Parasitic Extraction

Parasitic Extraction is at the core of what our Singapore Electronic Design Automation (EDA) consultants do at BroadTech Engineering office.


Simultaneous Multi-Corner (SMC) Extraction technology

At BroadTech Engineering, we leverage on smart Simultaneous Multi-Corner (SMC) and QRC Extraction technology which offers many benefits, such as allowing you to extract all corners together using available CPU resources and enabling unique process efficiency while at the same time retaining same signoff accuracy.
At present, this SMC technology has already been widely adopted by industry leaders in Mobile, Networking, and Server applications to compress extraction lead over time and satisfy demanding sign-off schedules.


1. Superior Resource Management

With a significantly optimized resource management, it frees up available CPU memory and enhances disk efficiency.
It allows you to use more commonly available computer hardware and save up to 4x storage disk space versus to conventional Parallel methodology.
Overall these benefits translate into significant savings on runtime and resources needed.


2. Simultaneous Multi-Corner (SMC) Extraction

Simultaneous Multi-Corner (SMC) Extraction drastically improves simulation processing speed by merging common steps in multiple corner extraction.
This helps to eliminate undesired redundancy and delivering 2x faster process runtime by using the same number of CPU cores.


3. Ultra-Scalable to Multiple Cores

Our multi-core ultra-scale technology innovation offers an extra boost to Simultaneous Multi-Corner (SMC) Extraction
Our EDA consultants engineers have proven scalability to hundreds of processor cores that allows you to utilize more PC cores with Simultaneous Multi-Corner (SMC) Extraction to further accelerate up your extraction turnaround time and sign off schedule.


Parasitic Extraction

Challenges of Rising Parasitics

These days, the constantly increasing Parasitics are becoming a major concern in IC design and development projects, as itParasitic Extraction inevitably results in more extraction corners required in order to achieve sign off success.
This increase in the occurrence of Parasitic effects and interactions is contributed by various IC design trends, such as
1. Advancing process technology
2. Larger IC design Sizes, Complexity, and Parasitic Variation


Longer Simulation Run Times

This increased in extraction corners correspondingly mean more Simulation runs and analysis is required, which can result in an exponentially adverse impact on the development schedule.



Traditional Corner Extraction Methods

Conventional corner extraction approaches are inefficient in meeting the demands of today’s design requirements.
This inefficiency and long run times often result in schedule delays and the requirement for excessive hardware resources to satisfy with performance demands.


1. Queuing Multiple Corner Extractions on fixed CPU resources

An approach typically practiced is to queue multiple corner extractions on fixed CPU resources which are allocated solely for the purpose.
Unfortunately, this method often results in a longer turnaround time. This means an addition of several hours for processing before all runs are finished and available for sign-off analysis


2. Running Corner Extractions in Parallel

Alternatively, the other traditional strategy is to run all corner extractions in parallel on separate CPU cores.


Inefficient Use of Resource

However, this can be very expensive and inefficient requiring a large pool of machines to be tied up concurrently and tens to hundreds of gigabytes of disk space storage to be available to accommodate multiple extractions with redundant steps.

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