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Introducing Solid Edge


Solid Edge

Solid Edge from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.


Solid Edge


A Complete Product Development Portfolio – Overview


Solid Edge Software is a Highly Popular CAD software in Singapore. It is a Professional Collection of Highly affordable, easy-to-use CAE software tools that Satisfy all aspects of the Engineering development process.
Solid Edge Siemens combines the speed and simplicity of Intent CAD modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric CAD Modeling design – made possible with Solid edge synchronous technology.
Solid Edge® software Solution is a Truly hybrid 2D/3D CAD system that Utilize synchronous 3D CAD Modeling technology for accelerated design, faster Design Modification revision Management.
When you Choose to Buy Solid Edge, you enjoy better CAD Data imported re-use to help Engineering Firms Innovate better.

Solid Edge Packages Available:

  1. Solid Edge Design and Drafting
  2. Solid Edge Foundation
  3. Solid Edge Classic
  4. Solid Edge Premium

Solid Edge Portfolio

Define the Business future with a Total portfolio of Engineering development tools:
  1. Mechanical and
  2. Electrical design
  3. CAE simulation, manufacturing
  4. Technical publications
  5. Engineering data management and more 


Solid Edge 2020: See What’s New

Latest Software Release

Solid Edge 2020: See What’s New

Brand New Functionality in Solid Edge 2020 such as augmented reality (AR), expanded validation tools, model-based definition, and 2D Nesting, combined with Comprehensive enhancements to core CAD Features, Allow enhanced Cross-functional collaboration and the Capability to completely digitalize the design-to-manufacturing process.
Digitalize your Whole product Engineering process with Siemens Solid Edge Premium 2020 and Transform your business. 
Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.
  1. Visualize design intent with augmented reality (AR).
  2. Minimize errors and shorten Engineering development time with seamless integration of Advanced electrical and mechanical design Concepts.
  3. Validate designs with Brand new Integration of Mechanical motion and Dynamic vibration Engineering simulation.
  4. Lower manufacturing costs with model-based definition and new 2D nesting capabilities.
  5. Internationally share Technical Engineering documentation Publication with Latest language translation tools.
  6. Take Total Version control of your Engineering Technical Information with Design data management tools that Easily Grow with business needs.
  7. And cloud-ready Multi-Functional Team collaboration, offering a Very Safe Method of sharing product data regardless of origin


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Visualize and Validate your Ideas with Next Generation technology, from Augmented Reality to Model

Compress Product Engineering Development time with Seamless integration & Validation of Electrical and Mechanical design Concepts. 

Core CAD Enhancements

Solid Edge supports all major 3D files so that you can continue working on the CAD format you are familiar with

Solid Edge_Core CAD Enhancements - File Formats_614x81

1. Model-Based DefinItion

Enjoy Gains in Engineering Productivity Output with Model-based Definition & Total Digital Characterization

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Make Design Concepts with 3D Immersive & Realistic AR Visualization

3. Reverse Engineering

Render Digital Twin Quicker & Simpler with Next Gen Integrated CAD Technologies

4. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Integrated with Latest Manufacturing Technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing

Put your Designs in Motion with Simulation Tools Built for Designers, Powerful Enough for Analysts

Solidworks Fully Embedded CFD Analysis Tool, FloEFD, enables You to Front-load Simulation by moving CFD simulation early into the design process. This enables Design Engineers to Examine & Evaluate Design Ideas earlier to obtain optimized Performance & Reliability

Powerful, Scalable Simulation Solutions

Empower Engineers to Choose the Best CAE Tools for Specific Simulation Requirements.

Validate, Optimize Design Early to Save Time & Cost

Virtually Validate & Optimize Engineering Design with Modules such as FloEFD Solid Edge

Why Solid Edge ?

Don’t Just Model, Innovate!

Visualize and Validate your Ideas with Next-Generation Solid Edge Technology, from Augmented Reality to Model

1. Enhancement in Solid Edge Mechanical Design

Speed, flexibility and next-generation design

Supplementing Capable design Software tools with topology optimization, Solid Edge generative design speeds Design of lighter components perfectly suited for Quick manufacture via today’s additive manufacturing processes.
Or use Solid Edge Synchronous Design to further Iterate the Design shape for more Conventional manufacturing.
Solid Edge Design: Next-generation Engineering Design Innovation
– Create the Optimized Engineering Geometry design between Overall Assembly weight and Structural strength using topology optimization with Solid Edge generative design
– CAD-CAM integration within Solid Edge PLM allows Engineers to Rapidly 3D print prototype Concepts to Final production-ready Components with additive manufacturing techniques such as Rapid prototyping (RP)
– Solid Edge Synchronous Capabilities Allows you to Seamlessly scan, edit, and produce product Designs with Innovative reverse engineering Design capabilities
– Dramatically improve product design Operation efficiency with Siemens Solid Edge Innovative convergent modeling Innovation
– Perpetual Improvements in Solid Edge synchronous technology integrated into Solid Edge Software raise the Standard of fast and Versatile 3D CAD Solid modeling.

Top Enhanced Capabilities in Mechanical Design

  1. Model-Based Definition
  2. Augmented Reality (AR)
  3. Reverse Engineering
  4. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
  5. Core CAD Enhancements

1 • Model-Based Definition

At an Affordable Solid Edge Price Point, Enjoy a significant Increase in Engineering manufacturing productivity Utilizing model-based definition, which provides a Total digital characterization of Components and Complete assemblies using 3D CAD design data.
In a Benchmark comparison between Solid Edge vs Solidworks, users Use Significantly fewer Manhours on Manual engineering documentation and Encourage downstream Design validation, while minimizing Design manufacturing errors.

2. • Augmented Reality (AR)      

Engineering Design Virtual visualization brings Design Concepts to Reality, allowing Product engineers to Assess their digital design in a Realistic Application Situation.

3 • Reverse Engineering 

Market-leading Seamless integration of next-generation CAD technologies create digital Models of Pre-Existing Engineering designs,
making it quicker and Simpler to capture a digital twin of the Actual physical Design.

4 • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) 

Streamline Engineering access to the Newest manufacturing methods, Guaranteeing that your 3D print is the right Very first time.
When you Choose to Buy Solid Edge, it Enables you to Automated physical Fastening thread Generation brings the most common fastening type to the additive manufacturing world. 
5 • Core CAD Enhancements
Productivity gains in Applications of Solid Edge 2D Drafting such as Very Big assembly, sheet metal Engineering Design, and Design data migration removes design Barriers.


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Solid Edge Portfolio

Solid Edge 2020 from Siemens provides Next Generation Technologies that Solve Today’s Toughest Product Development Challenges.

Mechanical Design

Speeds Up Design Iteration of Lighter, Stronger Parts with Topology Optimization, Generative design, Synchronous Design suited for today’s additive Manufacturing Processes. 


Front-Load Simulation early in Design Development, to Shorten Time-to-Manufacture, & Cost-to-Manufacture

Electrical Design

Overcome Electrical Design Challenges early in the Design Cycle with Solid Edge Integrated Electrical Design


Design for Manufacture (DFM) Capabilities suitable for Both Conventional & Additive Manufacturing

Cloud Ready

Enjoy online Cloud-based CAD Data management, Viewing Access, Dynamic markup, Secured Sharing & Collaboration with Solid Edge Portal

Technical Publications

Dynamically Generate technical Documentations that Communicate the most efficient Engineering Workflow for Your Products.

Data Management

Highly Scalable Engineering data management Tools & PLM capabilities Integrated into Solid Edge

Customer References

Some of our customers who benefited from choosing Solid Edge 

48.3% of SMB manufacturers believe their efforts around digital transformation will be essential to their company’s survival in the next 3-5 years.


Thriving In the Digital Economy

Solid Edge with synchronous technology will reshape the way you think about product design.

“Digitalization has also made it possible to better track and manage the materials used in production and Thermoplan’s quality assurance processes. The company can now also offer customer service remotely over the internet; for example, by providing instructions for replacing the water filter.”

Adrian Steiner

CEO and co-owner, Thermoplan

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A CAD Modeling Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How Solid Edge Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

Put your Designs in Motion with Solid Edge Simulation Tools Built for Designers, Powerful Enough for Analysts


2. Engineering Simulation


Powerful, Scalable Simulation Solutions 

Powerful, scalable Engineering solution offerings Enable users to select Robust CAE tools for their requirements.
Solid Edge Simulation: Keep Design Aerodynamically efficient when interacting with Engineering fluid flow Hydrodynamics with Integrated CFD flow analysis Software Modules.
Solid Edge simulation software is an integral Component of the Solid Edge CAD Suite for digital prototyping provides a Complete Selection of mechanical simulation & Numerical modeling tools to Assist designers engineers and Consultants make Engineering Design decisions Way earlier in the Product engineering design Workflow.

Validate, Optimize Design Early to Save Time & Cost

Virtually Validate & Optimize Engineering Design with Modules such as FloEFD Solid Edge and Simcenter STAR-CCM+
Solid Edge Simulation Add-ons, such as FloEFD Solid Edge Allows you to Digitally Checking and optimizing parts, Full assemblies, and complete systems early in the design development process reduce the Requirement for physical prototypes, saving time and Expense.
– Accurate and fast Computational flow Dynamics and Thermal heat transfer CFD simulation and Numerical Modeling
– Fully integrated Engineering Ecosystem designed for CFD Analysis: With Solid Edge NX no Requirement to Manually transfer Engineering data between different 2D Engineering drafting, 3D Modeling, and CAD cam Software tools
– Front End Loading of CFD Simulation Utilizing FloEFD Solid Edge is Very Easy-to-use for a Product designer, powerful enough for the CAE specialist and CFD Consultant with a small learning curve.

Scalable simulation software that drives design

By Introducing simulation early in design, changes are made when they are easiest, time-to-manufacture is shortened, and cost-to-manufacture can be reduced.
Easily Model all aspects of mechanism Movement. With new Mechanical motion simulation Feature in Solid Edge NX, understand the Actual dynamic function of an Engineering design before Actual producing or Fitting physical hardware.
Simulate the vibration level of a 3D Structural Design during product operation with harmonic response analysis in Solid Edge to ensure Implemented Engineering Ideas will successfully overcome Undesirable resonance and other dynamics effects.

With these Innovative CAE Engineering Program tools, Businesses and Engineers alike can Forecast the real-world Functional performance of your product. This helps Companies and Engineers to save the Engineering Hours and money Needed to build multiple physical prototypes
Solid Edge simulation software lets you Begin with mainstream Software Solutions and then expand your CAD and CAE toolkit to include more advanced simulation Functions such as computational fluid dynamics CFD and Finite Element Analysis FEA without the need to learn new Operational workflows.

Solid Edge Multiphysics Simulation Capabilities

with Solid Edge simulation multiphysics software, you can Utilize CFD tools to perform thermal heat transfer and fluid flow Fluid Dynamics Modeling to Examine the thermal characteristics of Geometry designs and simulate Realistically detailed fluid flow behavior.

CAE Capability to simulate Various Modes of Fluid Flow, Fluid Characteristics and Physics

the Computational fluid flow simulation Software Solution helps you Concurrently predict Fluid flow Dynamics in multiple independent fluids by Computing velocity and pressure that Happens within incompressible & viscous Liquid flows including the Concurrent prediction of laminar and turbulent Fluid flow and Coupled fluid thermal Physical effects such as natural convection buoyancy and forced Convective Heat Transfer
Just like Simcenter STAR-CCM+, this CAE Simulation Software can simulate the Fluid flow Dynamics of incompressible fluids Flowing around Physical Objects such as Aircraft airfoils or within hollow Areas such as lid-driven cavity

Solid Edge Simulation Preprocessing

Preprocessing setup of CFD simulations is made Simpler through the use of standard engineering Naming Convention, Intuitive Engineering workflow Instructions and user-friendly Software tools and Help Guide that automate the transfer of FEA simulation results and CFD simulation results between Different CAE Engineering analyses Allowing you focus on Actual Engineering Functional performance and not Spending Hours on Figuring out advanced numerical or Engineering simulation methods

Technical support for multi-CAD Platforms and FE finite element modeling tools help manufacturers Analyse initial design intent and accurately predict New Design/product Functional performance
Solid Edge simulation software supports direct CAD data exchange with most Common Mainstream CAD software tools

Solid Edge Mold flow

Solid Edge mold flow plastic injection molding simulation tools and Solid Edge vault data management software included in the Solid Edge software Package Enables you to validate and Improve Engineering designs before manufacturing.
This helps to Boost Performance efficiency, Lowering reliance on Actual prototypes, Minimizing Project costs and Avoid Technical errors


Benefits of FrontLoading Engineering Simulation

By frontloading FEA stress Analysis and Performing analysis, such as Aerodynamics Simulation early during the Initial Development stage, Companies did not stop Using FEA simulation Analysis during the Concept validation Phase.
CAE Simulation, such as Airfoil Simulation simply became an Approach by which Performance trends were examined and less desirable. design ideas were dismissed.
However, unlike the Design verification stage, during the Actual design Stage, speed is of the essence.
Design Engineers need to use Computational Aeroacoustics to Accurately Model not only at Initial Stage but also often to keep in Sync with the Pace of Engineering design Modification.
By iterating rapidly, engineers can discount less attractive Concepts and innovate Faster.
Once a design Concept has been Assessed Utilizing Wind flow Analysis and Shortlisted as viable, it can continue to the Design verification Phase.
The practice of FrontLoading CAE Simulation Early has now Passed to new Applications including Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Simulation – long the Exclusive Area of the Specialized Engineers during the Design validation Stage.
Frontloading Offers the best environment for design Focused CFD Analysis.
This is also  Like what in the past was called “upfront” CFD, except that here we are talking about Seamlessly embedding CFD in CAD Modeling Process, which adds Many Advantages throughout a product’s manufacturing Workflow.
Market research data such as this from Lifecycle Insights highlights top Goals for Computational fluid Analysis as an Engineering Development tool:
  1. Meet product Design requirements
    (for Instance: lower Overall weight, Quicker speed, complex behavior Dynamics, etc.)
  2. Avoid Undesirable downstream development delays and Expenses (for example: reduce testing and prototyping, reduce change orders, etc.)
  3. Fulfill customer contractual obligations or Governmental Regulations
  4. Reduce product Engineering lifecycle Expenses
  5. Push production Expenses lower. In short, design engineers can help reduce the number of prototype Variants Fabricated and optimize cost (through Usage of Superior materials and Built quality), efficiency, as well as Boost company profit margins.

Successful Execution is key

Frontloading CFD Simulation, such as Cooling Tower CFD has Evident Advantages but how best to Deploy it?
Deploying any Modification base on Finding from CFD Simulation such as Wind Load Analysis Needs a Careful Study of the four main Components of Engineering Engineering and product development:
  1. The Finished product being Developed and designed
  2. The Design Workflow being used to design it
  3. The Product Mechanical designer
  4. The end Consumer of the Manufactured product
Each Input Parameter Under Analysis in the CFD Analysis, such as Centrifugal Pump Simulation is a potential source of Additional complexity and improvement.
However, the Workflow and the Engineer can be Adapted for Fast productivity gains. The product will be automatically Refined as a direct result.

Frontloaded CFD solutions offer significant Engineering Time savings.

The conventional Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation, such as FSI Simulation includes Many subprocesses, such as CAD up Clean Geometry, Setting Configuring Boundary Constraints Inputs, Mesh Generations, Solve (Batch), Simulation Data Post-Processing and Report Drafting
With Solid Edge FloEFD, it simplifies the CAE simulation Process to Simply just 3D Geometry Import, Creation of Fluid cavity and Meshing, where it allows the CFD Flow simulation processes to take as low as 25%~35% of the original time.
• Before CFD Design analysis can begin as part of the CFD Analysis Services, the 3D model Requires to mesh.
With Conventional CFD Fluid Flow Analysis, the Design engineer has to be fully conversant in which the Core algorithm best depicts the Fluid flow phenomenon being studied.
Frontloaded CFD Modeling Simulation Tools Often Utilized by Engineering Companies providing CFD services have an automated Meshing Function that will automatically Create the best Optimized mesh for the problem being Created.
The FloEFD software has Integrated Automation intelligence such as SmartCells™ that makes it possible to use even coarse meshes without sacrificing Precision.
“ Solid Edge FloEFD from Siemens PLM helps us to better understand and optimize headlamps Performance.
Even very complex geometries and test conditions can be Accurately investigated using Solid Edge Flow Simulation with a minimum of effort Required.
Brand Introduced features such as Monte-Carlo radiation and the LED Add-on Features are Particularly helpful in Accelerating the Engineering development of Highly Complicated Designs for CFD Consulting Companies.”
— Automotive Lighting
“ We can Demonstrate the Completed Engineering design to our customer complete with how it looks and works in just one Whole day just by using Centrifugal Fan CFD Simulation performed using Solid Edge FloEFD – that Converts to a Monetary savings of 3 weeks and thousands of euros for each Single CAD model.”

A Solid Edge is an Indispensable Tool to the Modern Product Development Engineer

Today’s typical Product Engineering designer is Essentially a mechanical Design engineer.
During the Journey of their Formal education, most mechanical Product engineers have been exposed to the principles of CFD Modeling Theory in one Form, form or another.
But most importantly, a Product engineer Focusing on the Actual design of any product is fully well-versed in the Technical Context of what he or she is Developing.
For Instance, a Mechanical engineer Developing on the Mechanical design of automotive lighting got the job because he had a Foundational background in electronics design, Thermal Simulation Approaches and is Knowledgeable with the Fundamental properties and Dynamics of Car lighting Performance.
Through the use of Heat Transfer Simulation Modeling, He Fully understands that electronics generate Thermal heat and the Adverse Influence of Excess Thermal heat on Overall performance.
Also, through the Usage of CFD Thermal Analysis, He Appreciates that Cramming Circuits and electronics into an Enclosed enclosure will create a thermal problem.
Using Transient Thermal Analysis Simulation, He understands that many electronic components are at his disposal to reduce the Overall Thermal heat, including heat-sinks for Heat Dissipation.
Even the use of different materials may create in Varied operating Conditions that may Affect the Influence of heat.
In Summary, Mechanical design engineers knowledgeable of Performing Steady-State Thermal Analysis Modeling are more than capable Of using CFD Simulation Software To Evaluate and Solve the Engineering problem using Multiphysics Simulation Analysis.
They are also able to check multiple design variants using Thermodynamics Simulation to see which Design ideas are the most effective, Evaluating them, and Creating a Robust Engineering design.
The National Institute for Aviation Research has Documented the Hours savings offered by frontloading Simulation comparing it with traditional Simulation methods used by Professional CFD Fluid Dynamics Companies.
In Summary, by Utilizing the Correct Software Solution to Frontloaded CFD, you as a CFD Consultancy may be able to significantly shorten your Engineering simulation Solving time and Attain a Quicker, more Aggressive engineering design process.
This means getting Actionable results Fast from your Thermal Comfort analysis studies so that you can accelerate your Green Building CFD Project and deliver on the deliverables Much faster  


Promote performance Evaluation as early as possible and Encourage collaboration and knowledge between analysis experts and design engineers during the design process to immediately improve efficiency and productivity in your organization.


Impact efficiency and company profit margins by Lowering the number of Engineering prototypes and Minimizing Development cost (through the use of better materials and quality).


Successful implementation is Crucial to reaping the Advantages of frontloading CFD Simulation for various CFD Applications, such as Natural Ventilation Simulation Analysis, Marine Ship Propeller Simulation Studies, and Wastewater Treatment Simulation Analysis.


Select the solution that fits into your existing processes without any disruption.


Select the Suitable CAE Simulation tool to frontload CFD Simulation, it Drastically shortens CFD and FSI Analysis simulation Computation time and Attains a more competitive Engineering Design Workflow.


Using the right Software tool, Product design engineers are more than capable of assessing a problem, Validating design variants, and testing trends.





Solid Edge Capabilities – A complete set of CAD solutions

Solid Edge Offers users with a Complete portfolio of CAE solutions to meet a broad range of commercial needs.
Solid Edge not only offers rich Engineering design solutions, but Extremely scalable solutions for CAE simulation, Design for manufacturing (DFM) and Engineering data management as well.

Design a Part with Synchronous Technology

Solid Edge synchronous technology enables Product designers to Improve model creation and make Quicker edits, eliminating model regeneration, Minimize rework, improving product features and Simplify design processes.
In this video, learn how to model a Product Component using Solid Edge ST10 with synchronous technology.

Import and Edit 3D Data

Today we work in a multi-CAD world with an Immense challenge to Seamlessly import and often Change data regardless of Which CAD software created it. In this instance, learn how to use Solid Edge 2020 to Easily import 3D supplier Model data from various sources and make edits where needed.

Create a Top-Down Assembly

Solid Edge PDM offers two Different Methods for assembly designing and layout: top-down design and bottom-up design.
Top-down assembly CAD modeling is an assembly-centric Approach, which starts at the Top-most level possible and individual parts and sub-assemblies are Configured within the context of the overall assembly.

Create a Detailed Drawing

Intuitively Designing in 3D saves Critical Development time, facilitates Superior product visualization and gives the freedom to Convey your Engineering designs.
But at the end of the day, you still need to Communicate the design idea to the Engineering shop floor. This video Illustrates how Solid Edge Drafting makes it easy to create 2D CAD drawings.
Solid Edge 2D/3D CAD Tool offers A Broad range of Various applications to suit your Development Requirements.
From powerful 2D Engineering Drafting in Solid Edge 2019 to an advanced 3D system – complete with Engineering assembly design, automated Engineering drawing Drafting, CAE Simulation Modeling, and assembly applications – Solid Edge Drafting is Truly the most Complete and scalable digital Engineering development system from Siemens PLM that is designed for mainstream engineering Design.

Design a Sheet Metal Part

A Primary design capability of Solid Edge ST10 is the Sheet Metal environment which Offers an entire design-through-fabrication Design workflow, using a streamlined synchronous 3D modeling Approach tailored to the Specialized needs of sheet metal design. 
In this video, learn how to Fabricate a sheet metal part Utilizing Solid Edge 2020 with synchronous technology.

# Testimonials

Utilizing Solid Edge Software with synchronous technology I can Execute many more Design iterations now that I wasn’t able to do earlier. And because of that, the Price of the product comes down.
The weight of the Finished product Lowers down. Functional performance goes up. The customer warranty is a lot longer.
Quality loves it. We Like it. The profit margin loves it.
John Winter, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Bird Technologies

Solid Edge Capabilities - A complete set of CAD solutions

3. Electrical Design – PCB Collaboration

Boost electromechanical product designs Capability and reduce Engineering development time by Quickly creating and exporting Engineering design intent for PCBs from MCAD environment

Integrated electrical design

Overcome electrical design challenges early in the design cycle. Solid Edge electrical design software was developed to satisfy the requirements of companies where ease of use and value are as important as functionality.

4. Manufacturing

Solid Edge Manufacturing: Make Products and Workflow Convenient with Fully integrated CAD-CAM and 3D printing and Various Additive Manufacturing Utility tools.
– Efficiently program your CNC Machining tools with Highly comprehensive, Integrated CAM capabilities Integrated within Solid Edge Premium.

Fully optimized additive and subtractive Engineering manufacturing.

Utilizing the most Streamline algorithm Code on the CAD market, Solid Edge 2D Nesting Creates optimized Engineering layouts for the 2-dimensional Sectioning of fabrication material, including sheet metal, plastic, wood, fabric, and textiles.

Traditional and additive manufacturing

Manufacture Mass production or New prototype parts using Conventional CNC machining or Innovative 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities.
  • Machining Toolpaths are Closely associative to the Solid Edge Component and assemblies Files, so the Machining toolpaths can be quickly updated to Include any Engineering design changes. This is in contrast to Solidworks CAD Software from SeaCAD Technologies, where modules are largely disjointed and not integrated.
  • Create complex sheet metal component Engineering Designs, Specialized for Efficient Engineering Component manufacturing Inside Solid Edge ST10.
  • Just Like Solidworks CAD Software, you can Conveniently 3D print New customized parts yourself or access a Suite of Advanced additive manufacturing services, optimizing your Component material Library and delivery.
Streamline User access to the Newest manufacturing methods, Leading Edge additive manufacturing (or 3D printing). Solid Edge Classic Enables you to Print right first time Base On dynamic model sectioning, unseen void removal, print bed preparation (including scaling, orienting, and settling), overhang Engineering Studies to minimize Excessive supports and wall thickness validation.
Print the most common fastening type, thanks to automated physical thread creation.
Solid Edge 2019 Allows you to Define and execute a Broad Scope of Engineering manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, molding, welding, assembling and additive manufacturing.

5. Technical Publications

Solid Edge Technical publications: Dynamically Interactive. Digital. Associative.
New and enhanced Engineering publishing tools in Solid Edge ST10 Enables users to Easily import and export of Solid Edge CAD Sectional views, publish vector graphics for PDF documents, Input individual sizing for illustrations and produce images or vectors with transparent backgrounds.

Communicate globally your digital design documentation

Reach a larger, International market using XLIFF language translation in Solid Edge Premium to easily translate and localize digital documents.
– Quickly create detailed illustrations of your Engineering designs.
– Solid Edge CAD Enables you to Publish interactive digital  Engineering Documentation for Your work instruction packages.

Dynamic technical publications

Swiftly create 3D technical Documentations that Convey the most efficient manufacturing, installation, and maintenance Workflow for your Engineering products.
– Eliminate Engineering errors with Live associative document updates. 

6. Data Management

Data management: Perfect Engineering control & Management, no matter how big your CAD data Files.
From built-in data management in Solid Edge Drafting to Teamcenter Total integration, Solid Edge PDM’s scalable set of tools can Satisfy the varying needs of all manufacturers

Scalable, Searchable and manageable Solid Edge data.

Methodically and effectively Trace and report customers’ and regulatory design requirements with Solid Edge Requirements Management. With Solid Edge PLM Design data management Software solutions, Quickly search, manage and share product data efficiently and Safely.
– Enhancements to Integrated Solid Edge data management for simple PDM.
– Improved Solid Edge Classic and Teamcenter integration for more Advanced Product data management.
– New Solid Edge plus Teamcenter bundles Offer great value and ROI for a highly Reasonable Solid Edge Price.

Scalable data management

Take Total advantage of Very scalable Design data management solutions, from Features built into Solid Edge to the full PLM capabilities of Teamcenter.
– Solid Edge PDM offers Fully Scalable Engineering Product data management (PDM) Capabilities to help Businesses of all sizes become Fully digital enterprises.

7. Cloud-Based Collaboration – Solid Edge Portal

Solid Edge Portal: A Innovative way to collaborate on Multi-stakeholder Engineering Projects
Experience free online CAD Data management, viewing Access, and collaboration with the Solid Edge Portal, including browser-based access for viewing and Dynamic markup and secure, controlled sharing.
– Conveniently Involve other Project Collaboration users, suppliers and customers to collaborate securely in the cloud, including Customers using other CAD systems such as Solidworks CAD Software.
– Solid Edge 2020 portal allows you to Upload and Organize your Engineering Design files in cloud-based Shared project folders.
– Multi-platform, browser-based viewing of Solid Edge, SolidWorks Software and Various other Mainstream CAD File formats.

Secure storage, viewing, markup, and sharing of CAD files.

  1. Web-based CAD storage, File viewing, and Cross-functional Team collaboration.
  2. Browser-based user access for viewing and Intuitive markup of CAD files on any device.
  3. Secure sharing of projects information
  4. All common CAD formats Accepted

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Over the years, BroadTech Engineering has Set Itself Apart By Striving To Exceed Client Expectations In Terms of Accuracy, Timeliness and Knowledge Transfer. Our Process is Both Cost-Effective and Collaborative, Ensuring That We Solve Our Clients Problems.

  1. FEA Consulting
  2. CFD Consulting
  3. Electronic Design Consulting
  4. Semiconductor Design Consulting


At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
We can help walk you through the software acquisition process, installation, and technical support.

  1. Siemens Star CCM+
  2. Femap (FEA)
  3. HEEDS Design Optimization
  4. Solid Edge (CAD)
  5. Proplus Solutions SPICE Simulator
  6. Proplus Solutions DFY Platform
  7. Proplus Solutions High-Capacity Waveform Viewer


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