Multiphysics Modeling

Multiphysics modeling is at the core of what we do here at our Singapore office in BroadTech Engineering.
The Designing and engineering Development of products can be relatively straightfor­ward when it is relatively simple, consist of just a few parts performs only a single function and when external operating conditions can be precisely controlled. But as we all know, this is not the case in the real operating environment.

Growing Complexity of Modern Products

Today’s modern products are getting more advanced than ever before and bring together a wide range of sophisticated components and functionality. This significantly visible transformation of Products over the past decade is driven by the trend towards functional integration, digitization, and miniaturization.

Features & Benefits of Multiphysics Modeling


1. Insights into Inter-relationships Between Performance Parameters

The Multiphysics modeling that we do during our FEA consulting enables engineers to understand and weigh the trade-offs they make when they make an improvement on a particular aspect of their designs complex performance.
Application of Multiphysics modeling as part of the FEA analysis during the product development process allows engineers to observe the trade-offs when one performance parameter is modified

2. Modeling at A System Level

Having a precise and comprehensive understanding of how your engineering model performs at a system level is crucial to ensuring safe and reliable function.
The Multiphysics software modeling included in our FEA services enables the ability to perform a seamless and integrated analysis of interaction between the effects of real-world physics, such as Thermal heat effects (through the use of FEM Thermal Analysis), Mechanical structural integrity, Electromagnetic radiation and Fluidic forces which can all impact product functions.
This simultaneous coupling of multiple physics in a Multiphysics simulation modeling allows for a Quick & Precise performance evaluation of Engineering product at a systems level.

3. Holistic Engineering Insights

Multiphysics modeling plays a critical role in enabling FEA simulation to give us valuable and comprehensive insights into how these parts actually function together in a realistic operating environment.
A multiphysics modeling also helps to enable engineering company teams involved in engineering product devel­opment to manage the critical risk of product failure and achieve

1. Extreme Confidence in Product Performance

Manage risk of product failure so as to Lead the market in product quality and consumer Brand confidence.
Especially in today’s super-competitive global marketplace, multiphysics modeling capabilities is more needed than ever.

2. Extreme Development Speed

Accelerate the speed of their engineering development process, so as to be the first to market


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Multiphysics Modeling

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2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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3. Projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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4. Proven Track Record

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5. Affordable

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6. Full Knowledge Transfer

Why Multiphysics Modeling


Importance of a Holistic Multiphysics modeling Approach

Engineering Companies today can no longer rely on even the most general theoretical assumptions about how their designs will perform or be guided by the one physical force that seems most important.

Instead, they require a new modeling FEA software toolset that brings together a comprehensive range of physics so as to correctly replicate the physical environment in which their prototype designs will operate.
Our Engineering modeling tools and methodology must continue to adapt to reflect the incredible complexity of today’s products.

If the Physics and Forces are analyzed separately in isolation, you may not get a complete and Accurate simulation of product performance behavior.
A Multiphysics modeling solutions can help you examine these combined effects in any combination.
This allows you to achieve the highest fidelity simulation solution and eliminate any risk of issues in performance reliability so as to design products that are safe and effective.

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Application of Multiphysics Modeling

Examples of engineering design scenarios where different aspects of a design performance is interrelated includes

1. Electric Motor Design

In multiphysics modeling, electrical motor engineers can accurately assess how their efforts at reducing weight reduction and enhancing performance efficiency can negatively impact acoustic performance.

2. Consumer Electronics

As consumers and electronics engineers strive towards even smaller design form footprints, they must also simultaneously seek to suppress stress and failure rates caused by a build-up of thermal heat in the components.

3. Turboma­chinery

In Turbomachinery engineering, when working on minimizing blade weight, care have to be taken to not adversely affect Structural deformation and Flow path performance.