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Solid Edge from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.


Solid Edge Flow Simulation


A Complete Product Development Portfolio – Overview

Solid Edge Flow Simulation Software is a Highly Popular CAD software in Singapore, especially among companies that design Heavy Machinery and Consumer products using CFD Software such as STAR-CCM+.
Solid Edge Flow Simulation

Introduction to Solid Edge FloEFD Flow Modeling Software

How do you Evolve to become more Operationally productive? Do you continue to Execute the same thing repeated over and over again and Anticipating a New outcome?
Or do you Carefully examine every Sequence in the process to ensure you have an optimal one that Allows your Mechanical Engineering team to Perform smarter and Generate more?
Surveys Performed by multiple industry analysts and CAE Engineering Simulation Companies Seems to suggest that Businesses that have been identified as the most in their Industry Evaluate Functional performance of their engineering designs early by using CFD Simulation analysis methods such as Flow Turbulent Modeling.
during the Engineering process and promote Cross-functional collaboration and Assist sharing Technical knowledge between CAE analysis Professionals and Product Designers.
Interestingly, testing & Evaluating an engineering Concept only at the Early prototype Phase has been proven to be highly costly.
Base On a report by Lifecycle Insights, failed prototypes Often Causes project milestones being missed, Additional rounds of Prototype testing and having to Endure work long Development hours among many other issues.

FrontLoading Engineering Flow Simulation is an Integrated Part of Modern Engineering Portfolio

Many frontloaded Engineering simulation Verification Solutions are available for Utilization by Product design engineers.
About as long as 20 years ago, the first wave of CFD simulation Software Solutions, CFD Meshing Software, and FEA stress analysis Software, was introduced for use during the early Engineering Development Phases and it quickly became an Integrated Phase in the Engineering process.
Now, Every major MCAD vendor, such as Solid Edge FEA Software Offer design-level Mechanical stress-strain FEA Analysis as an Integral Part of their Engineering portfolio.

Simulate early, simulate Frequently using Solid Edge FLOEFD Flow Simulation

The Advantages of using Frontloaded CFD Fluid Dynamics Software, such as Solid Edge 2020 for simulating early as a part of the Product design process have been studied extensively. The Engineering cost of Deploying Every engineering Design change Grows with each step from the Design concept to Actual Manufacturing.

Development Price is Mainly Determined by Engineering Decisions Early in the Development Process

Base On the U.S. Ministry of Defense (as reported by the Military Acquisition University), while 20 percent of the actual cost has been accrued, Around 80 percent of the total life-cycle Expense of U.S. defense projects were determined by the Testing phase 2.
In other words, the Price of the Engineering the product was locked in by Engineering Design decisions Committed during the early Conceptual stages when little is known about the Performance of the Engineering design. Also, the Price to fix Engineering defects rose as you Progress further down the Development process.
Even though this data is from the Military sector, Business Organization Are all Probably Facing similar lifecycle costs.
For electro-mechanical Engineering designs, Using CFD Software Packages such as Solid Edge Premium for performing CAE Engineering Modeling and Rendering FSI Analysis Services early and Frequently is important.
The Correct Development Software tools such as Solid Edge Classic need to be made Accessible at the right time so that the Technical information can be accessed for early evaluation. This practice is called frontloading.

Precise and Quick CAE Flow Simulation Analysis using Solid Edge

Solid Edge FloEFD is the only Established and right solution for frontloading CFD.
CFD simulation Executed in conjunction with Solid Edge Flow Simulation as a Critical step during the Product design Phase is no longer a Good to have, it is an absolute must.
Businesses that choose to Adapt and Deploy that change will Economically prosper.
Those who do not will Persist to waste precious Company resources.
Can your business afford to be in the 2nd group?
Call us today for a free, no-obligation and in-depth analysis of how Solid Edge Synchronous Technology can help you Boost your team’s Overall Engineering productivity and contribution to profit immediately.
“ CAD- Integrated CFD Numerical Modeling of Jet Fan CFD Simulation and Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis Analysis Within Solid Edge 2D/3D software makes it possible to Assess CAE simulation Data nearly as fast as we can Modify the Engineering design Geometry for our Fan CFD consultancy Project we do for our customers.
The result from the Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis, Axial Fan CFD Analysis Simulation, and Centrifugal Pump Impeller CFD Analysis simulation is that we were able to Boost the Fluid flow rate of our new CO2 Mechanical valve Design by 15 percent while eliminating Approximately 50 prototypes and reducing time to market Launch by at Least four months.”


About Solid Edge 2020

Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.
  1. • Visualize design intent with augmented reality.
  2. • Reduce errors and shorten development time with seamless integration of electrical and
  3. mechanical design.
  4. • Validate designs with new integrated motion and vibration simulation.
  5. • Reduce manufacturing costs with model – based definition and new 2D nesting capabilities.
  6. • Globally share design documentation with new language translation tools.
  7. • Take control of your data with data management tools that scale with business needs.
  8. •  And cloud – ready collaboration, offering a secure way of sharing product data regardless of origin


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Visualize and Validate your Ideas with Next Generation technology, from Augmented Reality to Model

Compress Product Engineering Development time with Seamless integration & Validation of Electrical and Mechanical design Concepts. 

Core CAD Enhancements

Solid Edge supports all major 3D files so that you can continue working on the CAD format you are familiar with

Solid Edge_Core CAD Enhancements - File Formats_614x81

1. Model-Based DefinItion

Enjoy Gains in Engineering Productivity Output with Model-based Definition & Total Digital Characterization

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Make Design Concepts with 3D Immersive & Realistic AR Visualization

3. Reverse Engineering

Render Digital Twin Quicker & Simpler with Next Gen Integrated CAD Technologies

4. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Integrated with Latest Manufacturing Technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing


Put your Designs in Motion with Simulation Tools Built for Designers, Powerful Enough for Analysts

Solid Edge Fully Embedded CFD Analysis Tool, FloEFD, enables You to Front-load Simulation by moving CFD simulation early into the design process. This enables Design Engineers to Examine & Evaluate Design Ideas earlier to obtain optimized Performance & Reliability


Powerful, Scalable Simulation Solutions

Empower Engineers to Choose the Best CAE Tools for Specific Simulation Requirements.

Validate, Optimize Design Early to Save Time & Cost

Virtually Validate & Optimize Engineering Design with Modules such as FloEFD Solid Edge

Why Solid Edge ?

Don’t Just Model, Innovate!

Benefits of FrontLoading Engineering Flow Simulation

By frontloading FEA stress simulation and Performing analysis, such as Aerodynamics Simulation early during the Initial Development stage, Companies did not stop Performing FEA simulation Analysis during the Concept validation Phase.
CAE Simulation, such as Airfoil Simulation Fundamentally became a method by which Performance Patterns were examined and less desirable. design ideas were dismissed.
However, unlike the Design Evaluation stage, during the Engineering design phase, speed is Very Important.
Design Engineers Require to use Computational Aeroacoustics to Accurately Model not only at the early stage but also often to keep in Sync with the speed of Engineering design Modification.
By iterating rapidly, engineers can Eliminate the less attractive Concepts and innovate more.
Once a design concept has been explored using Wind flow Analysis and Shortlisted as viable, it can Proceed on to the Design verification stage.

FrontLoading CAE Flow Simulation is an Integral Part of Today’s Solid Edge Engineering Portfolio

Several frontloaded Engineering simulation Verification tools are available for Utilization by Product design engineers.
About as long as 20 years ago, the first wave of CFD simulation Software Solutions, CFD Meshing Software, and FEA stress analysis Tools, was Launched for use during the Initial Engineering Development stages and it Swiftly became an integral step in the Engineering Workflow. Now, Every major MCAD Companies provide design-level Mechanical stress-strain FEA simulation as an Integrated part of their Engineering portfolio.
The practice of FrontLoading CAE Simulation Early has now Passed to new Applications including Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis – Traditionally the reserved Area of the Specialized Consultants during the Technical validation phase.
Frontloading Offers the best Platform for design-centric CFD Simulation.
This is also Like what in the Previously was called “upfront” CFD, except that here we are Speaking about Seamlessly embedding CFD in CAD Modeling Process, which adds Tremendously benefits throughout a product’s Fabrication process.
Market research Information such as this from Lifecycle Insights highlights top Goals for Computational fluid Analysis as an Engineering Development tool:
  1. Meet product Design requirements
    (for example: Minimizing Overall weight, faster speed, complex behavior Dynamics, etc.)
  2. Avert Undesirable downstream Engineering delays and costs (for example: reduce testing and prototyping, reduce change orders, etc.)
  3. Fulfill customer Legal obligations or regulatory requirements
  4. Reduce product Engineering lifecycle Expenses
  5. Push production Expenses lower. In short, design engineers can help Lower the number of prototype Variants Manufactured and optimize cost (through Usage of better materials and Design quality), efficiency, as well as improve company Overall Profitability.

Successful Execution is key to Getting Maximum ROI from Solid Edge Flow Simulation

Frontloading CFD Simulation, such as Cooling Tower CFD has Evident benefits but how best Best implement it?
Deploying any change base on Results from CFD Analysis such as Wind Load Analysis Needs a Careful examination of the four key elements of Design Engineering and product development:
  1. The Final product To be Developed and designed
  2. The Engineering Workflow being used to design it
  3. The Product Development designer
  4. The end consumer of the finished product

Executive summary

The global Extremely competitive Environment manufacturing is Pressing everyone – from the Tier 1 automotive Making Businesses to Consumer electronics goods manufacturers. It is shortening the Needed time to Launch to market and with little warning.
This high-Stress Operating environment requires Extremely Efficient productivity from its players Leading To either doing things Quicker and leaner without Sacrificing on Product built quality or giving the Opportunity away to a hungrier competitor who is willing to Execute whatever it takes.
Each Input Parameter Under consideration in the CFD Simulation, such as Centrifugal Pump Simulation is a potential source of Added complexity and Refinement.
However, the process and the Engineer can be Adapted for immediate productivity gains. The product will be automatically Refined as a direct result.

The Expanding Role Today’s Product Development designer

Today’s typical Product Development designer is Often a mechanical Design engineer.
During the Journey of their Foundational Training most mechanical Design engineers have been Shown to the Fundamentals of CFD Modeling Concepts in one shape, form or another.
But More importantly, a Design engineer using Solid Edge Generative Design Capabilities to work on the Actual design of Each product is fully Fluent in the Technical Context of what he or she is designing.
For Instance, a Mechanical engineer Developing on the Engineering design of Car lighting Received the Task because he had a Foundational background in Electro-Mechanical design, Thermal Simulation Approaches and is Knowledgeable with the Fundamental properties and Dynamics of Car lighting Performance.
Through the use of Heat Transfer Simulation Analysis, He Fully Appreciates that electronics Produces Thermal heat and the Adverse effect of excessive Thermal heat on Functional performance.
Also, through the use of CFD Thermal Analysis, He Appreciates that squeezing Circuits and electronics into an Enclosed enclosure will create thermal Issues.
Using Transient Thermal Analysis Simulation, He understands that many electronic components are at his disposal to reduce the Overall Thermal heat, including heat-sinks for Heat Dissipation.
Even the use of different materials may result in a different operating condition that may change the Influence of heat.
In Summary, Mechanical Development engineers Trained in Performing Steady-State Thermal Analysis Modeling are more than Able To using CFD Simulation Software For assessing and Resolve the Engineering Challenges using Multiphysics Simulation Analysis.
They are also able to Validate multiple design variants using Thermodynamics Simulation to see which Design Concepts are the most Efficient, Evaluating them, and Creating a Robust Engineering design.
Industry Studies Finds that Mechanical design engineers are Performing Computational fluid Analysis in great numbers :
“ Solid Edge FloEFD computational Flow dynamics software, which is an integral part of Siemens Solid Edge enables Development engineers Lacking a Computational fluid analysis Training to Execute Multiphysics CFD thermal Analysis simulation as well as Multiphase Flow Simulation using Frontloaded CFD Thermal Analysis Software.
The Outcome is that we got the Exact design Correct the Very first time, only had to Fabricate one Physical prototype and avoided expensive Engineering design Modifications that typically occurs in the Later Phases of the Product Design Workflow.”
— Azonix


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Solid Edge Portfolio

Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.

Mechanical Design

Speeds Up Design Iteration of Lighter, Stronger Parts with Topology Optimization, Generative design, Synchronous Design suited for today’s additive Manufacturing Processes. 


Front-Load Simulation early in Design Development, to Shorten Time-to-Manufacture, & Cost-to-Manufacture

Electrical Design

Overcome Electrical Design Challenges early in the Design Cycle with Solid Edge Integrated Electrical Design


Design for Manufacture (DFM) Capabilities suitable for Both Conventional & Additive Manufacturing

Cloud Ready

Enjoy online Cloud-based CAD Data management, Viewing Access, Dynamic markup, Secured Sharing & Collaboration with Solid Edge Portal

Technical Publications

Dynamically Generate technical Documentations that Communicate the most efficient Engineering Workflow for Your Products.

Data Management

Highly Scalable Engineering data management Tools & PLM capabilities Integrated into Solid Edge

Customer References

Some of our customers who benefited from choosing Solid Edge 

48.3% of SMB manufacturers believe their efforts around digital transformation will be essential to their company’s survival in the next 3-5 years.


Thriving In the Digital Economy

Solid Edge with synchronous technology will reshape the way you think about product design.

“Digitalization has also made it possible to better track and manage the materials used in production and Thermoplan’s quality assurance processes. The company can now also offer customer service remotely over the internet; for example, by providing instructions for replacing the water filter.”

Adrian Steiner

CEO and co-owner, Thermoplan

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A CAD Modeling Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How Solid Edge Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

Why is Solid Edge FloEFD the right Flow Simulation solution?


Solid Edge FloEFD is Fully embedded in the most Mainstream 3D CAD Modeling Software, such as Solid Edge Classic.
Despite its Varied User Program Graphical User interface (GUI) for each Respective CAD Modeling Software, the Overall User experience of Solid Edge Thermal Simulation remains Largely the same.
Product Designers have Observed being able to Effectively Utilize the FloEFD Program within Solid Edge PDM Software In less than 8 hours of Formal Software training.
This is significantly much Lesser than Conventional CFD programs which can require as long as 12 months of Formal training to Properly use the CFD software productively.
For the Solid Edge price, the benefits it Provides is Regarded by many Engineering Companies to be a good deal.
 Because the Design engineer uses Solid Edge FloEFD in the Solid Edge Software Familiar CAD Modeling environment and uses native CAD geometry, the CAD information does not need to be Manually transferred out of CAD and into Solid Edge FloEFD.
The CAD model Design is immediately available for CAE FEA analysis and Multiphysics Modeling Simulation, thus saving Precious Engineering Hours and effort.
Smart Wizards, Simple engineering Communication, and extensive Material libraries further Improve the Overall User experience and allow the Engineering designer to setup Computational models Swiftly and effortlessly inside the Solid Edge 2D/3D CAD Environment.
Its Automated mesher Enables the Product designer to mesh the model with Least Manual Involvement.
Also, the Solid Edge NX software in Solid Edge Simulation Software automatically recognizes the fluid Domain to be Analyzed.
Solid Edge FloEFD also makes it Extremely easy to Concurrently analyze multiple Variations of the Engineering design.
The Product designer simply Changes the 3D model in CAD, and Solid Edge FloEFD automatically attaches the previously set Simulation Setup information including boundary conditions, Constraints and material Physics properties to the new variant.
Upon remeshing is Finished, the CAD model can again be analyzed using Turbulent Flow Simulation.
Time is of the essence for enabling the Design engineer to Perform CFD analysis promptly to keep up with the fast-moving world of Product Development.

Solid Edge FloEFD Offers Proven Overall Workflow productivity gains

Performing CAE FEA Simulation or CFD Simulation with Solid Edge FloEFD is significantly fast.
The speed is a Direct result of Smart automation, Utilization of an Integrated CAD Modeling Platform, and ease-of-use.

Solid Edge FloEFD significantly saves time.

During a recent benchmark Studies, Product engineers at an aerospace Development Firm Revealed a 10x productivity enhancement with Solid Edge FloEFD compared to a traditional CFD package when simulating pressure loss

Disadvantages of Traditional CFD Software – Extremely Long Solving Time

The traditional CFD Flow Analysis Software required Much more time investment during the Initial preprocessing stage, especially for 3D CAD model Geometry Clean-up, which included time Needed for transferring the 3D model out from the CAD package and then healing it. It also required significantly more Engineering time for Performing generation. During the solution phase, the traditional CFD Computational Fluid Analysis tool needed a Drastically longer Time to solve the problem given the size of the mesh.
Arguably, the solution Computation time for computationally intensive simulation such as Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics can be Solved with Sheer force by Spending as Several CPU processors as Economically Feasible at the Simulation problem.
However, when Benchmarking apples to apples (using the Identical hardware), Solid Edge FloEFD required Significantly less time to solve the same Engineering Simulation Case involving the Optimization of Ship Hydrodynamics Performance.
When looking at the entire process of performing the Ship Hydrodynamics Design Optimization, Solid Edge FloEFD required Merely 4 hours Compared to 40 hours to complete the same Engineering task, with the Comparable Precision.
Needless to say, the Engineering design team is Currently using Solid Edge FloEFD in Designing a complex shape channel.

Proven Engineering Modeling accuracy

Being fast is good but being Both fast and accurate is Even better.
Solid Edge FloEFD technology has its roots in the Russian aerospace industry and has been in Active Usage since 1991.
Its first True validation was made in partnership with the German Aerospace Centrum (DLR). It Worked on the separation in a rocket nozzle and compared CFD simulation Data versus Actual experiment Data, and the results it generated proved that the Solver technology was Highly solid.
Stage Separation in rocket nozzle during Flight: The first True validation of CFD code made in collaboration with DLR (German Aerospace Centrum).
Since those Initial days, Solid Edge Drafting Software embedded with FloEFD technology has undergone a fair amount of scrutiny by leading aerospace and automotive companies.
In recent years, Solid Edge FloEFD has seen an increase Uptake by ESD Consultants in the Building Performance Industry where Building Performance Simulation is Heavily used for Ventilation CFD Analysis, Macro-climatic Airflow Modeling Simulation, Air Dispersion Modeling Analysis, HVAC CFD Analysis Simulation, Centrifugal Pump CFD Analysis Studies, Jet Fan CFD Analysis Simulation, Air Pollution Dispersion Model Analysis
Most recently the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) Documented a blind benchmarking Test of seven, Mainstream, commercial-CFD, simulation-software Codes to demonstrate the accuracy of each Software tool against Verified Testing results from An Physical wind tunnel.
FloEFD together with Solid Edge PLM CAD Software has once again Demonstrated its accuracy and Performance in this nonpartisan benchmark Study.
“ The Whole Engineering design, Numerical simulation Performing using Ship Hydrodynamics Simulation, and physical testing Assessment process took Less than half the length of Development time it would have taken Utilizing Conventional Engineering design processes.
This means that we were able to Optimize the Ship Hull Design and perform Green Water Loading Studies at a Significantly Faster Rate”
— Marenco AG

Accurate and fast CAE Simulation Analysis

Solid Edge ST10 and FloEFD is the only Trusted and Suitable solution for frontloading CFD. CFD simulation Executed using Solid Edge Flow Simulation as a Critical Process during the Engineering design stage is no longer a luxury, it is an Absolute Requirement.
Businesses that choose to Adapt and Deploy that change will Economically prosper.
Those who do not will continue to Loose precious Development resources.
Can your company afford to be in the latter group?
Call us today for a free, no-obligation and in-depth analysis of how we can assist you to improve your team’s Overall Engineering productivity and contribution to profit immediately.
“ The Main Advantage I got from Solid Edge FLOEFD was that it was embedded with the Solid Edge PDM Software, I Can Conveniently work within a 3D CAD Software and use parametric CAD models.
This made it much easier to change any CAD geometry and therefore run Many Design variants very easily for our HVAC CFD Consulting and Jet Fan CFD Analysis Projects with our Clients 
The accuracy of Solid Edge FloEFD was always Superior for performing HVAC Simulation Analysis for Data Center CFD Analysis.
Solid Edge FloEFD Assisted me to work on Air Flow Analysis and Building Ventilation Analysis contracts that involved very Complicated geometries, such as a stator coil end turn support system, which I wouldn’t have been able to” — E-Cooling GmbH
“ When I use a traditional CFD Simulation approach to Perform aerodynamic simulation Modeling, it can Require Precious weeks get CFD results back but now I can Utilize engineering Simulation feedback within hours. An iterative Methodology is taken with Brand new Engineering projects progressing from Each design to design with the Solidworks CAD Modeling environment”
Solid Edge FloEFD Empowers Engineers and ESD Consultancy Companies to quickly analyze these Design Concepts using Wind-Driven Rain Simulation.
This enables us to make a Fast initial assessment before Additional detailed Engineering analysis is performed on the Actual Solidworks CAD Model later in the Development program.
It’s an extremely Time-efficient Approach to work in very unforgiving Schedules.”
— Bromley Technologies Ltd.
“ CAD-embedded CFD Numerical Modeling of Jet Fan CFD Simulation and Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis Analysis in Solid Edge 2D/3D software makes it Feasible to determine CAE simulation Data nearly as fast as we can change the Actual design Geometry for our Fan CFD consultancy Project we do for our Customers.
The Outcome from the Centrifugal Fan CFD Analysis, Axial Fan CFD Analysis Modeling and Centrifugal Pump Impeller CFD Analysis Study is that we were able to Boost the Air flow rate of our new CO2 Mechanical Tap Design by 15 percent while eliminating about 50 prototypes and Shortening time to market Launch by at Least four months.”

The Origins of Solid Edge FloEFD Flow Simulation

Solid Edge FloEFD technology, Initially introduced to the Solid Edge ST10 Technology market in Beginning 1991, has been Utilized by thousands of Product Design engineers to front-load CFD Analysis in the Engineering design Workflow. This means that the engineer can perform various Engineering Simulation studies, such as Natural Ventilation CFD Analysis to validate Building layout design, Airflow Simulation to Improve building aerodynamics, HVAC CFD Simulation and Data Center CFD Analysis to Improve the energy efficiency Consumption of Data Center HVAC Implementations.
The award-winning Solid Edge FloEFD will not disturb or require Troublesome modification of the Engineering workflow. Solid Edge FloEFD simply Complements into Your Engineering Workflow in Solid Edge Premium Software without any disruption.
It provides increased Versatility to test Several design ideas in Much fewer Hours – when the R&D cost committed to the Development project is Smaller and fairly Adjustable.
It helps the Engineering design Department become Significantly Much efficient at discarding suboptimal Engineering ideas sooner and Allows the CAE Simulation analyst in the CFD Research and Consultancy team to focus on solving more Advanced Engineering analysis Challenges and complete Design verification faster.
The National Institute for Aviation Research has Documented the Hours savings offered by frontloading Simulation comparing it with traditional Simulation methods Adopted by Professional CFD Fluid Dynamics Companies.
In Summary, by Utilizing the Correct Software tool to frontload CFD, you as a CFD Consultancy Will/may be able to significantly Compress your Engineering simulation Solving time and achieve a shorter, more Aggressive engineering design process.
This means getting Actionable results Quickly from your Thermal Comfort analysis studies so that you can accelerate your Green Building CFD Project and deliver on the deliverables Much Quicker
Here are some Instances of successful Deployment of Solid Edge FloEFD™ software, Siemens PLM’s frontloaded CFD solution, by the design group:
“ The most crucial consideration in selecting a Fluid Dynamic Simulation software tool was that all team members in the CFD Company could use it regardless of their level of ability… The people who don’t have any experience of FEA analysis can use it Relatively easily… It was important that the Simulation tool Efficiently integrated with Pro.
We didn’t want to have to Fabricate another model for CFD analysis and being Fully CAD-Integrated we could Efficiently Check various CFD analysis models repeatedly. We also wouldn’t have any Challenge in switching Among Different Development Workflow (from CAD design to CAE analysis).
— Seiko Epson
“ We have eight Engineering designers in our Team and three use Solid Edge FloEFD. You can use it once every three months because you won’t forget how to use it!
The special Point about Solid Edge FloEFD is that you are Significantly closer to reality in this Frontload CFD software, which enabled us to perform various Ship Optimization Simulation Studies, such as Ship Hydrodynamics Simulation Studies, Performing of Ship Propeller CFD to Optimize Thrust and minimizing Hydrodynamic Drag, as well as Ship Propeller Cavitation CFD Studies.”
— Orbotech
“ We like FloEFD Flow simulation capabilities in Solid Edge 2019 because it is fast in the calculation for steady analysis. Since we have no specialist CFD experts, our Engineers take care of CFD Turbulent simulation Simulation of the Centrifugal Pump CFD.
Solid Edge FloEFD is the best for CFD Turbulence Modeling because of its Significantly simplified auto-meshing Configuration Within our preferred CAD Software package, PTC Creo. We found the cut cell CFD function to be very valuable.”
— Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
“ We can show the Completed Engineering design to our Client complete with how it Appears and works Within just one Single day just by using Centrifugal Fan CFD Simulation performed using Solid Edge FloEFD – that Translates to a Financial savings of three weeks and thousands of euros for each Single CAD model. In other words, all design engineers need is access to the right tools at the right stage of design to Guarantee productivity gains along the entire engineering process.”

Solid Edge User Community

Solid Edge User Community


Network with other Solid Edge Drafting users and improve your overall productivity.
The growing and vibrant Solid Edge User Community includes Engineering, Professors, Seasoned mentors, Passionate makers, start-ups Engineers, and co-creative & Fun Societies, Providing a Sense of Common camaraderie and ongoing support.
The Solid Edge 2019 user Discussion Board Offers Detailed tutorials, Articles, Videos, and tips and tricks to Boost your Engineering productivity.
Regional user Conference and learning Seminar Offers Avenues to network with like-minded peers and Widen your Technical Competency with Solid Edge CAD Software. You can even become Officially Accredited in Solid Edge At the comfort of your home. The Solid Edge certification Tutorial Training and Test are Specially designed to evaluate Technical skills and recognize Solid Edge Certified Professionals for their expertise. 

Maximize the Intrinsic Value and value of your investment Committed.

A deeply Seasoned Community of value-added Channel partner resellers All around the globe provides 24×7 technical support and training for your entire Product design team to Guarantee your success.
Achieve continuous value and maximize your return on investment in Solid Edge by harnessing the power of maintenance, enhancements, and support (ME&S). The Solid Edge software portfolio Offerings Offers easy to use, Economical, industry-leading solutions, and much more. Combined with outstanding Solid Edge customer support, a robust and engaged User community, and Siemens technology knowhow, Solid Edge provides an advantage that can help you to design and deliver tomorrow’s Technical innovations.
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