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About ANSYS Fluent Software

Fluent CFD software program from Ansys Singapore, Similar to Simcenter Star CCM+ contains the Wide, Physics Solving capabilities Required to model Fluid Dynamic flow, Complex turbulence, Thermal heat transfer and Complex reactions for Critical Engineering applications and processes.
The Simulation capabilities of Ansys Fluent 6 ranges from Dynamic air flow Dynamics over Passenger aircraft High Lift wing to High Octane Fuel combustion Reaction in a Large Scale Industrial furnace, from Tall bubble columns to oil rig floating platforms at Sea, from Medical Simulation of Human blood flow to Electrical semiconductor manufacturing and from Sterile Laboratory clean room Detailed design to Public utilities wastewater treatment plants.
Ansys Flow Analysis performed using Ansys Fluent Software Effectively Covers an Extensive Scope of CAE Modeling capabilities, including special 3D CAD models Geometry, with Powerful Modeling capabilities to Recreate, Solve & Simulate Automotive Engine in-cylinder Fuel combustion processes, Aerospace aero-acoustics, Industrial turbomachinery, and Advanced Multiphysics and Dynamic Fluid Flow systems.

Brand New Ansys Fluent User Experience:

A whole new way to enjoy Computational Fluid Dynamic CFD Fluid Flow simulations using Ansys CFD
Fluent, such as Ansys Fluent 6.3 have to date, already Effectively solved the toughest Product design challenges with Ansys Fluent Simulation.
The well-validated CAE Simulation results Data obtained from Ansys Fluent Simulation has Very Useful Applications across the Broadest Scope of Ansys CFD Meshing and multiphysics Real-World Engineering Practical Industry applications.
However today, Product Design engineers Urgently need to accomplish Significantly more, in a Shorter time and with Shorter Ansys CFD Analysis Software training than ever before to justify the initial upfront investment in the Ansys Fluent Software Price.
Proudly Introducing the All-New Ansys Fluent Experience, a whole new way to enjoy Ansys Airflow Simulation and Ansys Flow simulation of Fluids.

1. Single Unified Simulation Window for Streamline Workflow

Carefully Built on top of the Preexisting Industry Tested & proven Fluent solver, this new CAE Simulation experience:
Ansys Discovery Ultimate Offers a complete, single-unified window Simulation solution within ANSYS Workbench Fluent Environment.
– Conveniently Simplify and Streamlines the Fluent Preprocessing setup CAE Ansys Fluid Dynamics Simulation workflow for generating a Seamless Surface mesh from imported 3D CAD Model Data.
Ansys Discovery Live Removes Technical barriers for Frequently Performed tasks that Commonly Challenges Actual End users of Fluent CFD Software.

2. A Fresh New Front-end GUI 

Fluent Gambit Software and Ansys Fluent Student Version has a Brand new GUI Interface look that’s Highly easy on the eyes. Users can pick from several themes included in the Fluent Student Software or chose the new language localization, such as Chinese, Japanese, French.

3. Scalable Computational Processing Power

To Present Ansys Fluent Software has even officially set a Respectable International HPC supercomputing Performance record by Virtually scaling up to 172,000 Computational cores.
In addition, Ansys Fluent Flow Simulation Software, such as Ansys Fluent 14 is Priced Affordably such that it also the Competitively Priced Fluent Software makes it possible to Provides a highly scalable, high-performance computing (HPC) Cloud-Based Simulation Platform environment that is able to Equip R&D Engineers with the CAE focused ANSYS CFD Software Tools to effectively solve complex, large-Scale modeling of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations quickly and Economically.

4. Task-based Engineering Simulation Workflow

Workbench Fluent’s Intuitive task-based CAE Simulation Setup workflow of Ansys CFD Student Software helps to guide both Seasoned and Novice CAE Software End users through an Extremely Methodical & organized Engineering simulation process Workflow that offers the Ultmost Surgical, Accurate and accurate Simulation results in Significantly less time.
At each step in the Engineering Simulation Workflow process using Ansys Discovery Live to perform Ansys Flow Analysis, from Pre-processing to Ansys CFD Post Processing the Powerful Ansys CFD Fluent software is able to Offer the Ultmost Optimized and relevant Engineering design Feature options or defaults to best-practice options as stipulated.
Official Performance Benchmark Studies data of Simulation Processes performed using Ansys Discovery AIM has shown that ANSYS Fluent CFD users are able to Easily complete the Engineering Simulation workflow with as much as 70 percent fewer Manual Mouse Selection clicks and a whopping 50 percent less hands-on time Needed. 

5. Fast Computation Speed and Elegant simplicity

Thoughtful Minute Notifications permeate every screen Interface, every Intuitive step of using the Ansys Fluent CFX Software, making your CAE simulation an Absolute Enjoyment.
At a Highly Affordable ANSYS Software Price, Users of the Ansys Fluent Student Version and Ansys CFX Pre processing Process will conveniently Experience the Need for Much fewer Manual user clicks, highly simplified data entry input Workflow, enabled Intuitive drag and drop Functionality, embedded Intelligent System interactions and Much more.
The All-New ANSYS CFX, Ansys Fluent, Ansys PolyFlow Software and Ansys ICEM CFD Experience dramatically speeds up the Computational time Needed to Render and Arrive at a Highly accurate solution, while freeing CAE Simulation engineers to do and Cover a Much more Scope with less Ansys Fluent Flow Software Technical training.
Contact your Singapore Channel Partner for the Latest Fluent Software Price and Ansys CFD Download to get started today!
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As a CFD Design Engineer who is considering to Buy Ansys Fluent Software such as Ansys Discovery Aim or Ansys Discovery Live, You should think of ANSYS ICEM CFD Software Program as a Module Add-on of the Advanced Adaptive meshing Feature in ANSYS CFD Meshing Software.
Actually, some of the Ansys CFX & Ansys ICEM CFD technology Know how is used in ANSYS Workbench Meshing, along with tech from TGrid, ANSYS, Ansys CFX, etc.
Ansys Workbench Fluent meshing is more parametric, persistent, physics aware, etc. Plus it is easy to use and fits into the Ansys Workbench and Ansys Discovery Ultimate Simulation Platform which makes the whole Simulation Software Platform/Environment Very Intuitive to Use. But some Specific Groups of Users who are Familiar with Gambit Fluent software often Require the Highly interactive or extended capabilities of ANSYS ICEM CFD Software.
ANSYS ICEM CFD Software, just like other Ansys CFD Analysis software such as Ansys Fluent CFX can be Independently Utilized Beyond of Ansys Workbench Fluent to Render 3D Surface mesh from a Raw ‘dirty’ CAD or faceted Shape geometry (STL, etc.) for Meshing various Usage scenarios such as
1. mesh really Huge or Complicated models (a larger capacity than Workbench), 
2. if you want to Use Hexa mesh (structured or unstructured) with advanced Software Input Meshing Parameter controls (Workbench meshing has hexa with simpler controls)
3. If you Wish for the extended mesh diagnostics and advanced interactive mesh Modification in ANSYS ICEM CFD,
4. If you want to Produce to a Broad variety of other Popular CFD Software solvers or neutral File formats for Post Processing of Ansys CFD Results Obtained.
In other words, We Strictly Suggest that You try the ANSYS Meshing Software Technology in the Ansys CFD Software, such Ansys Fluent Student Edition During the Starting Out.
If Fluent Gambit Software gets the job done, then it is Definitely the easiest tool to Learn and use in Your Engineering Applications.
If you Require something extra For Instance Advanced Structured hexa or interactive mesh editing is done dynamically, you can Consider Using Ansys CFX Fluent or ICEM CFD instead of Ansys Fluent Student Version.

Parametric Functions

However, ANSYS workbench and Ansys Fluid Flow Software can Effectively control Input Physics parameters in other 3rd party 3D CAD Modeling Software packages (such as Pro/E or UGNX or Solidworks or CatiaV5 or Inventor, etc.) so you Can Conveniently Render a parabolic function with an Input parameter there when Performing Ansys Fluid Flow Analysis
To Begin to get it into Ansys Fluent workbench, just Begin the User input parameter with a Specific key string such as “WB_” or something like that.
During the Actual Data Importing Prior to the Ansys Fluid Dynamics, you can Easily filter for Specific Input Physics parameters that you Would Like to control and Fine Tune (using a string like “WB_”).
During the preprocessing of a Typical Ansys AirFlow Simulation, the Input parameters will come in the Picture and have a Selection checkbox next to them.
During the performance of the Ansys Flow Simulation, You can Manually check the Selection box and turn them into Ansys workbench Linked Input parameters.
As for persistence, that means that one setup (geometry operations, mesh settings, boundary conditions, even your ANSYS CFX Pre setup, Ansys CFD post-processing Processes, and Post Processing report generation) will be Easily updatable when you change your Input parameter Used for the Ansys Flow Analysis.


Mosaic Mesh Rendering Technology

In the Latest Ansys CFD Premium Software Version Release, Ansys Fluent 17 CAD Surface Geometry meshing now Encompasses an Advanced patent-pending Mesh Rendering technology that is able to deliver higher quality results at faster speeds.
This Mosaic meshing technology built into the Ansys CFX Fluent uses a high-quality boundary layer mesh to automatically combine a variety of boundary layer meshes, for fast and accurate flow resolution.
In a benchmark Ansys Fluid Flow Analysis simulation of a Formula One wing, the Mosaic mesh had fewer, better quality cells, required 34 percent relatively less memory and achieved at a 47 percent faster solve time.
Mesh Shape Change editing is actually Modifying the mesh Shape Dynamically (or with automatic routine Processes ) to Optimize Fidelity and Accuracy physics capture.
Common Surface Meshing operations Often Performed using Ansys CFD Software, Such as Ansys Polyflow and Ansys Fluent include Migration and merging of nodes, splitting edges or nodes, Adjustment of Node element normals, creating elements, refining or coarsening mesh Cells, etc.
There are also more Engineering Simulation Software Driven Process Workflow such as merging or smoothing meshes.
A Distinct Benefit of AI*E (now just called ANSYS ICEM CFD) is that the node projection is maintained (it keeps the Mesh geometry shape much better).
Curve projected Mesh nodes Remains on curves, Surface projected nodes Remains on the surface, etc.
And this is Constantly Retained for all Engineering Simulation Workflow (unless you Switch it off). Other 3rd party Meshing editors usually just move things Along the plane of the screen which tends to lose the shape of the model as you edit


Ansys DesignXplorer

Another Engineering Fluent Simulation Analysis Software tool, Ansys DesignXplorer can Easily Interface with Ansys CFD Fluent to automate the process Workflow of Modifying the Input Physics parameters and Precisely plot Collection of statistical data Points such as Plots of response curves, etc.
Ansys CFD Premium Software is Capable Of Efficiently automate the Geometry meshing of Complex Shapes because it is Fully aware of All the physics Parameters involved…
For Example, if you wanted to Use Fluent CFD Software to mesh for a Specific mechanical Performances, the Ansys Fluent Simulation Program would Pro-actively know that you need a Coarser mesh Grid Size, perhaps a quadratic tetras.
Perhaps, if you Require to Create Meshing for EMAG using Ansys Mechanical CFD Software, it would Dynamically Adapt the Ansys Fluent Software Input Parametric Configuration accordingly and give you straight-sided mid Mesh nodes.
Ansys Fluent Software can even Effectively Distinguish the Minor Functional difference between Input needs for Ansys CFX and Ansys Fluent Flow Simulation software.
Both Meshing Approaches adopted in Ansys CFD Student is able to Offers you Higher Quality and Noticeably Much Refined linear mesh, but ANSYS CFX will give stair step prism and Ansys Fluent CFD Software users Generally prefer to compress prism in Constricted Regions…
ANSYS Mechanical CFD Fluent and Ansys CFX software Possess the Wide Physics modeling capabilities needed to Effectively model Fluid flow Phenomenal, Non Laminar turbulence, Thermal heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications—ranging from air flow over an aircraft wing to combustion in a furnace, from bubble columns to oil platforms, from blood flow to semiconductor manufacturing, and from clean room design to wastewater treatment plants. Fluent covers a broad reach, including special models with capabilities to model in-cylinder combustion, aero-acoustics, turbomachinery, and multiphase systems.
Now engineers who Choose Ansys Fluent which is Functionally Similar to Fluent Student Version can easily leverage cloud computing to speed their simulations by submitting jobs directly from their Fluent desktop all at a Highly Affordable Ansys CFD price.
— ANSYS Capabilities Chart (PDF)

Engineering Application of Ansys Fluent Software

See how our Engineering Simulation customers are using our software:


1. Keelwit Technology

Keelwit Technology is a Spanish Based Product Design consultancy company Started in the Year 2011.
The Reputed Engineering Consultancy company designs develop and Deploy Technically Advanced Engineering Client projects using a Many Innovative yet Highly Accurate Design Methodology such as leveraging on the latest CAE Simulation Technologies present in Ansys Fluent 15, such as Pro-actively Buying Ansys Fluent License.
Keelwit Leverages on the Affordable Fluent CFD Price which is comparable to that of Ansys Fluent Student Price to Technically focuses on three Key Technology Areas:
1. Energy Performance Efficiency
2. Environmentally Sustainable Transportation mobility and Fluid Continuum mechanics Phenomenal.
They have been using ANSYS CFD on many client projects to solve highly complex engineering problems.
Watch this video to hear from Keelwit’s co-founders and partners, Isaac Prada y Nogueira and Jose Maria Cancer Aboitiz, about their experiences with ANSYS, particularly focusing on building the largest vertical wind tunnel to study skydiving conditions. The large structure required complex thermal and aerodynamic analysis, with ANSYS CFD used to simulate more than 50 operating conditions whereby the Ansys CFD System requirement is very much maintained the same.

2. Volkswagen Motorsports – Competitive Racing 

Volkswagen Motorsport Consistently shattered the Racing time record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with their Very first-ever, fully electric Racing Automobile, the I.D. R Pikes Peak — which is a State-of-the-Art race car Designed, Validated and developed with CAE Engineering simulation solutions in ANSYS Fluent 16.
Using Ansys Gambit Fluent at a highly Economical Ansys Fluent Price, Volkswagen Motorsport CFD Automotive Analyst is able to Conduct complete Virtually Simulated Test tests of the entire race drive and Efficiently optimized the Race Automotive Electric battery Thermal Heat cooling system with Least Physical weight required and Least loss in aerodynamic drag Efficiency performance.
— Bonus video: Volkswagen Motorsport Sets Record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Using ANSYS Fluent Simulation

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for Ansys FLUENT and Workbench 

Frequently Asked Questions for FLUENT and Workbench Solvers in ANSYS CFD Premium can be viewed at this page.

1. What is the Main Difference Between Ansys Fluent and Workbench?

Ansys Fluent which is part of the Ansys Mechanical CFD Suite of Software is a Multipurpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tool that has Useful CAE Simulation Application in a Wide Range of Industries.
Workbench FLUENT is an Extremely Robust Ansys CFD Software for Facilitating Mechanical engineering design, Modeling, and analysis.
It is an Ansys CFD Software tool for Modeling fluid flow Patterns, Thermal heat transfer, chemical reactions, and combustion problems Scenarios, etc.
The CAE Simulation Ansys Fluent software Program is Able To Perform Highly Useful Simulation Functions such as 
1. Predicting the internal aerodynamics performance Efficiency of an Airplanes or Automotive Cars
2. Geometry Improving Marine Ship hull for Drag Minimization using the Ansys CFD Meshing Capabilities of Ansys Fluent
3. Optimizing hydrodynamic performance of water-jet propulsion Industrial Applications using Ansys Fluid Dynamics Analysis
4. The anticipation of Fire and smoke Fume Flow movement in an Internal building Architecture using Ansys CFX
5. Mixing of Chemical Fluids and Reactive combustion of Manufacturing processes using Ansys PolyFlow
6. Ansys CFD Analysis of Thermal Heat Dissipation management of electronics & Semiconductor system
7. Electrical components or IC packages, using Ansys ICEM CFD
Ansys Fluent Flow software is able to Solve the Dynamic fluid flow Engineering Challenges that are unsteady, compressible/incompressible, laminar/turbulence/LES, subsonic/transonic/supersonic.
ANSYS CFX FLUENT can also be used to perform Ansys Flow Analysis to handle problems with Physics Phenomena, such as
1. Thermal heat transfer (Material Conduction, convection Fluid Flow & radiation Heat Transfer) using Ansys Fluent Student
2. Multiphase (DPM, Eulerian, VOF), combustion & chemical reaction using Gambit Fluent Software
3. Dynamic Adaptive Surface Geometry meshing using Ansys Fluent Student
Solution Active adaption is an Extremely specific and Important Simulation tool of Ansys Fluid Flow Simulation using Ansys FLUENT Student Version.
Addition to performing Ansys Fluid Flow Analysis, Software End-Users of Ansys CFD Student Software can also Code their own Personalize User Defined Functions (UDF) to Compliment with Ansys FLUENT 14 solver for their Industry particular Simulation analyses Applications.
ANSYS Workbench Fluent is a CAE Simulation software package Specially designed to build and Render Surface Meshing/mesh CAD/Virtual models for Complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other scientific Industry/Engineering applications.
Ansys Fluent and Workbench is Frequently Chosen as the default Simulation pre-processor Tool for ANSYS Fluent 6.3 CFD solver.
CFD-Post is the Front-End User interface for post-processing after the Ansys Fluent Simulation is completed.
The official Ansys CFD software webpage for FLUENT is http://www.star-ccm.com/.

2. Access to FLUENT and Workbench Interface?

FLUENT Gambit Software and Workbench is supported on all Practically All the Mainstream HPC systems. You can Start the Ansys Fluid Flow software Front-end Graphical-User-Interface interface using Coding commands from any command line prompt:
> fluent &   –>  # command to start Fluent graphics interface
> workbench &    –>  # command to start Workbench graphics interface
Batch and Parallel CAE Simulation Processing of Ansys FLUENT CFD
FLUENT 6 solvers included in ANSYS CFD Fluent can be Easily run in Extremely Manageable batch mode in an LSF queue when Scenarios where the time it Necessary to Computationally compute a CFD job takes Very long CPU Computational hours.
FLUENT CFD Software Is Extremely well parallelized and can perform Extremely well in speeding up the Computational CAE simulation when the Simulation runs are Performed and Computed on Multi-core CPU processors.
The details of how to run ANSYS CFD FLUENT solver in parallel can be found at Parallel Computing.

FLUENT and Workbench Official Software Documentations

Soft copy of the documentation for Ansys FLUENT CFX and Workbench can be viewed at this page.

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Case Studies - Designed With STAR-CCM+

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