Why Star-CCM+ ?

Don’t Just Simulate, Innovate!

Siemens Star CCM+

Providing Precise and Efficient Multidisciplinary Simulation Capabilities Without Physical Prototypes Testing

Siemens Star CCM+ CFD Software offers Technology Company in Singapore the ability to Validate Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics Performance of Engineering Designs to Build more Reliable & Efficient Products Faster.Siemens Star CCM+
Today, established R&D engineering design teams, partner consultancies and Seasoned Technical Computer-aided Engineering Simulation Specialist all over the world are relying fully on simulations performed by Siemens STAR-CCM+ CFD Simulation software tool, mesh solver and post-processing tools to design their complete Engineering system.
As a matter of fact, for most complex industrial engineering systems, technology companies these days are now relying more on CFD Software Companies and are no longer building any physical Testing prototypes apart from the functional model of the finalized detailed CAD design.
Fabrication of Actual physical Prototype variants can be an extremely expensive affair, if we can save an actual prototype fabrication for actual physical cyclic or fatigue testing, the state of the art Siemens Star CCM+ Fluid Dynamics Simulation software application would have more than paying for itself in terms of Return on investment (ROI).


Introducing The Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Software Solution

Siemens STAR-CCM+, a Commercial CFD Software application solutions which is part of the Siemens Simcenter PLM software platform is a Truly All-in-One, Multi-Purpose Fluid Simulation Software Tool for a Multidisciplinary MultiPhysics Engineering Simulation.
Simcenter Star CCM+ CFD Fluid Dynamics Software which is originally conceived by CD-Adapco is Built on the Doctrine that Modern Engineering Simulation services should facilitate complex knowledge transfer among partners, help to Empower Modern Engineers to Discover new and Better Engineering Designs, At a Faster Pace.


This top advantage of Simcenter Star CCM+ CFD Software Packages is that it facilitates the effective management of Simulation Analysis and Testing of Complex Real-world Challenges.
With Siemens STARCCM+ simulation, and training resource tools, coupled with its Siemens and CD Adapco technological heritage, you can use Star-CCM+ Fluid Flow Simulation Software results to Precisely and Realistically view and Predict Product Functional and Structural Performance Behavior at a Portion of the Cost of Experimental Stage Prototype Testing and get the necessary Engineering Technical data to Guide and Optimize your Engineering Design Process.


Today’s Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics Engineering Challenge

As a Professional CFD Fluid dynamics Simulation Engineer professionally trained to use CFD 3D Fluid Simulation Software Application tools, it is Critical that you are able to use CFD Star CCM+ Flow Analysis Software as part of your Main computer hardware resources to accurately predict and support the real outcome of engineering part design modifications on the real-world functional performance of the products created by your company.
Over time, this scalable Online cloud-based simulation computing solution from Siemens Star CCM+ Power On Demand helps engineering development team in the industry to improve and detect functional failure sign early in the process to prevent catastrophic service failure due to specific engineering design change.
To be functionally effective, these operational performance predictions must be reliably delivered frequently by the Star CCM+ Software throughout each phase of the engineering development process flow, providing a constant news stream of reliable data events that influences the evolution of your product design work, such as in the automotive industry.
Siemens STAR-CCM+ Simulation Software is an Extremely Powerful and Efficient CAE Simulation Solution as it has many Notable Benefits such as
1. intuitive and Clean Minimalistic GUI interface
2. Powerful Engineering Development Workflow automation capabilities
3. Integrated & Adaptive meshing capabilities of complex Shape Geometry Designs
4. Pipelined Workflow process that is Duplicable and Repeatable
5. Highly Comprehensive Simulation Pre-processing & Post-processing Abilities


How Engineering Simulation can be Leverage to Evaluate the Impact of Variability on Engineering Designs

Engineering Simulation using Siemens CD Adapco Star CCM+ also offers a reliable method to investigate the response of an Engineering design to a variety of variability sources — such as variability of usage conditions, of patients, or of the design itself.
The integrated and Robust Interoperability of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ has Significantly Streamlined and Sped up Engineering design, development and Manufacturing process workflow of Many Companies who have chosen to use Simcenter Star CCM+.
 Some of the Benefits and Features include
1. The Advantageous Ability to Effortlessly and Seamlessly Read a Wide Variety of Engineering 3D CAD File Data formats
2. Ability to Accurately Mesh Shape Geometry of Complex 3D Shape Design
3. Ability to Accurately Select Real World Boundary Conditions and Set up Physics models that are True to actual Physical Conditions Encountered


Important Roles that Multi-physics Engineering Simulation Plays in Design Exploration

Multi-physics Engineering simulation can help to greatly accelerate in the Engineering Design exploration process by enabling engineers to discover the Best performing product variants within a short time span.


Importance of incorporating Engineering Simulation Early in the Engineering Design Development Process

As part of the broader methodology of Digital Evidence Generation, incorporating CFD Engineering simulation early in the Engineering design process serves as an effective strategy to compress engineering time and project simulation expense from the organizational approval process


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting



A Toolset For All Your MDX Needs

Find out how our simulation tools are helping companies deploy multidisciplinary design exploration to discover better designs, faster

Innovation Through Design Exploration

With STAR-CCM+ You Are Able to Automate The Design Exploration and Optimization Process

Benefits of Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Simulation Software 


1. An Integrated MultiPhysics, Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Solution

The Highly Integrated Approach makes it Very Easy for Engineers to Explore and Test a Wide Range of Simulation Configurations and Simulation Case Scenarios Involving Complicated Shape and Spanning an Assortment of Engineering Disciplines and Industries.
This Multiphysics and Multidisciplinary Simulation Capability proves to be highly useful in Aerospace simulation, such as Simulating the Aerodynamic Performance of leading-edge propellers of Wing Aerofoil designs commonly used in Aviation Airplanes.
The single integrated Software GUI user interface helps you to Comprehensively Cover your Complete Application Scope with:
A Wide Range of Fully Validated 3D Models to Simulate Engineering disciplines and Physics Such as:
1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
2. Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM)
3. Thermal Heat Transfer
4. Multiphase Fluid Flow
5. Particle Flow Dynamics
6. Reacting Chemistry Flow
7. Electrochemistry
8. Acoustics and rheology


2. Providing a True Multiphysics Simulation Platform

You can Cost Effectively Solve Advanced Sophisticated Industrial Challenges with a One Sole Computer Simulation Model that hosts the Form Geometry, Surface Meshing, all Required Physics, and the Simulation Analysis Results.
This Enables You to Accurately and Comprehensively Take into Consideration a Wide Array of Real World Physics Across Diverse Engineering Technical Disciplines.
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Provides both a Finite-Volume and Finite-Element Simulation Method, Offering You the most Appropriate Numerical Schemes for the Physics & Parameters Being modeled. It can also be coupled with third-party codes (in-house, commercial) through its co-simulation application programming interface (API), Allowing you the unrivaled flexibility to use the right tool for the right simulation job.
This is commonly applied to simulating the Vorticity magnitude inside the air duct showing the effect of a rotating propeller.


3. STAR-CCM+ Helps Companies to Accelerates Decision Making Process & Multidisciplinary Design Exploration

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ VR can be used to Seamlessly integrate a Whole Scope of Powerful Engineering Simulation and visualization tools to Assist your Engineering team Derives at Critical design decisions Quickly and with Confidence.
It delivers:
• Real Live Computational Processing of Simulation progression, Allowing on-the-fly Assessment of Engineering Simulation Results and Modification to Engineering Design and analysis Input parameters
• Quantitative Simulation data analysis for Reporting and Detailed Monitoring of Engineering Simulation data
• High-impact Qualitative Data Visualization Display to better understand and Communicate your Engineering Simulation Results
• Collaborative decision-making software solutions to review and share your design simulation results across the organization and with customers and partners


4. Accurately Predicting the Real-world Performance of Products using an Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach

The Seamlessly Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Enables Physical phenomena to be Accurately Simulated and Studied in a Totally coupled Manner.
This helps to Significantly reduce any Undesired Mathematical Approximation, Offering you Greater Confidence that the Predicted Performance Behavior of your Engineering Designs will Match the Real-world Engineering Performance of your Engineering product during the Prototyping and Fabrication Process.
Simcenter Star CCM+ has been able to help deepen our Technical Simulation Analysis and Accelerate Reliable Engineering Designs Faster and More Effectively with the Same Amount of Resources as Before.


5. Using Parallel Computational Performance to Achieve Quick Project Turnaround

The use of SImcenter Star CCM+ HPC High-performance Computing simulation solutions helps to Significantly Accelerate the Pace of your product design and Development Testing Cycles.
As the CPU Processor Computing Capability continues to Grow Exponentially and becomes more Affordable due to Moore’s Law.
STAR-CCM+ is Specially Designed to Make the Most out of the Available Processor Computational resources.
STAR-CCM+ is Parallelized from Meshing to Final Result Solution, and it is Able to Effectively Scale to Hundreds of thousands of Processor Cores. This Enables you to Push the Limits of your Engineering Simulation Analysis, from Solving Single Large-Scale Analysis to Evaluation of hundreds of Prototype Variants for a Simulation-Led Engineering Design.


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Robust Meshing Technology to Ensure Accurate Capture of Complex Shape Geometries

Siemens STAR-CCM+ has a comprehensive Collection of robust CFD Meshing Software Tools that Allows Companies today to Quickly Process just about any Complex Shape Geometry, including raw 3D Geometry Scans.
The Meshing Capabilities of STAR CCM+ includes:
1. Robust Generation of Prism Layers, Guaranteeing Accurate Capture of Surface Boundary Layers Required
2. A Highly Comprehensive Set of State-of-the-Art Meshing Tools, including Polyhedral, Trimmed Hexahedral and Swept mesh types for a Broad Range of Engineering Applications
3. Automated and Fully Conformal Meshing for Multi-domain Engineering Research Analysis such as conjugate heat transfer
4. Parallel Meshing to Fully maximize the use of available hardware computational resources
5. Specialized Niched Simulation Meshing for Specific Engineering Simulation Applications.
For example, industrial applications of such Meshing includes Such As the
– Thin Mesher, Extruder, and 2D Meshing of a Laboratory Clean room Simulation
– Conjugate Thermal heat transfer (CHT) Simulation analysis of a Micro Gas Turbine


These Meshing Capabilities allows Engineers to perform Simulation of Structurally Rigid and Flexible Physical Motions with Simulation Techniques such as
1. Mesh Morphing
2. Overset meshes
3. Six Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF)
The Ability to Seamlessly Combine the Various Physics and Motion models in a Single Simulation Study to Cover your specific Engineering Application
This is commonly applied to Automotive Engine Designs, where there is a requirement to conduct Airflow and Combustion Analysis modeling.


Generating Flexible and Repeatable Surface Meshes

No matter how Complex your 3D Form Geometry, the Cutting Edge Modeling & Simulation Technologies integrated into Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Enable you to Fully Automate your Surface Meshing Process Autonomously, yet they are Sufficiently Versatile Enough to give you fine-grained Meshing Control when Required
Our Engineering Simulation Experts can Easily Work with the Scans and any other Available Data to Computationally and Numerically Reconstruct the Shape Geometry using 3D CAD Modeling and then Carry Out the CFD Simulations.
This helps to Significantly Reduce Costs and eliminate any Unnecessary Intermediaries or disjointed 3rd party software tools Involved.


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Siemens Star CCM+ Encourages Engineering Innovation With its Ease of Use, Efficiency, & Robustness

Using Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Software Solutions Facilitates Engineering Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Seamless Cross-Functional Collaborative Teamwork so you don’t Have to Compromise Trade-Off between Usability and functionality.
Time and Again, Siemens Star CCM+ meshing Tools and Solver have Proven itself in terms of Computational Robustness and Results Accuracy. In Fact, Over the Years, it has Evolved to become a Core Critical Part of many Highly Streamlined Design workflow Processes adopted in Established Research & Development Institutes Worldwide.


Leveraging a Single Unified GUI Graphical User interface

Star CCM+ Fluid Dynamics Software which is formally also known as CD Adapco Star CCM+ delivers Accurate and Computationally Efficient Simulation Technologies through a Single-center Unified Star CCM Software GUI User interface and Intuitively Automated Workflow.
This effectively allows Siemens Star CCM+ to Offer an Amazingly Accurate and Process Efficient Multidisciplinary Numerical Simulation Technologies from an Extremely Intuitive Single integrated Platform GUI User Interface.


Short Learning Curve for Fast Operational Deployment

The Single integrated user interface (UI) Offers end users a Shorter Learning Curve which Makes it Extremely Easy to Learn, Train and Deploy for Operation Within a Shorter Period of Time, Encouraging the Accelerated Development of Innovative Cutting-edge Solutions.
Siemens STAR-CCM+ Simulation Solutions together with Siemens MDX Offers Engineering Simulation Solutions for your Company, Whether of Whether You are a Fresh New Technical Engineer, Engineering Analyst or a Seasoned Research and Development (R&D) Engineering Simulation Authority.


Effective Communication & Visualization of Simulation Results to Empower Making Engineering Design Decisions with Confidence
The keystone to Highly effective Technical engineering analysis is the ability to easily understand and present your CFD simulation results to colleagues and customers.
These same CFD engineers are also more and more called upon to communicate and present their CFD and FEA simulation results data across their company, to stakeholders who have very little or no direct exposure to fully interpreting actual results, such a new functionality in STAR-CCM+ greatly facilitates this communication using digital twin simulation models that not only behave like their real-world counterparts, but also present a precise visual representation, encouraging understanding and inspiring confidence.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line of Choosing Siemens Star CCM+

Using Siemens STAR-CCM+ and other Siemens MDX Software Solutions, our Valued Customers Have Enjoyed the Following Cost Saving Benefits Such As:
• Significantly Improved Product Built Quality
• Satisfying and Exceeding Customer Technical Specification and Performance Requirements
• Result in Fewer Field Operational Malfunctions
• Avoided Costly Product Market Recalls Caused By Product Engineering Defects
• Reduced Quantity of Physical Prototypes Needed to be Fabricated For Engineering Testing
• Compressed Time-to-Market Product Launch, Thereby Shortening the Product Development Cycle
• Cut Engineering manufacturing Expenses
• Clearer and More In-depth Understanding Product Characteristic Behavior and Interrelation of Component Performance Within a unified Functional Engineering Systems


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A True Multidisciplinary Platform

Find Out How STAR-CCCM+ Provides For All Your Simulation Needs.

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

Fluid Dynamics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Multiphase Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Particle Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Reacting Flows

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Solid Mechanics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Heat Transfer

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


Simcenter STAR-CCM+ CFD Software Helps Enhance Efficiency & Maximize Productivity

1. Automating 3D Design Geometry Creation and Preparation

Siemens STAR-CCM+ helps you Optimize the Operational Productivity of Your Engineering Resources with a Highly Robust and Automated Process Workflow for ensuring Complicated 3D 3 Dimensional Shape Geometries are Always Ready to be Mesh accurately:
• A Totally Parametric 3D feature-based Modeler is used to Create, Modify and Defeature computer-aided design (CAD) data
• A bi-directional Linkage between STAR-CCM+ and CAD Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is used for a Seamless Geometry Shape Transferring and Modification
• There are intuitive Manual Repair tools and fully Autonomous Surface Wrapping for Initial Preparation of Imported CAD Geometries


2. Facilitating Simulation Workflow Automation via Pipelined Process

You can Truly Automate Your Entire End-To-End Engineering Simulation Workflow from Shape Geometry to Data Post Analysis by using a Repeatable and Reliable Pipelined Method and Java macros.
This Allows You to Efficiently Facilitate and Push Engineering Design Changes and Attain your Engineering Design and Functional Goals. You can also Easily deploy your best practices with engineering simulation software tools such as the simulation assistant, effectively eliminating innate analyst-to-analyst variations and giving you greater confidence in your simulation results data.
 The Highly Robust and Repeatable Pipelined Simulation Process Workflow in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a Key Enabler of Multidisciplinary Design Exploration


3. Siemens Star CCM+ Helps to Boost Simulation Throughput by Enabling Engineers to Discover Better Innovative Designs, Faster

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Gives you Direct Access to Virtual yet Highly Accurate design exploration and Realistic Optimization Simulation Technologies. This helps to make the development workflow of iterative Engineering design Analysis Seamlessly Convenient and Effective for the typical Engineer.
STAR-CCM+ adds advanced simulation capabilities to boost CFD engineering simulation throughput for precision engineered products that concern with complex reacting fluid flows, such as Industrial furnaces, reformers, internal combustion engines (ICE) and gas turbines.


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A Simulation Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How MDX Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

Backed by a Professional Team of Global Experts

All Siemens STAR-CCM+ users are pre-assigned a Fully Dedicated Technical Support Engineer who is Tasked with Seeking to Understand their Engineering Simulation Objectives and helping them Maintain as well as Boost Productivity of Existing Engineering Resources.
Technical Support Queries are easily managed through our Online Customer Support portal, which also Offers you Unlimited Access to an Extensive Knowledge database.


1. Continuously delivering State-of-the-Art Engineering Simulation Solutions with the Latest Enhancements

Every Highly Anticipated Software Version Release of STAR-CCM+ Provides Exciting new Software Features and Enhancements. Our Highly Intensive Software Development schedule Ensures we continuously Offer Innovative simulation Technologies to Widen your Application scope and Swiftly Respond to your Ever Evolving Engineering Simulation Demands.
As a Siemens PLM Software Client, You Actually have the Ability to Influence the Development of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Source Code Development Via the IdeaStorm innovation Discussion Forum, which Enables you to easily Submit, Endorse, Vote and Comment on the latest Product development ideas that could be highly relevant to the current industry applications.


2. Offering Innovative and Affordable Software Licensing options

With Integrated Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Exploration Increasingly Becoming the Norm, it is Crucial that Simulation Software License Costs don’t Pose a Limit your Business’s Engineering Goals and Organization Objectives.
Our STAR-CCM+ Water Simulation Software Power Licensing Model Gives You to Gain Access to the Full Array of Multidisciplinary Capabilities of the STAR-CCM+ Simulation Software at a much Affordable Cost than Traditional Licensing Package.
We Offer three innovative Licensing Options, giving You Practically An Unlimited Quantity of Processor Cores for a Single Fixed Price (power session), enabling you to run on the cloud (power-on-demand) and making design exploration affordable (power tokens).


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Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race


Optimization of Mixer Mixing Efficiency

STAR-CCM+ Offers automated Engineering Design Exploration and Optimization within the Reach of all CFD Simulation Engineers. Shown here is an Industrial Mixer Design Optimization Study, Beginning/Starting with a Baseline and resulting in a Significantly Improved Prototype Mixer Design (right) with a Four Times Decreased Energy consumption while Maintaining to the Same Blend Time Required.




Streamlining of Bicycle Aerodynamics & Ride Quality – Trek Bicycle  

Together with STAR-CCM+ Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Exploration and Scalable Cloud Computing Capabilities, it has Tremendously Boosted Trek Bicycle Corporation R&D’s Ability to Cost-Effectively Optimizes Bicycle Aerodynamics and Overall Rides Experience



Boost Manufacturing Efficiency & Product Quality with STAR-CCM+ Multi-physics Capabilities – Bottero SpA

Multi-Physics Simulation Capabilities of Star-CCM+ Enabled BotteroSpA to Accurately Model the Highly Coupled Nature of the Structural & Fluid Dynamics Aspects of the Molten Glass Cooling Process. This Has Helped the Company to Achieve Strength and Quality in the Final Container. All This Is Achieved While Reducing Manufacturing Time and Shorten Manufacturing Time.


STAR-CCM+ CFD Simulation in Aerospace Industry  

STAR CCM+ Has Been Heavily Used in CFD Simulation of Various Aspect of Aircraft Design Performance. Such as
1. Aero-Acoustics Modeling Analysis of Landing Gear Flow Interaction With the Air.
2. Aerodynamics Simulation of a Commercial Airplane’s High-Lift Wing Aerofoil Structure, Which Is Characterized by Highly Turbulent and Complex Air Flow Patterns.
3. Simulation of Aircraft Environmental Control System to Ensure Cabin Passengers Thermal Comfort.

Siemens Simcenter Star CCM+ Optimate

Optimate and the adjoint method in Siemens STAR CCM+ can be used Jointly in conjunction to Maximize the Performance Benefit Out of your Engineering Design Exploration Efforts.
Regardless of your Engineering Technical skill and experience level, both Seasoned and Users can Kick start their Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Exploration Projects with Star CCM+ Optimate to Develop an Early Conceptual design and continue to fine-tune it using the adjoint approach.
Using the Star CCM+ Optimate add-on Software Module:


1. Intelligent Automation

Intelligently Automated Simulation Workflow Process for Setting up, Performing and Postprocessing Product design studies, including Input parameter sweeps, design of experiments (DoE) and single and Multi-objective Engineering design optimization refinement.


2. Efficient Adaptive Optimization

Efficient hybrid Adaptive Optimization Simulation Algorithm with a Diverse Mix of search Strategies, Leveraging the best Optimum Approach and Simultaneously Exploring the Product Design Arenas Both Locally and Globally


3. Adjoint Solvers

Offers an Adjoint Solver for Optimization 3D Shape Geometry and Analysis of Economical Sensitivity


4. Shape Geometry Design Optimization

Gain valuable Engineering Performance insight on your 3D Solid CAD Model and morph the geometry Form Factor to Significantly Enhance your Engineering Designs


5. Quantification of the impact of Uncertainty and Variables

Accurately and Deeply Understand how Variables & uncertainties Factors Influence your Engineering Solution


6. Inverse problems

Recognize which Portion of the 3D Shape Geometry Feature that has the Greatest Positive Influence and Impacts on your Multiphysics Simulation Results

Automating Simulation Workflows and Maximizing Computational Resources HEEDS

In addition to the Simcenter portfolio, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ HEEDS is also part of Siemens Multidisciplinary Design Exploration (MDX) toolset. Among the many various other components within the Siemens MDX toolset are HEEDS for automating of simulation analysis workflow and optimizing computational resources, STAR-CD for analyzing in-cylinder flow and combustion and SPEED for electric machine design and analysis.
The Latest Release of the Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software version is exclusively focused on making simulation engineers product development work much more effective.
This will, as a result, enable them to more swiftly discover superior and more refined Engineering designs, faster using Advanced predictive engineering Simulation technology


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Star CCM+ Licensing Option 

Enjoy Development Efficiency Through High-Performance Computing (HPC)

STAR-CCM+ makes HPC-Powered Simulation and Design Exploration Studies Feasible and Highly Affordable With 3 Unique Power Licensing Options:


What’s New in the Latest Releases of Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Version 

Siemens PLM Software has released the latest version of its STAR-CCM+ multidisciplinary simulation software.
This STAR-CCM+ version, the company says, provides CFD simulation engineers a fresh new CFD analysis tools combined with enhanced visual realism that can significantly enhance and accelerate ability to digitally simulate and visualize how a product will functionally perform in the real world using a digital twin–a precise and holistic virtual model of a product’s physical and performance characteristics.
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is poised to become an integral part within Siemens’ nascent Simcenter portfolio, which is a suite of integrated simulation software and test solutions for predictive engineering analytics.


1. STAR-CCM+’s Adaptive Gridding Capability

STAR-CCM+’s advanced adaptive Gridding feature increases the accuracy of a combustion table in a shorter time while keeping the table size at a minimum, according to Siemens.
In one example study of carbon monoxide in gas turbine combustor, Star CCM+ required 5 minutes to create a 128MB combustion table.
An earlier version of STAR-CCM+ created a 1.16GB table of the same model in 19 minutes.
 According to Siemens, the Star CCM+ software’s latest Adaptive Gridding capability for combustion tables significantly minimize CFD computational effort without any undesirable of inaccuracy and precision.


STAR-CCM+ Adaptive Gridding and Photorealistic Ray-Tracing Capabilities
Major added features in STAR-CCM+ include Adaptive Gridding and ray-tracing capabilities as well as innovative simulation models for simulating electrochemical reactions.
Ray-Tracing Functionalities
STAR-CCM+ offers new ray-tracing capabilities that allow simulation engineers to apply photo-realistic renderings to their simulation design and simulation results data.
Using Siemens STAR-CCM+’s new ray-tracing capabilities, professional simulation engineers can recreate photo-realistic renderings of engineering design and simulation results data.  Illustrated here are 2 duplicate CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation results with and without ray tracing.


Siemens STAR-CCM+’s newest ray-tracing capability enables Simulation engineers to apply photorealistic renderings to their engineering design and simulation results with the advanced technology that’s similar to CGI (computer-generated imagery) often used for special effects in entertainment and 3D computer games.
The firm notes that this superior simulation visualization capability is particularly useful when Visually conveying the simulation results to project stakeholders outside of the main simulation community.


Flamelet Combustion Modeling
Engineering Simulation Engineers can easily apply STAR-CCM+ ’s new Adaptive Gridding functionality for combustion tables to all flamelet combustion models.
Applicable to all flamelet combustion models, the company says, dynamic adaptive gridding can reduce table size and corresponding memory usage by up to 30 times, enhancing efficiency and allowing CFD simulation consultants to iterate designs more quickly.


2. Electrochemical Reaction Simulation

Siemens Star CCM+ Software also encompasses multi-component gas species and solid ions models for analyzing electrochemical reactions, such as those that occur with solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).
Enhanced Fuel Cell Efficiency 
With these new engineering simulation features, STAR-CCM+ practitioners are now able to effectively create an accurate digital twin to enhance further the efficiency of their SOFCs, resulting in cleaner cells for generating electricity.


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Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Comprehensive Set of Integrated Disciplines & Physics

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

2. Integrated, Intelligent Design Exploration

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Re-Playable Pipelined Workflow to Reduce Engineering Time Needed

5. Affordable

4. Parallel Computing & Innovative Licensing

4. Proven Track Record

5. Single End-to-End Solving Environment

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Backed by Dedicated Technical Support

Siemens Star CCM+ Software Serves a Broad Range of Industries and Applications


1. Oil and gas:

Oilfield Drilling, Soil erosion, offshore wind studies, Reservoir modeling, Oil Field Containment, Green water loading, Subsea thermal, Separator analysis
Use of Simcenter Star CCM+ for Simulation of Safety Scenarios in Oil & Gas
Consequence Simulation modeling analysis of safety-related issues on an offshore Oil & Gas platform.
Siemens STAR CCM+ Simulation Solutions has helped Many Industry Leaders to Play a Key Leadership Role in Advancing the Pioneering Adoption of Engineering Simulation for technical Engineering Workplace safety Studies for Oil and Gas operations across the World.


2. Life sciences:

Fluid Mixing Efficiency, Respiratory Efficiency, Microparticle interaction microfluidics, Circulatory Blood flow, and Hemodynamics
Featured Case Study: Catheter design and Optimization via CFD Simulation and Design exploration
Catheters are among some of the most often used Biomedical instruments, employed in a Broad range of Medical procedures including the Clinical administration of intravenous fluids (IV), Medical drug delivery, and Patient dialysis Treatments.
In order to maximize the effectiveness of a catheter for a specific application, medical device product engineers are increasingly turning to engineer simulation to design catheters best suited for achieving specific objectives.
In the case of a medical drug delivery catheter, for example, the ultimate objective is more efficient and consistent drug delivery, while ensuring that the catheter design does not negatively impact the fluid flow dynamics that affect thrombus generation and recirculation.


3. Aerospace:

Aerodynamics, Aerospace propulsion, thermal dissipation, aeroelasticity, aeroacoustics, icing, store separation, environmental control systems (ECS)


4. Energy:

Gas and steam turbines, Industrial compressors, Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), pumps, Balance of plant (BOP) renewable energy, Nuclear energy, Energy storage systems (ESS)


5. Marine:

Vessel Aerodynamics, Marine Vessel Hydrodynamics, Marine Propellers, Fluid Sloshing, Mooring, Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Evaporation, Fluid-structure interaction (FSI)


6. Ground transportation:

Aeroacoustics, Aerodynamics, Thermal heat Protection, Powertrain Transmission Mechanism, High Tech Manufacturing, Fuselage Thermal comfort of Passengers


7. Chemical process:

Mixing and Stirred Tank Reactors, Particulate flow, Chemical combustion, Cyclone separation, Packed-bed reactors, Safety, and environment


8. Electronics:

Passive Natural convection cooling, Forced Thermal Convection cooling, Thermal Conduction cooling, Liquid Thermal Cooling

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Over the years, BroadTech Engineering has Set Itself Apart By Striving To Exceed Client Expectations In Terms of Accuracy, Timeliness and Knowledge Transfer. Our Process is Both Cost-Effective and Collaborative, Ensuring That We Solve Our Clients Problems.

  1. FEA Consulting
  2. CFD Consulting
  3. Electronic Design Consulting
  4. Semiconductor Design Consulting


At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
We can help walk you through the software acquisition process, installation, and technical support.

  1. Siemens Star CCM+
  2. Femap (FEA)
  3. HEEDS Design Optimization
  4. Solid Edge (CAD)
  5. Proplus Solutions SPICE Simulator
  6. Proplus Solutions DFY Platform
  7. Proplus Solutions High-Capacity Waveform Viewer


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