An EV AV Automotive Event That’s Not to be Missed 

3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Best Practice in AV & EV Engineering Simulation

Learn the Best practices in CAE Simulation Methodology for various EV & Autonomous Vehicle Development Applications.

3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Showcase on the Latest Siemens Simcenter Solutions

Get Informed on the Latest CAE & CFD Modelling Technologies that can take your Vechicle Electrification projects to the next level.
This includes Star-CCM+ Release 2019.2, HEEDS design optimization, Femap Nastran, SolidEdge

3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Networking Opportunities

This event is where Technopreneurs, Ev-AV Researchers, and Automotive Design Engineers in the Cutting Edge Electric/Autonomous Vehicle community Meet, share new Ideas, and build Partnerships.

Where the Electric & Autonomous Vehicle Community Unites

The EV-AV Seminar brought to you by BroadTech Engineering in Collaboration with Siemens. It is an event dedicated to Technopreneurs, EV-AV Researchers, and Designer Engineers in the Exciting Electric/Autonomous Vehicle community.

What’s the next groundbreaking evolution in Electric/Autonomous Vehicle Technologies and Engineering Design? What are the best practices in Enhancing Performance & Reliability of Electric/Autonomous Vehicle? At Siemens Electric/Autonomous Seminar, we’ll Share new ideas, Forge New Partnerships and more.


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Siemens Electric Autonomous Vechicle





Join us this Thursday, August 29, 2019, where we’ll reveal how you can leverage on the latest developments in Simcenter Star CCM+ CFD Software to accelerate the use of CAE simulation in the design of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles. 
Here’s what you can learn:
    1. Learn the latest CAE simulation features and technologies to take your Electric and Autonomous Vehicle projects to the next level
    2. Best practices on Simulation Methodology & Evaluation Parameters to select for Optimizing Battery Design and Vehicle Electric Drive
    3. Solutions on how CAE Simulation can be used to drive Optimization in Key aspects of EV Engineering, such as Energy consumption, Thermal Management, Component Light-weighting, Vehicle Aerodynamics, Acoustics & NVH
    4. How to select the right Simulation Solver for Various engineering applications critical to creating more realistic use case testing of Autonomous Vehicles  
Register to reserve your seat now to learn from industry leaders about the latest developments in CAE Numerical Simulation and trends in Autonomous & Electric Vehicles.

Discover Better Designs, Faster

Interesting Fact: Less than 12% of the Companies On the Fortune 500 List in the Year 1955 are Still on the List in 2019.
Especially In a Globalized Business Landscape that is Increasingly Fast Paced, Competitive and Constantly Disrupted by Better, More Agile Competitors, Companies Today Need to Embrace CAE Simulation Tools to Help them Innovate Faster and Stay Relevant
The Aim of this Seminar is to Demonstrate Success Case Studies of How Simcenter STAR-CCM+ has successfully Helped Companies in Their Day to Day Business Operations, Shortened Product Development Cycle, and Lower Cost.

Innovate Faster With Simcenter Star-CCM+

  • Are You Incurring a Huge Cost Just for Your Prototype Fabrication & Testing?
  • Want to Accurately Predict if Your New Product will Pass or Fail Even Before Prototyping?
  • Want to Know How Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Simulation can Save You Time, Money and Boost your Productivity?
    Then Come to Our Simulation Seminar and Take the Right Step Forward to a Better Workflow.


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Keynote Speakers

Learn About the Latest Advances in CAE Simulation Technologies and How Companies Like Yours can Leverage on the Simulation Capabilities of Simcenter to Ensure Their Competitive Edge in the Global Market Place.

Winston Vigil

Regional Manager (STS) 
Siemens PLM Software

Angelo Flemings

Vice President,
Global HEEDS Portfolio Development

Daniel Tan

General Manager, BroadTech Engineering
a Siemens PLM Solutions Partner

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