PCB Simulation

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Simulation

PCB simulation is at the core of what our thermal simulation CAD consultants do at our Singapore office in BroadTech Engineering.
Our PCB Thermal analysis services at BroadTech Engineering enables you to have the easy support tools and resources to efficiently explore the design space to ensure the use of the most cost-effective thermal cooling management method is selected by fully evaluating the impact of all design aspects of the technology implemented.
This includes PCB design parameters such as the
1. New Package selection
2. PCB Schematic layout board and Component structure
3. PCB Enclosure structural form factor.


Overview of Types of PCB Simulation Services and Related Work that We Offer

2. PCB Warpage Analysis of PCB Part designs
3. PCB Vibration Log Data Analysis
4. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
5. Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC)


PCB SImulation

Importance of Printed Circuit Board, PCB Thermal Simulation


1. Competitive Pressures of Fast Moving Consumer Electronics

In today’s time of high-volume consumer electronics products, Cost and reliable product performance are always the key KPI. The fast pace of change is such the compressed design times are compressed to just a few months from initial conceptual design to mass production for market launch
Reducing Prototyping Development Cycle
Using PCB software to Identifying thermal hot spots in the PCB board or overheating electrical components earlier in the engineering development cycle can enhance PCB thermal relief and help to save costly prototype runs & testing as well as assist in helping t your commercial product to the market faster.
BroadTech Engineering gives you everything you need for PCB simulation and analysis.
This includes
1. Pre and post layout signal integrity simulation analysis
2. Analog Analysis
3. Thermal Heat Analysis


2. Accurate PCB Thermal Mapping

Our CFD consulting engineer can allow you to swiftly get a rough Thermal mapping of the PCB design in a PCB enclosure with the board floating in it with assumed ideal conditions outside the enclosure external environment.
The PCB thermal design analysis will take into account both thermal heat Conduction through solid materials and Convection in the ambient air.
We will then numerically model the PCB board attached to a more detailed model of the housing and more precise models of the ICS and account for radiation in the PCB thermal simulation.


3. Increase Power Density Due to Miniaturization

Miniaturization of electronics unavoidably increases power densities at all levels of packaging.
In addition, this also results to in less tolerance of over conservative design is continuing to increase power densities at all package levels
Heat Dissipation Efficiency
Thermal Heat dissipation is critical to electronic performance and reliability.
Effectively Removing thermal heat is crucial to the operation and long-term reliability of electronics products in the market.


4. Uncover and Identify Design Issues Early

The 3D Simulation view rendering delivers an insightful perspective of the PCB schematic design as a completed product and true real-time collaboration with mcat displays at a virtual prototype of the final product that helps reduce engineering development cost by identifying technical issues that might not be realized until actual final assembly during mass production.
Our thermal simulation engineers conduct DFMA analysis to encompass many of the most commonly used fabrication and assembly analysis, allowing it easy to identify design issues that results in/cause manufacturing delays and ensures that all design criteria are met before sending/pushing your PCB board out for mass production.


5. Importance of Getting it Right the First Time 

BroadTech Engineering offers many different PCB thermal analysis simulation features that allow application engineers to catch critical design issues earlier in the PCB engineering design cycle and potentially avoid costly PCB design mistakes.
With engineering development schedule shrinking and PCB circuit designs becoming ever more complicating, PCB application engineers are beginning to see the need to virtually simulate and model virtual prototypes of their PCB schematic design to save on precious man-hours.


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1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

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2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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Featured PCB Simulation Case Studies


CFD Analysis of Electronic Component Cooling (Aerospace)

Electronic power box outer enclosure wall temperature reduction by improving the poor air circulation zones for passenger comfort
Methodology Approach:
i. Ventilation holes locations are modified to allow the airflow in poor air circulation region
ii. Heat generating components locations are modified
Outcome and Conclusion
Electronic power box outer enclosure wall temperature controlled within the allowable limit.

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