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Solid Edge from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.


Solid Edge 2020 Generative design – A True Computer-Driven Design

In the Latest Solid Edge 2020 release in Singapore, it features the generative design functionality
Also known as topology optimization among Siemens Solid Edge Users, generative design Transforms 3D CAD modeling from “computer-aided” to “computer-driven” – with resulting Organic Shape forms that look very much like nature.

Maximize the Intrinsic Value and Returns of your investment Committed.

A deeply Seasoned network of value-added Channel partner resellers All the globe provides 24×7 technical support and training for your entire Product design team to Guarantee your success.
Achieve continuous value and maximize your return on investment in Solid Edge by harnessing the power of maintenance, enhancements, and support (ME&S). The Solid Edge Software Suite Offerings Offers easy to use, affordable,  industry-leading solutions, and much more. Integrated with outstanding Solid Edge Client support, an Active and Lively User community, and Siemens Technical knowhow, Solid Edge Offers an advantage that can assist you to design and Realize tomorrow’s Technical innovations.
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Solid Edge Packages Available:

  1. Solid Edge Design and Drafting
  2. Solid Edge Foundation
  3. Solid Edge Classic
  4. Solid Edge Premium 

The Solid Edge 2020 Portfolio
Solid Edge mechanical and electrical Allows you to design/Engineer Extremely
Powerful yet easy-to-use mechanical and electrical engineering design applications, available in a broad range of Software Bundles.

Optimize Geometry Form-Factors to achieve Your Design goals

Often we get asked in a Typical Solid Edge vs Solidworks Dialogue with customers, what makes Solid Edge Different from Solidworks? The Classic Reply is Solid Edge’s Generative design Functionality.
Generative design is a Design Design Workflow that Uncovers the most Innovatively efficient shape Geometry based on Predefined material Data, Physical constraints, and Loading stresses.

Solid Edge – A World-Class Parasolid 3D Modeling software

At the Core of the Solid Edge 2019 Product portfolio is Siemens Parasolid® software Solutions,  the Engineering industry’s most Broadly Adopted computer-aided geometric CAD modeling kernel.
Parasolid Allows the Easy creation and Changing of Virtual 3D models and Offer 100 percent 3D CAD model Interoperability between Critical Engineering Functions such as Engineering development applications such as Engineering Design, CAE Numerical simulation, Design Validation, and Large scale manufacturing.
  1. Solid Edge Simulation

    Accelerate Engineering CFD Simulation and FEA Analysis, Forecast Design performance and reduce Reliance on Physical prototypes.

  2. Solid Edge Data Management

    Streamline Cross-functional Team collaboration, Boost Engineering workflows and accelerate engineering Modifications.

  3. Solid Edge Technical Publications

    Swiftly author Precise Engineering instructions for product Fabrication, Deployment, and maintenance.

  4. Solid Edge Manufacturing

    Cutting Edge solutions for manufacturing,  Encompassing CNC Component machining and Advanced 3D additive manufacturing

  5. Solid Edge Cloud-based Collaboration

    Secure, password-Protected CAD Model file management, Access, sharing and markup for ease of collaboration.

Solid Edge 2020 Generative design: How is it different?

Solid Edge 2020 Generative design: How is it different?

With traditional Engineering design, you Usually create multiple Design Variants, then Assess, Test and optimize one or more Design Iteration, based on your Functional design goals.
With Solid Edge Newest generative design Innovation, you start with your Engineering design Objectives, and algorithms automatically generate optimized design options for Attaining them.
You can use Solid Edge Software to Generate Many iterations of Engineering Ideas, identifying Design options to meet various Engineering goals (i.e. weight reduction).
The Streamlined Workflow in Solid Edge Premium Usually results in Smooth organic Design Shape Form-factors similar to those seen in nature.

1. Intuitively Design with goals in mind

Looking to Buy Solid Edge? You’ll be happy to know that Solid Edge’s Integrated Generative design Methodology used in Solid Edge ST10 is meant to create 3D models that meet your Engineering design goals and conform With Pre-existing Design constraints, with lighter weight compo­nents and minimal material usage.
This Solid Edge Synchronous Generative Design process can also drive innovation, by breaking through our Conventional Impression of what a Mechanical Product design should look like and creating shape Geometries that are Efficiently optimized for that specific purpose.
All the Engineering user Require to do is Occasionally guide the Solid Edge PDM software in the Design workspace – defining fixed points or inputs, Force Loadings, and Engineering Part materials.

2. Solid Edge for Generative design & Component Light Weighting

Advanced Engineering Generative design in Solid Edge PLM Seamlessly integrates advanced Topology optimization within the Solid Edge 3D CAD modeling toolkit, Assisting Engineers to Generate Drastically lighter components, minimize material waste in downstream manufacturing Operation Workflow, and also Generate Very customized designs well-suited for Part casting or high-resolution 3D printing Additive manufacturing.
Generative design in Solid Edge 2020 Software is unique in that it results to in a “ready-to-print” surface Built quality.
At a very Competitive Solid Edge Price point, Obtain a reduced-mass 3D geometric solution of a specific material optimized within a 3D design space, accounting for permissible Force loads and Boundary constraints.
Immediately Fabricate the body via Innovative additive Manufacturing processes, use it as a Main Foundation for mold base Engineering design, or Utilize the Solid Edge 2D toolkit to further Improve the Design shape Form-factor for Conventional manufacturing.


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Visualize and Validate your Ideas with Next Generation technology, from Augmented Reality to Model

Compress Product Engineering Development time with Seamless integration & Validation of Electrical and Mechanical design Concepts. 

Core CAD Enhancements

Solid Edge supports all major 3D files so that you can continue working on the CAD format you are familiar with

Solid Edge_Core CAD Enhancements - File Formats_614x81

1. Model-Based DefinItion

Enjoy Gains in Engineering Productivity Output with Model-based Definition & Total Digital Characterization

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Make Design Concepts with 3D Immersive & Realistic AR Visualization

3. Reverse Engineering

Render Digital Twin Quicker & Simpler with Next Gen Integrated CAD Technologies

4. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Integrated with Latest Manufacturing Technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing


Put your Designs in Motion with Simulation Tools Built for Designers, Powerful Enough for Analysts

Solid Edge Fully Embedded CFD Analysis Tool, FloEFD, enables You to Front-load Simulation by moving CFD simulation early into the design process. This enables Design Engineers to Examine & Evaluate Design Ideas earlier to obtain optimized Performance & Reliability


Powerful, Scalable Simulation Solutions

Empower Engineers to Choose the Best CAE Tools for Specific Simulation Requirements.

Validate, Optimize Design Early to Save Time & Cost

Virtually Validate & Optimize Engineering Design with Modules such as FloEFD Solid Edge

Why Solid Edge ?

Don’t Just Model, Innovate!

How does Solid Edge 2020 Generative Design work?

Generative design Function in Solid Edge CAD Modeling is accomplished through a simple workflow, where the user defines Geometry Dimension constraints and Environmental Loading conditions, and the Solid Edge Generative Design system automatically provides resulting options.
  1. Input the Engineering design space (or envelope).
  2. Add load case.
  3. Add Physical constraints.
  4. Choose the design for manufacturing settings.
  5. Generate Shape design.
  6. Assess the strength of your Simulation FEA Data Data.

Solid Edge Design: Next-generation Engineering Design Innovation

– Create the Optimized Engineering Dimension design between Overall Assembly weight and Structural strength using topology optimization with Solid Edge generative design
– CAD-CAM integration within Solid Edge PLM allows you to Easily 3D print prototype Concepts to Actual production-ready parts with additive manufacturing techniques such as Rapid prototyping (RP)
Solid Edge Synchronous Capabilities Allows you to Seamlessly scan, Modify, and produce product Designs with new reverse engineering Design Function
– Dramatically improve product design Operation efficiency with Siemens Solid Edge Innovative convergent modeling Technologies
– Continual Improvements in Solid Edge synchronous technology integrated into Solid Edge Software raise the bar of fast and flexible 3D CAD Solid modeling

1. Evolve using Convergent Technology

The Very optimized and Enhanced Engineering components Created from generative design can be further modified with Solid Edge Simulation and convergent modeling.
The meshed results are seamlessly Fused into the Main model Creation Workflow, Enabling you to Achieve to your final Finished design quickly.
The 3D CAD models created through Solid Edge generative design in conjunction with Solid Edge NX and Solid Edge FloEFD be used in Complete assembly models Parallel traditional b-rep models and can be placed onto drawing sheets.

2. Transitioning from CAD to Manufacturing

With resulting 3D designs that can be incredibly complex, how do you make them real?
Generative designs Functionality in Solid Edge Classic are Highly Suitable for 3D printing, can be further Enhanced for Conventional manufacturing Methods.

3. Ready for 3D Printing

The Engineering Components Coming from Solid Edge 2019 Utilizing generative iteration is ready for manufacturing via additive Manufacturing processes.
Today’s high-resolution 3D Additive printers can Process the Highly Advanced Geometry shapes, Compressing your new product Development time-to-market or Accelerating Fabrication of replacement Engineering Components.
The surface Render quality of the 3D CAD model commonly used in Solid Edge Drafting is Now All ready to be 3D printed using Additive Manufacturing without Needing any additional Manual 3D CAD modeling or Editing Required.

Solid Edge CAE Simulation


Integrated and accessible from within Solid Edge, Solid Edge Simulation Boost Engineering design analysis and Assist you to reduce or eliminate engineering prototype Variants.
Solid Edge NX CAE Simulation Deploys the Very Popular and powerful Simcenter Nastran, ® software solver, so you can Quickly analyze 3D parts and assemblies or complete Engineering Systems and easily solve Advanced complex fit, Tolerance and Positioning constraints with confidence.
Also, at a Highly Affordable Solid Edge License Cost, Solid Edge FloEFD Software Provides Power Engineering Simulation solutions for Performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Simulation, free surface Liquid flow, and Dynamic thermal and transient Thermal heat transfer Events.
With these Advanced CAE Simulation Software tools, Companies and Engineers alike can predict the real-world Functional performance of your  Engineering Design.
This Assist Businesses and you to Conserve the Engineering time and Cost required to Fabricate multiple physical prototypes

Why is Solid Edge FloEFD the right solution?

Solid Edge FloEFD technology, Initially introduced to the Solid Edge ST10 Technology Industry in Beginning 1991, has been used by thousands of Product Design engineers to front-load CFD Analysis in the Engineering design process. This means that the engineer can perform various Engineering Simulation studies, such as Natural Ventilation CFD Simulation to validate Building layout design, Airflow Simulation to Improve building aerodynamics, HVAC CFD Simulation and Data Center CFD Studies to optimize the energy efficiency performance of Data Center HVAC Implementations.
The award-winning Solid Edge FloEFD will not disturb or Need Troublesome modification of the Engineering workflow.
Solid Edge FloEFD simply Complements into the Development process in Solid Edge Premium Suite without any disruption.
Offers increased Versatility to test Several design Concepts in Much fewer Hours – when the R&D Money committed to the Engineering project is Smaller and fairly flexible.
It Assists the Engineering design Department to become Significantly more efficient at discarding suboptimal Engineering ideas Earlier and let the CAE Simulation Engineers in the CFD Research and Consultancy team focus on solving more complex Engineering analysis Challenges and complete Design Validation faster.

Frontloaded CFD solutions Provide significant Engineering time savings.

The Traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation, such as FSI Simulation includes Several subprocesses, such as CAD Geometry Clean Up, Setting Configuring Boundary Conditions Inputs, Mesh Creating, Solve (Batch), Simulation Data Post-Processing and Report Generation
With Solid Edge FloEFD, it simplifies the Engineering simulation Process to Only just 3D Geometry Transfer, Creation of Fluid Domain and Meshing, where it allows the CFD Flow Modeling processes to Require as low as 25%~35% of the Earlier time.
• Before CFD Design analysis can Start as part of the CFD Analysis Services, the 3D model has to mesh.
With Conventional CFD Fluid Flow Analysis, the Mechanical engineer has to be fully Familiar in which Core algorithm best depicts the Fluid flow phenomenon being Analyzed.
Frontloaded CFD Modeling Simulation solutions Often used by Engineering Companies Offering CFD services have an automated mesher Function that will automatically generate the best Optimized mesh for the problem being set up.
The FloEFD software has built- Integrated Smart intelligence such as SmartCells™ that make it use even Rough meshes without Affecting Precision.
Solid Edge FloEFD from Siemens PLM Assist us to better understand and optimize headlamps Functionality.
Even very complex Shapes and test Environments can be Accurately investigated using Solid Edge Flow Simulation with a Little of effort Required.
Newly Introduced features such as Monte-Carlo radiation and the LED Add-on Features module are Particularly helpful in speeding the Engineering development of Highly complex Designs for CFD Consulting Companies.”
— Automotive Lighting

Overview to Solid Edge FloEFD Simulation Software

How do you Evolve to become more Operationally Efficient? Do you continue to Execute the same Routine Repeatedly over and over again and Anticipating a different outcome?
Or do you Carefully Study every Sequence in the Workflow to Ensure you have an optimal one that Allows your Mechanical Engineering team to work smarter and produce more? Surveys conducted by multiple industry analysts and CAE Engineering Simulation vendors Seems to suggest that Businesses that have been identified as the most successful in their Industry Evaluate Engineering performance of their Prototype designs early by Utilizing CFD Simulation analysis Approaches such as Flow Turbulent Modeling.
during the design process and promote Cross-functional collaboration and Facilitate sharing Technical knowledge between CAE Simulation experts and design Designers.
Interestingly, testing & Validating an engineering Concept only at the Early Prototyping stage is very costly.
Base On a report by Lifecycle Insights failed prototypes lead to project milestones being missed, extra rounds of Design Evaluation and having to Invest work long Development hours among many other Problems.

Simulate early, simulate Frequently using Solid Edge FLOEFD

The Advantages of using Frontloaded CFD Fluid Dynamics Software for simulating early as a part of the Engineering Development Workflow have been documented Comprehensively. The Development Expense of Implementing each engineering Design change Grows with each step from Initial concept to Actual production.

Development Price is Largely Determined by Design Decisions Early in the Engineering  Process

The International Extremely competitive landscape for Factory is squeezing everyone – from the Tier 1 Car Making Businesses to Industrial electronics goods manufacturers. It is shortening the Needed time to Deliver to market and with little warning.
This high- Stress Operating environment requires Extremely high Efficiency from its players Leading in either Performing things Quicker and leaner without Sacrificing on Product Manufacturing quality or Lossing the Opportunity away to a hungrier competitor who is ready to do whatever it takes.
Base on the U.S. Ministry of Defense (as reported by the Defense Acquisition University), while 20 percent of the actual Expense has been Incurred, Around 80 percent of the total life-cycle Expense of U.S. defense projects were determined by the test phase 2.
In other words, the cost of the Engineering the product was Fixed in by Engineering Design decisions made during the early Conceptual Phases when little is Unknown about the Performance of the Engineering design. Also, the Price to Rectify Engineering defects rose as you Progress further down the Development Workflow.
Even though this data is from the defense sector, Business entities Are all Probably face similar lifecycle costs. For electro-mechanical Engineering designs, Using CFD Software Packages for performing CAE Engineering simulation and Providing FSI Analysis Services early and often is important.
The right Engineering Software Solutions need to be made Accessible at the right time so that the Engineering information can be accessed for early evaluation. This practice is called frontloading.

Disadvantages of Conventional CFD Software – Extremely Long Solving Time

The Conventional CFD Flow Simulation tool required Much more time investment For the Initial preprocessing Phase, Particularly for 3D CAD model Geometry Clean-up, which Consist time Required for transferring the 3D model out from the CAD package and then healing it. It also required significantly more Engineering time for mesh Meshing. During the Solving Stage, the traditional CFD Computational Fluid Analysis tool Requires Drastically longer Duration to Compute the problem given the size of the mesh.
Arguably, the solution Computation time for computationally intensive simulation such as Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics can be handled with brute force by throwing as many CPU processors as Commercially Feasible at the Simulation problem.
However, when comparing apples to apples (using the same hardware), Solid Edge FloEFD required Significantly less time to solve the same Engineering Modeling Case involving the Optimization of Ship Hydrodynamics Performance.
When looking at the entire process of performing the Ship Hydrodynamics Design Optimization, Solid Edge FloEFD required only 4 hours versus 40 hours to complete the same Development task, with the same accuracy.
Needless to say, the Engineering design team is now using Solid Edge FloEFD in Designing a complex shape channel.
“ Solid Edge FloEFD computational Flow dynamics Solutions, which is an Integrated part of Siemens Solid Edge enables design engineers without a Computational fluid Simulation Training to Execute Multiphysics CFD thermal Analysis Modeling as well as Multiphase Flow Simulation using Frontloaded CFD Thermal Analysis Software.
The result is that we got the Exact design Correct the Very first time, only had to Fabricate one Actual prototype and avoided expensive Product design Modification that Usually Happens in the Later Phases of the Product Design process.”
— Azonix
Solid Edge FloEFD enables me and ESD Consultancy Firms to Swiftly Simulate these Design Concepts using Wind-Driven Rain Simulation.
This allows us to make a Quick initial Evaluation before Additional detailed Engineering analysis is Done later in the Development program.
It’s an extremely Time-efficient Approach to work in very unforgiving Schedules.”
— Bromley Technologies Ltd.
“ CAD- Integrated CFD Engineering Modeling of Jet Fan CFD Simulation and Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis Studies in Within Solid Edge 2D/3D software makes it Feasible to Assess CFD simulation results nearly as fast as we can change the Engineering design Geometry for our Fan CFD consultancy Project we do for our clients.
The result from the Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis, Axial Fan CFD Simulation Simulation and Centrifugal Pump Impeller CFD Analysis Study are that we were able to Boost the Airflow rate of our new CO2 Mechanical valve Design by 15 percent while Avoiding Approximately 50 prototypes and Shortening time to market Launch by at Least four months.”


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Solid Edge Portfolio

Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.

Mechanical Design

Speeds Up Design Iteration of Lighter, Stronger Parts with Topology Optimization, Generative design, Synchronous Design suited for today’s additive Manufacturing Processes. 


Front-Load Simulation early in Design Development, to Shorten Time-to-Manufacture, & Cost-to-Manufacture

Electrical Design

Overcome Electrical Design Challenges early in the Design Cycle with Solid Edge Integrated Electrical Design


Design for Manufacture (DFM) Capabilities suitable for Both Conventional & Additive Manufacturing

Cloud Ready

Enjoy online Cloud-based CAD Data management, Viewing Access, Dynamic markup, Secured Sharing & Collaboration with Solid Edge Portal

Technical Publications

Dynamically Generate technical Documentations that Communicate the most efficient Engineering Workflow for Your Products.

Data Management

Highly Scalable Engineering data management Tools & PLM capabilities Integrated into Solid Edge

Customer References

Some of our customers who benefited from choosing Solid Edge 

48.3% of SMB manufacturers believe their efforts around digital transformation will be essential to their company’s survival in the next 3-5 years.


Thriving In the Digital Economy

Solid Edge with synchronous technology will reshape the way you think about product design.

“Digitalization has also made it possible to better track and manage the materials used in production and Thermoplan’s quality assurance processes. The company can now also offer customer service remotely over the internet; for example, by providing instructions for replacing the water filter.”

Adrian Steiner

CEO and co-owner, Thermoplan

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A CAD Modeling Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How Solid Edge Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

 Solid Edge Mechanical and Electrical Design

Across All Technology industries, Engineering products are increasingly Getting More Intelligent, embedded with Electronics systems and connected, Specially Adapted to improve our Workflow productivity and simplify our everyday lives.
 , Developing and Manufacturing those Advanced Finished Finished products is anything but simple.
Solid Edge Highly integrated mechanical and electrical design (MCAD/ECAD) CAD Modeling applications offer the most Reliable yet Highly easy-to-use Product design Software tools available.
A Highly modular and scalable CAD application, Solid Edge design is available in four Distinctive Software packages, Starting from basic design and 2D Engineering Dimensioning drafting capabilities to a premium version that Encompasses Powerful CAD capabilities for Innovating more Sophisticated embedded systems. While your digital design starts with Solid Edge design, you Don’t want to stop here.
The integrated Solid Edge Wiring Design makes it easier to Plan the wiring of electrical systems, with electrically-aware schematic tools and built-in design rule checks to Verify correct-by-construction design.
With a Fully seamless Engineering dataStream between the 2D Electrical wiring Layout, 2D harness, and 3D MCAD ECAD domains, each Multi-disciplinary Engineering team can Clearly understand and trace the Influence of Engineering design decisions across Functional domains. Schematic capture and PCB layout tools are also Accessible, including Electrical sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement, and ECAD/MCAD collaboration to Streamline printed circuit board (PCB) Layout design.

Solid Edge User Community

Network with other Solid Edge Drafting users and Boost your Overall productivity.
The Expanding and vibrant Solid Edge User Community includes Engineers, Professors, Renowned mentors, Passionate makers, start-ups Engineers, and co-creative & Fun communities, Providing a Sense of Common Support and ongoing camaraderie.
The Solid Edge user Discussion forum Offers Detailed tutorials, blogs, videos, and tips and tricks to improve your Engineering productivity.
Regional user meetings and learning Seminars provide Avenues to network with like-minded peers and deepen your Technical Competency with Solid Edge CAD Software. You can even become Officially certified in Solid Edge At the comfort of your desk. The Solid Edge certification Tutorial Training and exam are Specially designed to Assess Technical skills and recognize Solid Edge Certified Professionals for their expertise. 

Maximize the Core Value and Returns of your investment Committed.

A deeply Seasoned network of value-added Channel partner resellers All around the globe provides 24×7 technical support and training for your Whole Product design team to ensure your success.
Achieve continuous value and maximize your return on investment in Solid Edge by harnessing the power of maintenance, enhancements, and support (ME&S). The Solid Edge software portfolio Offerings delivers easy to use, Economical, industry-leading solutions, and much more. Integrated with outstanding Solid Edge customer support, an Active and engaged User community, and Siemens Technical knowhow, Solid Edge provides an advantage that can assist you to design and deliver tomorrow’s Engineering innovations.
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