFD Capabilities
  6. FloEFD and its Modules
  7. Customer Example Stories

1. What is FloEFD Solid Edge? – Flo + Engineering Fluid Dynamics

FloEFD is a fully CAD embedded Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software integrated into Solid Edge 2019. EFD stands for Engineering Fluid Dynamics as there is no need for advanced numerical skills as in Complex and traditional CFD tools.

FloEFD Features & Capabilities:

  1. An intuitive user experience Fully Integrated with Solid Edge Drafting – Resulting in a much shorter learning curve
  2. Use of native Solid Edge CAD data with Solid Edge PLM – no translation or fluid body creation
  3. Automatic recognition of model change – geometry and simulation data are synchronized
  4. Fast automated mesher – Enjoy fast and easy SmartCell™ meshing Together with Solid Edge Synchronous & Solid Edge Generative Design Capabilities
  5. Unique CAE solver – getting accurate results fast using Solid Edge Classic Software for the geometry of high complexity
  6. Powerful parametric study and design comparison functionality using Solid Edge NX Software for easier what-if analysis

What Does CAD Embedded Mean?

FloEFD for Solid Edge PDM Software is fully CAD embedded.
What does that mean? It means that when you Buy Solid Edge at a highly Affordable Solid Edge price
  1. It is an additional tool inside of Solid Edge 2D & 3D CAD Software
  2. It has its toolbar with boundary conditions and other features to set up the simulation projects
  3. It works on native Solid Edge geometry CAD Data
  4. The simulation project is always synchronized with the CAD model
  5. Pre- and Post-Processing are done within FloEFD Solid Edge

Solid Edge 2020

Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.
• Visualize design intent with augmented reality.
• Reduce errors and shorten development time with seamless integration of electrical and
mechanical design.
• Validate designs with new integrated motion and vibration simulation.
• Reduce manufacturing costs with model – based definition and new 2D nesting capabilities.
• Globally share design documentation with new language translation tools.
• Take control of your data with data management tools that scale with business needs.
•  And cloud – ready collaboration, offering a secure way of sharing product data regardless of origin


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Visualize and Validate your Ideas with Next Generation technology, from Augmented Reality to Model

Compress Product Engineering Development time with Seamless integration & Validation of Electrical and Mechanical design Concepts. 

Core CAD Enhancements

Solid Edge supports all major 3D files so that you can continue working on the CAD format you are familiar with

Solid Edge_Core CAD Enhancements - File Formats_614x81

1. Model-Based DefinItion

Enjoy Gains in Engineering Productivity Output with Model-based Definition & Total Digital Characterization

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Make Design Concepts with 3D Immersive & Realistic AR Visualization

3. Reverse Engineering

Render Digital Twin Quicker & Simpler with Next Gen Integrated CAD Technologies

4. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Integrated with Latest Manufacturing Technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing


Put your Designs in Motion with Simulation Tools Built for Designers, Powerful Enough for Analysts

Solid Edge Fully Embedded CFD Analysis Tool, FloEFD, enables You to Front-load Simulation by moving CFD simulation early into the design process. This enables Design Engineers to Examine & Evaluate Design Ideas earlier to obtain optimized Performance & Reliability


Powerful, Scalable Simulation Solutions

Empower Engineers to Choose the Best CAE Tools for Specific Simulation Requirements.

Validate, Optimize Design Early to Save Time & Cost

Virtually Validate & Optimize Engineering Design with Modules such as FloEFD Solid Edge

Why Solid Edge ?

Don’t Just Model, Innovate!

Solid Edge FloEFD significantly saves time


During a recent benchmark Analysis, Product engineers at an aerospace company Revealed a 10x productivity enhancement with Solid Edge FloEFD compared to a Conventional CFD package when simulating pressure loss

Disadvantages of Traditional CFD Software – Extremely Long Solving Time

The Conventional CFD Flow Analysis tool Need Much more time investment during the Initial preprocessing Phase, especially for 3D CAD model Geometry Clean-up, which included time Required for Moving the 3D model out from the CAD package and then healing it.
It also required Drastically more Engineering time for Performing Meshing. During the solution Stage, the Conventional CFD Computational Fluid Analysis tool Requires significantly longer Duration to solve the problem given the size of the mesh.
Arguably, the solution Computation time for computationally intensive simulation such as Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics can be Solved with brute force by Spending as many CPU processors as Economically Feasible at the Simulation problem.
However, when Benchmarking apples to apples (using the same hardware), Solid Edge FloEFD Need Significantly Shorter time to solve the same Engineering Simulation Case involving the Optimization of Ship Hydrodynamics Behaviors.
When looking at the Whole process of performing the Ship Hydrodynamics Design Optimization, Solid Edge FloEFD required Merely 4 hours versus 40 hours to Finish the same Development task, with the Comparable accuracy.
Needless to say, the Engineering Development team is now Utilizing Solid Edge FloEFD in Designing a complex shape channel.

Proven Engineering Simulation accuracy

Being Quick is good but being Both fast and Precise is Even better.
Solid Edge FloEFD technology has its roots in the Russian aerospace industry and has been in Active Usage since 1991.
Its first True validation was made in Partnership with the German Aerospace Centrum (DLR). It focused on the Ejection in a rocket nozzle and compared CFD simulation results versus Actual Experimental Data, and the results it generated Demonstrate that the Solver technology was Highly solid.
Stage Separation in rocket nozzle during Flight: The first True validation of CFD code made in collaboration with DLR (German Aerospace Centrum).
Since those early days, Solid Edge FloEFD technology has undergone a fair amount of scrutiny by leading aerospace and automotive Companies.
In recent years, Solid Edge FloEFD has seen an increase Uptake by ESD Consultants in the Building Design Industry where Building Performance Simulation is Heavily used for Doing Ventilation CFD Analysis, Macro-climatic Airflow Modeling Simulation, Air Dispersion Modeling Studies, HVAC CFD Analysis Simulation, Centrifugal Pump CFD Analysis Studies, Jet Fan CFD Analysis Studies, Air Pollution Dispersion Model Analysis
Most recently the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) published a blind benchmarking Evaluation of seven, Mainstream, commercial-CFD, simulation-software programs to Show the accuracy of each Software tool against Verified test results from An Actual wind tunnel.
FloEFD together with Solid Edge PLM CAD Solutions has once again proved its Precision and Robustness in this nonpartisan Benchmarking Test.
“ The Whole Product design, Numerical Modeling Performing using Ship Hydrodynamics Simulation, and physical testing Evaluation process took Less than half the length of Development time it would have taken using Conventional Engineering design processes.
This means that we were able to Optimize the Ship Hull Design and perform Green Water Loading Studies at a much Faster Rate”
— Marenco AG

Key FloEFD Solid Edge Technology


in a typical Solid Edge vs Solidworks side-by-side Feature comparison, below are the key comparison points
  1. FloEFD Solid Edge uses the same fundamental CFD technology (Navier-Stokes Equations) as traditional CFD tools
  2. It used Cartesian mesh for highest numerical accuracy and stability of the solver
  3. Solid Edge FloEFD applies empirical as well as analytical methods for coarse mesh resolutions in order to achieve high accuracy at fast simulation times
  4. It uses a modified k-ε turbulence model(used in 90% of the practical industry applications)

Some of the Major FloEFD Capabilities


1. Incompressible Fluids

  • Water (Real Liquid with Possibility of cavitation)
  • Newtonian Liquids
  • Non-Newtonian Liquids

2. Compressible Liquids, M <3

  • Steam (Real gas with the possibility of Condensation)
  • Water Film
  • Humidity
  • Compressible Liquid

3. High Mach Number, M<10

  • Hypersonic, M<30
  • Particle tracking
  • Joule Heating
  • Combustion


    1. Stationary or transient flows
    2. Heat transfer in gases and bodies (isotropic and anisotropic)
    3. Forced and natural convection
    4. Radiation heat transfer (surface radiation and absorption in bodies, grey, and non-grey)
    5. Rotation (fans, turbines, and pumps)
    6. Electrical current through conductors
    7. Parametric Study, DoE
    8. Fans and heat sinks
    9. Porous media and Perforated plates
    10. Thermal and electrical contact resistance
    11. Thermoelectric coolers (TEC)
    12. Heat Pipe, 2R-model, Network Model Electrical contact, PCB, Thermal Joint
    13. LED model
    14. Passive scalar and Comfort Parameters
    15. Other compact models

FloEFD Solid Edge and its Various Modules

FloEFD Solid Edge comes with five modules for specific Specialize CFD Simulation applications or special physics:
  1. LED Module

    — Specific for lighting with LEDs and any type of bulbs and condensation & icing modeling including water absorption in solids

  2. Electronics Cooling

    — Specific databases and features for electronics cooling applications

  3. HVAC

    — Specific building materials and comfort parameters in HVAC applications.

  4. EDA Bridge

    — For import of EDA data from compact to explicit PCBs and DELPHI model

  5. Advanced

    — For advanced physics such as hypersonic flow, gas combustion, condensation & icing and water absorption in solids


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Solid Edge Portfolio

Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.

Mechanical Design

Speeds Up Design Iteration of Lighter, Stronger Parts with Topology Optimization, Generative design, Synchronous Design suited for today’s additive Manufacturing Processes. 


Front-Load Simulation early in Design Development, to Shorten Time-to-Manufacture, & Cost-to-Manufacture

Electrical Design

Overcome Electrical Design Challenges early in the Design Cycle with Solid Edge Integrated Electrical Design


Design for Manufacture (DFM) Capabilities suitable for Both Conventional & Additive Manufacturing

Cloud Ready

Enjoy online Cloud-based CAD Data management, Viewing Access, Dynamic markup, Secured Sharing & Collaboration with Solid Edge Portal

Technical Publications

Dynamically Generate technical Documentations that Communicate the most efficient Engineering Workflow for Your Products.

Data Management

Highly Scalable Engineering data management Tools & PLM capabilities Integrated into Solid Edge

Customer References

Some of our customers who benefited from choosing Solid Edge 

48.3% of SMB manufacturers believe their efforts around digital transformation will be essential to their company’s survival in the next 3-5 years.


Thriving In the Digital Economy

Solid Edge with synchronous technology will reshape the way you think about product design.

“Digitalization has also made it possible to better track and manage the materials used in production and Thermoplan’s quality assurance processes. The company can now also offer customer service remotely over the internet; for example, by providing instructions for replacing the water filter.”

Adrian Steiner

CEO and co-owner, Thermoplan

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A CAD Modeling Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How Solid Edge Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

FloEFD Solidworks Customer Example Success Stories

  1. FloEFD Solid Edge Ensures Cooling Capacity for NEC SX Series of Supercomputers

Industry:  Electronics

NEC is a major Japanese electronics company. During the development of the SX Series of Supercomputers with radical cooling needs.

Ensure adequate cooling in a new design is very compact. Previous effort to use CFD was unsuccessful because the analysis was found to be too time-consuming and difficult to master

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – Created an optimal design in record time.
  2. – FloEFD’s CAD embedding allowed the engineers to do quick multiple “what-if” design studies
  3. – Helped the team better understand how to minimize the temperature rise

“We want to recognize the direction where our product design must go, and make changes fast to save time. We have already achieved this goal in one year. We were able to reduce the costs drastically with FloEFD Solid Edge during the prototyping stage because we definitely needed fewer prototypes.”
 — NEC Engineer

  1. battenfeld-Cincinnati shortens lead times for large complex, multi-layer extrusions

Industry: Industrial Process

battenfeld-Cincinnati is a global extrusion systems manufacturer of energy-efficient, high-performance extruders and complete extrusion lines. Market and technology leader in Polyolefin (PO) pipe extrusion, particularly for large diameter pipes up to 2.6 m.

Optimizing pressure drop (this can be up to 400 bar for the entire line) and therefore significantly improve overall efficiency and the required installation space.
Multiple layers and various color stripes can be introduced into the pipe and need precise simulation.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Compact and efficient designs
  2. – Reduced melt temperatures and uniform flow profile for high-quality pipes

“The current short project lead times between ordering and hot commissioning require the use of advanced simulation tools like FloEFD Solid Edge”

In addition to the time optimization, the simulation supports us in terms of product quality and reliability, such as at the color stripes. The detailed engineering is carried out within our development processes in the same team”

— Heinrich Dohmannand Carsten Bulmahn, battenfeld-Cincinnati Germany GmbH

  1. Liebherr-Werk NenzingGmbH Makes Light Work of Lifting with FloEFD Solid Edge

Industry: Automotive

Liebherr-Werk NenzingGmbH specializes in construction machines and maritime cranes. Their portfolio includes crawler cranes, drilling rigs, mobile harbor cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes, and reach stackers.

From a hydraulic block to a full power pack there is an infinite number of tasks to be analyzed.
The CAD models are large, with up to tens of thousands of components including all screws and most CFD tools were not able to handle this kind of complexity, except FloEFD Solid Edge.

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – The easy meshing of most complex CAD geometry
  2. – Fast simulation turnaround times
  3. – Easy What-If analysis

“The whole development cycle is influenced by this and the flexibility FloEFD allows, means that I can make decisions before, and not after when it is too late. A very welcome side-effect was that we automatically improved and simplified our manufacturing process which saves further costs.“
 — Kolio Kojouharov, Liebherr-Werk NenzingGmbH, Austria

  1. For Mercury Racing®, “Innovation isn’t Optional”

Industry: Marine Architecture and Marine Craft Design Optimization

MercuryRacing® is known for its leadership in powerboat racing and high-performance consumer and race marine products. Mercury Racing’s philosophy of “innovation isn’t optional” has served them well and led their customers to win multiple championships.

The 9L V8 engine with an output of up to 1650hp has two turbochargers. The engine uses a charge air cooler (CAC) which uses seawater as a coolant and comes with some challenges owing to the debris it picks up, such as sand, seashells, etc.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – CAD embedded approach and easy-to-use
  2. – Easy and fast What-If analysis
  3. – Reduced prototypes and testing time

FloEFDitself is an excellent product and, in my opinion, their support group adds significant value on this product
Hiro Yukioka, Mercury Racing, USA

  1. Optimizing an Automotive Air Handling Unit for Uniform Temperatures using FloEFD™

Industry:  Automotive

The Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (or PATAC) is a Joint venture between General Motors and SAIC Motor. It is involved in engineering for Shanghai GM products, and functions as one of General Motors’ development and design centers.

A uniform HVAC air outlet temperature for passenger comfort. The packaging limitations in a typical vehicle development require the air conditioning unit to be as compact as possible, which usually results in poor or inadequate mixing of the cold and hot airflows.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Parametric studies for geometry optimization
  2. – Reduced development costs
  3. – Accurate and efficient CFD analysis

We found that FloEFD gives more accurate and more efficient CFD simulation results. Since it works within the mechanical CAD environment, it is a highly engineered universal fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software.”

We found that FloEFD gives more accurate and more efficient CFD simulation results. Since it works within the mechanical CAD environment, it is a highly engineered universal fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software.”
 — Lu Ping, Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, Shanghai, China

VestelElectronic Optimizes Cost of LED Street Lighting with FloEFD

Industry:  LED Lighting

Vestel is home and professional appliances manufacturing company consisting of 18 companies. It is specialized in electronics, major appliances, and information technology. Many of its products are rebranded under well-known brand names such as Sharp, Telefunken, Polaroid, SANYO, Toshiba and many more.

The geometrical parameters and their effect on the weight and cost of the luminaire. Optimization is critical to optimizing product costs. Achieving maximum thermal performance while minimizing material costs.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Comply with national wind load standards and meet thermal management goal
  2. – Reduced development costs
  3. – Accurate within 1˚C compared to measurements

FloEFD helps Danfoss’ ShowerPower® Turbulatorkeep IGBTs Cool

Industry: Power Electronics

Danfoss is a producer of products and services used in areas such as cooling foods, air conditioning, control electric motors, compressors and many more. It is also active in the solar and wind power field.

Efficient cooling of power electronics for good operational performance. Not only the high absolute temperature but also temperature changes during cycling, to reduce thermo-mechanical stresses.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Easy creation of multiple simulation cases
  2. – Efficient parametric result comparison
  3. – Robust and easy to mesh complex geometries
  4. – Easy to learn and pick it up again for the user

I like FloEFD compared to other more complicated CFD tools because I can dip in and out of it all year with minimal effort to pick it up again. It’s also robust and easy to mesh our complex geometries inside Creo.
— Klaus Olesen, Thermal Design Specialist, DanfossDrives, Germany

FloEFD Delivers On Challenges During Biomass Furnace Upgrade

Industry: Industrial Process

Cofely FabricomGDF SUEZ is a leading multi-disciplined engineering, project management and construction organization in the oil, gas, power and allied industries.

Insufficient instrumentation for proper combustion control reduced performance due to a lack of recirculation of smoke gases, incomplete coverage of grid with pellets which leads to primary air bypass non-uniform combustion, and Refractory damage caused by extremely high local temperatures.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Shortened design time and delivery in time
  2. – Performance increase by 8.4% to 89.3%
  3. – Operation below legal limits for CO and NOx emissions

Seiko Epson Corporation – Empowering Engineers since 1989

Industry: Electronics

Seiko Epson is a Japanese electronics company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers, information and imaging technologies.

Miniaturization and portability of projectors require good thermal management in a tight and complex environment. Development times have halved and the design cycles, therefore, speed up.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Design engineers gained a better understanding
  2. – The meshing of complex projector geometries
  3. – Fast reaction on design iterations

FloEFD is essential in our daily work. In many cases, we can’t predict the results of analysis but FloEFD leads us to correct results automatically.”
Mr. Fumio Yuzawa, Seiko Epson, Japan

FloEFD Powers Power Tools at Black & Decker

Industry: Electronics

DeWALT is Black & Decker’s professional power tools brand. The tools are used in construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries.

The mission for professional tools from DeWALT is to deliver optimum performance and reliability. The primary challenge for thermal simulations is the need to process complex geometries such as the narrow spaces inside a hand-held power tool where the motor, gearbox, and electronics are situated.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Ease of testing variants over the weekend
  2. – Reduce the product price, weight, and size through design optimization
  3. – Reliable results

The capabilities of FloEFD to handle complex geometries allows us to simply switch between different component designs such as different fans and then let the software automatically mesh and calculate several variants over the weekend, which is an enormous advantage for us.
Raul Cano, Stanley Black & Decker’s DeWALTProfessional Tools, USA

Lights, Camera, Action! FloEFD Keeps Grass Valley’s Video Cameras Cool

Industry: Electronics

Grass Valley is the premier video technology solutions provider that broadcasters and video professionals turn to for imaging, video and media solutions. Grass Valley Netherlands BV develops and manufactures professional cameras for the broadcast market.

Broadcast video cameras consume a lot of power, cooling the camera’s electronics is very important, which makes thermal design critical to any new development. Grass Valley’s latest camera was expected to consume more power and hence produce more heat, than their existing designs.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Optimal design after 5thiteration
  2. – Easy to learn and use due to intuitive interface

“Working with FloEFD I had a very positive experience. It is a user-friendly package that is fully integrated into our development software – ProEngineerCreo. It has a very intuitive interface and offers many opportunities to produce insightful results. We have much more insight into the heat flow within the camera and have been able to make a number of changes to the design very early in the project that would have taken much more time to make later on. I think it’s well worth the investment and we will certainly use FloEFD in future projects.”
— Ir. E. Schmit, Grass Valley Netherlands

Sharp Laboratories Selects FloEFD V5 for LCD Optimization Enterprise-wide

Industry: Electronics

Sharp Laboratories Europe does all the company’s Liquid Crystal research & development worldwide.

Optimize LCD modules for various consumer applications.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:
Analysis results are easily generated Technology improves communication between different groups globally with the same CAD software.

“We selected FloEFD.V5 because it was the most accessible Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for engineers working with CATIA V5. Analysis results are easily generated and also improve communication between different groups within the company. FloEFD for CATIA V5 will be used by mechanical design engineers with varying levels of CFD experience – from novice to expert.”

Lighting the Way – BertrandtUse Thermal Simulation to Develop Full-LED Headlight Design

Industry: Automotive

The BertrandtGroup provides development solutions for the international automotive and aviation industries. Its main customers include major manufacturers and numerous system suppliers.

The junction temperatures of the automotive headlight LEDs should not exceed the maximum permissible values. The warm air from the main lighting functions (low and high beam) needed to be directed to the front of the cover frame, both to defog the lens and to cool the air in the lamp.

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – Parametric study optimization of heat sink geometry
  2. – Significantly simplified and accelerated design and simulation process

National Institute for Aviation Research develop a Real-Time Flight Model with FloEFD

Industry: Aerospace

National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University has made a name for itself as the most capable university-based aviation research center in the United States.

Increase the prediction accuracy of flight behaviors with a real-time flight simulator, MIURA. Conventional aerodynamic calculations used by the simulator were not accurate enough, especially predicting stall and other effects such as propeller performance or the wing-fuselage interference.

Benefits of using FloEFD Solid Edge:

  1. – Drastically improve simulator flight characteristic
  2. – Solver accuracy
  3. – Fast meshing and CAD embedded approach

The four distinctive features that make FloEFD the best candidate for this kind of application is its CAD embedded approach, the Immersed Body Meshing technology, the parametric study, and the solver accuracy
— Gerardo Olivares Ph.D., National Institute for Aviation Research, USA

Ensure Performance of Electronics Hardware at Extreme Temperatures

Industry: Electronics

Thales Group is a leading international electronics and systems group, serving mission-critical defense, aerospace and security markets worldwide, with a comprehensive service offering

Ensure the performance of Thales Battlefield Identification (BTID) Transponder Demonstrator hardware in extreme high-temperature environments.

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – Ease of use, speed, and accuracy of FloEFD was established
  2. – Fault-free operation of BTID equipment was subsequently validated in trials in the Mojave Desert, USA

FloEFD’s ease of use, speed and accuracy led to its selection over and above the candidates benchmarked.”
— Mark Pashley, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Thales Air System Division

Embedded CFD Helps AzonixReduce Number of Thermal Prototypes from 12 to 1

Industry: Electronics

Azonixis a division of Crane Co. a leading provider of highly engineered computers and displays designed for extremely harsh environments

Their new Terra computer is totally sealed and must dissipate approximately 60 W of power inside the case without exceeding the 90oC surface temperature limit.

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – Got design right the first time
  2. – CFD predictions to within 5% experimental measurements
  3. – Thermal prototypes reduced from 12 to 1

FloEFD computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software enables design engineers without a fluid analysis background to perform a thermal simulation. The result is that we got the design right the first time, only had to make one prototype, and avoided expensive design changes that typically occur in the late stages of the development process
— James Young, Design Engineer, AzonixCorporation

TROX uses FloEFD to Produce 6 Months of Testing Results in 3 Weeks

Industry: HVAC

Leading HVAC air distribution system provider TROX UK has expanded its test facilities.

Create new high induction chilled beams that optimize millions of combinations of air nozzle diameter, spacing, discharge angle, velocities, etc.

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – Good agreement with experiment
  2. – Develop products now without so many prototypes thus saving time and money
  3. – CFD yielded 6 months of testing results in 3 weeks

“FloEFD gave us 6 months testing and results in a little over 3 weeks. We were then able to take the recommended options from the FloEFD analysis and conduct detailed full-scale actual testing. This means we can fine-tune the systems we are proposing, precisely matching the needs of our customers. And, because we do away with the need to manufacture a lot of prototypes, we save time and money for both our customers and for ourselves.”
— Cliff Bailey, Laboratory Manager, TROX UK

Dräger Cuts design time in half for Medical Devices with FloEFD

Industry: Medical

Drägeris the world leader in anesthesia and critical care equipment. Their design engineers face a constant challenge to ensure that products meet thermal, strength, and fluid specifications under high regulatory pressures.

Challenge: Redesign anesthetic gas flow units.

Benefits of using FloEFD:

  1. – Reduced design cycle by 50 percent – virtually tested many more variants leading to better products
  2. – Slashed analysis time from three months to two days
  3. – Reduced total number of prototypes from eight to two
  4. – Identified design flaws early in the design process saving the company $10,000s

The most important benefit for Dräger was the fact that FloEFD is 100% integrated into our CAD Package. This avoids any failures in the translation process and gives immediate feedback on the flow area. Simulations can be done extremely quick. The time saved allows new approaches in design and keeps Dräger ahead of the competition.“




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