PCB Thermal Analysis

Printed Circuit Board Thermal Heat Flow Analysis


Our PCB Thermal analysis services at our Singapore BroadTech Engineering offices allows you to effectively evaluate the PCB design space to ensure the most economical thermal cooling solution is chosen by fully considering the effect of all design aspects.
This PCB simulation encompasses PCB thermal design considerations such as the
1. Package selection
2. PCB layout board structure
3. PCB Enclosure structure form design.
Our PCB thermal simulation analysis program tools include a robust library of models for materials such as alloys, industrial grade polymers, and IC packages just to name a few.
The library used in PCB thermal relief evaluation also consists of models for common geometric form factor used in the PCB commercial applications such as thermal heat sinks and fans.

PCB Thermal Analysis

Compressing Prototyping Development Cycle

Identifying thermal heat concentration in the PCB board or overheating electrical components early in the engineering design workflow can save expensive prototype fabrication & testing as well as assist in helping get your commercial product to the market faster.
BroadTech Engineering offers you everything you need for PCB simulation and analysis.
This includes
1. Pre and post layout signal integrity simulation analysis
3. Analog Analysis


We Ensure PCB Design Validation that is On-time and On-Budget

The electronic product engineering design creation platform offers multi-skilled designers and electrical design consultants a competitive edge by integrating all of the PCB software tools needed to resolve every PCB design challenge encounter from the whiteboard to the finished physical PC board on-time and on-budget right to your desktop.


Accurate PCB Thermal Mapping

Our CFD consulting engineering can enable you to quickly get a rough Thermal mapping of the PCB design in a PCB enclosure with the board floating in it with assumed ideal conditions outside the box/enclosure external condition.
The PCB simulation will take into account both thermal simulation of heat Conduction through solid materials and Convection in the ambient air.
We will then computationally simulate the PCB board attached to a more detailed model of the housing and more detailed models of the ICS and account for radiation in the PCB thermal simulation.

Importance of PCB Thermal Analysis Simulation


1. Competitive Pressures of Fast Moving Consumer Electronics

In fast-moving consumer electronic products, Price and reliable functional performance are always the key drivers.
The fast tempo of innovation is such the compressed development times are compressed to just a few weeks from initial conceptual design to mass production for market introduction


Importance of Getting it Right the First Time 

BroadTech Engineering offers many different PCB thermal analysis simulation capabilities that enable application designers to identify vital design flaws earlier in the PCB engineering design process and potentially prevent expensive PCB design mistakes.
With product development time-line shrinking and PCB schematic designs becoming ever more complex, PCB design engineers are beginning to see the necessity to computationally analyze and model virtual prototypes of their PCB circuit design to cut down on precious manhours.


2. Increase Power Density Due to Miniaturization

Miniaturization of electronics inevitably raises power densities at all levels of packaging.
Not only that, this also lead to in less tolerance of overly redundant design is continuing to raise power densities at all package levels


3. Heat Dissipation Efficiency

Thermal Heat dissipation is crucial to electronic performance and durability.
Efficiently Removing thermal heat is critical to the operation and long-term durability of electrical products in the market.

Featured PCB Thermal Analysis Case Studies


Ventilation of Cabinet of Electrical Boards

The objective of this project was the geometrical and flow study in a cabinet that contains an array of electrical boards.
Methodology Approach
CFD simulation employing ANSYS-Fluent software was used, a different combination of the arrangement of electrical boards was studied. Additionally, the effect of the position of inlet and outlet duct have considered. The air flow parameters (Inlet temperature and velocity) have investigated as well. Mixed convection heat transfer has modeled and Naiver-Stokes equations have solved using SIMPELC method in an unstructured staggered mesh.
This project was a part of a multidisciplinary project and aimed at the optimum configuration of the arrays of the electrical boards along with minimum power consumption and occupied space to maintain the electrical boards function effectively.
The optimal arrangement of the electrical boards and the ideal position of inlet and outlet ducts have practically designed. The defective inlet air temperature and velocity were indicated to reduce the power consumption and avoid failure of boards. The simulations demonstrated that these boards can efficiently function in standard air temperature.


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