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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software – Simcenter STAR CCM+High Performance Computing (HPC)

Star CCM+ HPC High-Performance Computing is Commonly used in Singapore by Product Development Engineers in R&D Design Centers to support the performing of Real-time Simulation such as Hydrodynamic & Aerodynamic Optimization of Product Engineering Design Efficiency using CFD Fluid Dynamics Software.Star CCM+ HPC
Such simulation is inherently Computationally Intensive due to its Complex Multidisciplinary nature.


To Maximize and Support the Functional efficiency of various physical aspects of a Engineered products and Manufacturing processes, such as Engine Fuel Energy efficiency, Aerodynamic & Aero Acoustic Efficiency of Various Version of new Product Design Form Factor, Hydrodynamic Efficiency of Specific Product part and components, Having to use the Analysis Services of a CFD Fluid Dynamics Software such as Siemens Star CCM+ to try and reliably Manage, predict and control fluid flow Mechanics and Characteristics is Highly important and Beneficial.


Simulation Driven Engineering Design Exploration

Simcenter STAR CCM+ High-Performance Computing coupled with the CFD computational fluid dynamics Software solutions give you, the End User Total full Certainty in achieving the Maximum Functional performance of your New product Design even before you make your very first Actual Test prototype base on the main 3D CAD Solid Model created.
With the New Siemens Simcenter STAR CCM+ CFD software applications, Engineer like you can use it as a solution to Manage, Accurately model, Analyze, simulate and Optimize Virtually all fluid Flow Behavior, which including Dynamic fluid-structure (FSI) and multiphysics interactions in a realistic High-Quality Virtual Lab Environment.
Those engineering problems are solved using multiple integrated numerical solvers and technologies which are found in the Simcenter STAR CCM+ Flow Analysis Software Numerical simulations.
The Fluid Simulation software, which the CFD simulation analysis is conducted with is one of the Best Critical elements in Creating a Long term sustainable product development process and Keep costs low, as the Number of physical prototypes and Testing equipment Required can be Lowered drastically.


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A Toolset For All Your MDX Needs

Find out how our simulation tools are helping companies deploy multidisciplinary design exploration to discover better designs, faster

Innovation Through Design Exploration

With STAR-CCM+ You Are Able to Automate The Design Exploration and Optimization Process

About Siemens Simcenter STAR CCM+ HPC (High-Performance Computing) Software

STAR CCM+ is an affordably priced Fluid Dynamics Software that is easy to use, all-in-one multi-functional professional CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation software program system where All the Software module Plugin and 3D CAD Modeling add-ons are seamlessly integrated within the same easy-to-use integrated center CFD simulation Software and Computing Resource management services environment.


1. HPC High-Performance Computing – Fluid Simulation

Solve large-scale, complex Mechanical CFD Fluid Flow models more Swiftly and cost-effectively with the Online Cloud-based Simcenter STAR CCM+ Power On Demand simulation platform, which is able to perform Computationally Powerful High-Performance Computer (HPC) parallel processing.
Similar to Simscale, STAR CCM+ HPC operates its processing at 80% efficiency with just 5,000 cells per CPU core, providing superior Accuracy, proven process scalability and relatively Low demand on computational resource.


Swiftly Scale Your CFD Simulation to 100s of Processor Core with HPC Cloud
Run Siemens CD Adapco STAR CCM+ Smoothly in the Online Web-based HPC Platform using our Versatile and Easy to use Production-level High-Performance Computing Platform.
Easily Run CFD STAR CCM+ Fluid Flow Simulation Software processing on 100s of CPU Processors at a Highly Scalable HPC Cloud by leveraging on the Advanced technological innovation and Extensive Technological heritage of Siemens CD Adapco, which are some of the world’s Most Established PLM & CFD Software Companies.
Irregardless of Whether You are Using Windows or Open Source Linux Computer Operating System (OS), End Users and Clients can Easily use Their Power User License or the STAR-CCM+ Software Power-On-Demand License to Reliably Run Scalable CFD Simulation on 100s of Computational Processors on High Tech Cloud-Based Star CCM+ HPC Processing Servers Hosted In Regional Data Center Facilities.


2. Parallel Scalability & Robust Computational Performance

Since its early inception, STAR-CCM+ CFD Meshing Software has been carefully engineered with parallel scalability as the key focus, and performance tested to over 100,000 computational cores, making sure that when such Processor computational power becomes the accepted industrial benchmark, the code is ready to utilize these resources.


Highly Scalable & Efficient Parallel Solver Processing
You’ll be Glad to Learn that the Easily Scalable HPC cloud-based Star CCM+ Power On Demand Capabilities of the New Star CCM+ Optimate CFD Simulation Software supports the Concurrent parallel processing of the Solvers in multiple CPU processor cores to Manage and Efficiently maximize the Utilization of your Precious computational Hardware system & Resources.
This Cloud base capability of Simcenter STAR CCM+ HPC Software is a result of the Years of Free Technology innovation and research effort invested by Siemens and CD Adapco, ANSYS Fluent, Autodesk, Simscale which are some of the world’s Leading CFD Software Companies.


3. Flexible Availability of CPU Resource Activation for Short Urgent Projects

Lean Small Medium Firms or Startups that Often Requires short “burst” of Computational Resource Capacity for Urgent Short term ‘Spot’ Engineering Simulation Projects.
With Star CCM+ Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software, it Empowers you to Cost-Effectively handle Technical Engineering Projects which by nature has a Long-term time frame and has a Variable Computational and Demands.
The Siemens Simcenter CD Adapco Star CCM+ Simulation Software is Suitable for Busy Periods of Super Huge Demands or Massive Production Simulation Performance.


Scalable & Affordable Computational Resource
The Cloud-Based Simulation Platform of the Star CCM+ 3D Fluid Simulation Software gives you the Capability to Simultaneously and Swiftly Scale Up Computational Resource Capacity Whenever it is Needed.
This is especially useful for performing Simulation on project Models with a Very Large Cell Count at a Significantly Cheaper Cost.

Forecast Real-world performance of Your Engineering Design using CFD-focused Multiphysics Simulation

Since the real-world actual Functional performance of your product engineering applications and design Form factor depends on how it dynamically interacts with surrounding fluid flows, (either gases, liquids or a dual combination of both), you need a reliable Fluid Water Simulation Software to provide you the capability to precisely model, develop, analyze, account for, simulate, and forecast how those free fluid flow behave, and to be able to turn the physical influence of the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) to the advantage of the performance of your various High Tech products, Science-based Research Prototypes, and Industrial engineering applications.


Realistic & Accurate Virtual Fluid Flow Simulation Environment

During the detailed Engineering design phase, CFD simulation service allows Consulting companies to Manage and conduct virtually simulated testing service of the 3D CAD Geometry designs of their prototype part under realistic simulated application operating conditions similar to what the actual product will best experience in the real world.
Thermo-fluid Flow simulation Modeling analysis software program is indispensable for the support of “Front-loading” product engineering development to guarantee the best performing product design concepts are identified and selected much earlier in the engineering development and design refinement process.


Refine Engineering Design Early in the Development Phase

Technical Design quality of your Engineering application Systems will be significantly optimized/improved and optimized during the Early conceptual design Stage by performing fundamental basic FEA simulation coupled with the evaluation of open fluid flow and thermal fluid flow Physics phenomena that directly Influence and impact/affect actual Final product Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic performance.


Full Fluid Dynamics CFD Simulation Software Automation

From importing and modifying the geometry Modeling information data, creating a mesh, running the simulation, and creating a Log report documentation, all aspects of Siemens STAR CCM+ CFD Software program can be automated using visual basic source code which end user can enter into the system.


Open Source CFD Solvers

There are several Commercial CFD software solutions out there in the CAE Market which requires a Paid Software distribution Licensing. However, if budget is a constraint for your Company or your Customer, you will be Please to know that there are also many renowned independent open source CFD source code development projects which are also Comparable with other Commercial CAE tools in terms of New Features and Simulation capabilities found in their latest Software Version Releases.
One of the most Famous and Often used open-source CFD Project solvers for CFD Fluid Flow simulation is OpenFOAM, which is openly available for the CFD community to download from the online website Library portal.

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If you’re interested in Discovering more about how Star CCM+ CFD Fluid Simulation software application solutions can help you to solve your fluid flow simulation needs, please Feel Free to contact us or Contact +65 94357865
Alternatively, You can download a Free Trial Copy of the Star CCM+ Software from our Site to Try it Out to Experience For Yourself the Benefit of Siemens Simcenter Star CCM+ Software


Download Your Free Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Trial Today

Download Star CCM+ and Install it for free in a Trial evaluation Version to Tackle Some Of the most Advanced Engineering Problems you Encounter as an R&D engineer, Researcher, Intern or just an Enthusiast.
If your Engineering project is in need of Complex Solving features available only in the commercial Licensing, do feel free to reach out to us to obtain an attractive package for our Star CCM+ CFD software tool – Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software.


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A True Multidisciplinary Platform

Find Out How STAR-CCCM+ Provides For All Your Simulation Needs.

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

Fluid Dynamics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Multiphase Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Particle Flows

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Reacting Flows

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Solid Mechanics

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

Heat Transfer

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner


Useful CFD Simulation Functions that STAR CCM+ HPC Can Perform

STAR CCM+ is an extremely easy to use CFD Fluid Dynamics Software Application tool that anyone of any Skill, Student Academic background and user Experience level could quickly Learn and pick up through a short learning tutorial training Courses available online via the Steve Portal site.
User can easily deploy to perform a whole Range of CFD Simulation Analysis Types on various mainstream CAD File formats to Solve and Find Solutions to their engineering Control problems such as;


1. Aero-acoustics Noise Simulation Using Aerodynamic Analysis

Flow-induced noise is a major component of the resultant acoustic signature of a vehicle (or other product). Siemens STAR CCM+ offers an impressive library of high quality and accurate physics models for modeling, analyzing, simulating and predicting Aeroacoustics noise sources.
The sound caused by pressure oscillation of fluid, such as wind noise and sound caused by resonance can be predicted base on using Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and a weak compressible flow model. A Fast Fourier Transform calculation can be used within the Sim center STAR CCM+ software to predict the frequency of the noise.
This includes the popular physics model and Solver tools such as:
1. Steady-state Physics models
2. Direct Physics models (DES/LES)
3. Propagation Physics models
4. Acoustic perturbation equations (APE) solver.


2. Multiphase Flow Simulation Analysis

Multiphase Simulation analysis Makes possible for simulation using free surface, Multi-Phase particle tracking, and volume of fluid.
Accurately representing the Physics behavior of the different fluid and solid phases is Vital to accurately capturing and modeling the Operational performance of your product’s engineering design.
Siemens Simcenter provides a variety of both Eulerian and Lagrangian modeling capabilities to Cater to your simulation requirements.
Common Examples of Multiphase Flow Simulation includes
1. Particle deposition
2. Used by Construction Companies to Analyse Building Aerodynamics of Skyscrapers interaction with incoming Wind Forces
3. Wave Sloshing effect of gasoline tank shaking on Fluid content contained in Tank.
4. Hydrodynamic effect of Sea waves on Speed of Marine ships
5. Trial Test Aerodynamics Efficiency of Airplanes in the Aerospace Industries


3. Particle flows Simulation

The Discrete Element Method (DEM) preprocessing and post-processing approach can be used by End-users to accurately develop, model, analyze, see and simulate the Collective Dynamic motion of a Big quantity of interacting discrete objects (particles), such as the granular flow of aggregates, food particles, metal powders, Medicine tablets and capsules, and wheat or grass.
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is the first High-End commercial CFD engineering simulation Software tool to include a DEM capability that is seamlessly coupled with Computational numerical Fluid flow simulation.


4. Reacting Fluid Flow Simulation

Simcenter STAR CCM+ Software provides invaluable simulation results and Useful engineering insight into the Dynamic interactions between unsteady turbulent fluid flow field and underlying molecular chemistry of reacting Chemical Fluid flows, Enabling you to improve the trade-off between the operational performance and fuel emissions of your device engine for Various operating conditions.


5. Moving Mesh (Discontinuous & Overset)

Discontinuous and overset mesh allow for various methods to simulate moving objects.
Discontinuous Mesh
Discontinuous Meshing help to make it technically possible to conveniently model, analyze and simulate a combination of Mechanical rotation and translation mechanism motion such as an Engine piston pump, or shear forces exerted during the intermittent application of a disk brake clamping mechanism.
Overset Mesh 
Overset mesh uses a combination of both stationary and moving Network meshing technology. Industrial Applications with Mechanical deformation, Shaft rotation, or multiple dynamically moving regions can be Accurately simulated using this Engineering Simulation Computing approach.
Real Life Examples using overset mesh include a gear pump or Cyclic opening and closing of an Internal Combustion engine port Mechanical valve.


6. Compressible Fluid Flow

Supersonic Fluid flow and contraction of volume simulation are possible using either a pressure based or density based solver.
A density-based solver helps to maintain the processor computation calculation relatively stable during high Mach number simulations.
Depending on the project goals, Design change, objective and Specification requirements of the Product equipment to be Designed, either Physics solver can be Used for the CFD simulation analysis of the Compressible Fluid Flow.


7. Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT)

STAR CCM+ CFD Platform is capable of accurately considering all three modes of Thermal heat transfer for your Enhancing and Improve the Main Thermal Energy Efficiency of Your Engineering Design Project. In addition to natural and forced Thermal heat convection, Thermal heat radiation can be solved using either the flux or view factor method.
With view factor reflection, transmission, and refraction can be considered.
In boiling Phase-change processes can be Simulated, Modeled, and predicted for fluid by Accounting the nucleate boiling coefficient and in Thermal Heat Sources involved.


8. Engineering Design Optimization

Using Earlier simulation results obtained, Fluid Dynamics Software can be used to search for an optimal Engineering Structure design using your 3D CAD Solid Model. Multiple design variables and multiple design objectives can be considered to improve Accuracy by Utilizing a Range of genetic Solving algorithm.


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A Simulation Solution That Span All Industries

Learn How MDX Solves the Toughest Problems In Various Industries

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Aerospace & Defense

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. Automotive

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Marine

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Oil & Gas

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

5. Chemical & Process

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Energy

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

7. Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

8. Electronics

Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race


Optimization of Mixer Mixing Efficiency

STAR-CCM+ Offers automated Engineering Design Exploration and Optimization within the Reach of all CFD Simulation Engineers. Shown here is an Industrial Mixer Design Optimization Study, Beginning/Starting with a Baseline and resulting in a Significantly Improved Prototype Mixer Design (right) with a Four Times Decreased Energy consumption while Maintaining to the Same Blend Time Required.




Streamlining of Bicycle Aerodynamics & Ride Quality – Trek Bicycle  

Together with STAR-CCM+ Integrated Multidisciplinary Design Exploration and Scalable Cloud Computing Capabilities, it has Tremendously Boosted Trek Bicycle Corporation R&D’s Ability to Cost-Effectively Optimizes Bicycle Aerodynamics and Overall Rides Experience



Boost Manufacturing Efficiency & Product Quality with STAR-CCM+ Multi-physics Capabilities – Bottero SpA

Multi-Physics Simulation Capabilities of Star-CCM+ Enabled BotteroSpA to Accurately Model the Highly Coupled Nature of the Structural & Fluid Dynamics Aspects of the Molten Glass Cooling Process. This Has Helped the Company to Achieve Strength and Quality in the Final Container. All This Is Achieved While Reducing Manufacturing Time and Shorten Manufacturing Time.


STAR-CCM+ CFD Simulation in Aerospace Industry  

STAR CCM+ Has Been Heavily Used in CFD Simulation of Various Aspect of Aircraft Design Performance. Such as
1. Aero-Acoustics Modeling Analysis of Landing Gear Flow Interaction With the Air.
2. Aerodynamics Simulation of a Commercial Airplane’s High-Lift Wing Aerofoil Structure, Which Is Characterized by Highly Turbulent and Complex Air Flow Patterns.
3. Simulation of Aircraft Environmental Control System to Ensure Cabin Passengers Thermal Comfort.

Star CCM+ Licensing Option 

Enjoy Development Efficiency Through High-Performance Computing (HPC)

STAR-CCM+ makes HPC-Powered Simulation and Design Exploration Studies Feasible and Highly Affordable With 3 Unique Power Licensing Options:


Star CCM+ for Students

Star CCM+ Academic License

Star CCM+ Student

Product Features of the New Flagship Siemens Simcenter CCM (Computational Continuum Mechanics)

The New CFD Software Experience

Carefully Built on top of the pre-existing tested and proven Star-CCM Plus solver, the use of a streamlined single-window Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers you a truly comprehensive engineering simulation CFD Software Tool that You Get to Best Enjoy from Beginning to finish of our Customer’s Engineering Development cycle.
This CFD Software Package which is part of the Siemens Simcenter PLM Software System and Siemens MDX Applications Ecosystem is Designed With the Intent to foster technological innovations and Give them a Competitive Edge.


1. Elegantly Fast Yet Simple

Using the Newest Star CCM+ Software Update Release, Customers Are Able to Enjoy Amazing Solving Speed of the Processor Engine and elegant simplicity which is built right into each and every Software usage workflow step.
This is seen by many Industry Observers a Sign of where the Direction of Future Software Systems Development is Heading.
The User-focused enhancements of Siemens Star CCM, which has its Own Roots in the Siemens CD Adapco technological heritage is able to drive more Productive Technical Engineering problem-solving with less demand and stress on limited engineering resources.


Simplified Simulation Workflow For Enhanced Engineering Productivity
With this Improved and Simplified Workflow productivity, you are able to Accomplish Significantly more in Lesser time and with Less Software training with the Newly Released Star CCM+ Software.


Features & Functionalities of Star CCM+
– The capability of the Integrated 3D modeling Software to Creates, Edits and Repairs 3D CAD Geometry
– Parametric Simulation Analysis tool for Engineering CAD Design Exploration and Optimization
– Simulation modules that help to boost Result speed and Simplify workflows
– Easily Analyze, Visualize and Present your Simulation data Obtained in a 3D immersive Environment using Star CCM+ VR.


2. Solve Advanced Multiphysics Fluid problems

Best-in-class CFD solvers efficiently extend the boundaries of what is technically possible, so you can easily boost your product’s functional performance and energy efficiency.
You can use Star CCM+ HEEDS and its Flow Analysis Software simulation tool to innovate with industry-specific breakthrough modeling capabilities in areas of Flows Scenario such as industrial turbomachinery, Fluid flow turbulence, combustion Simulations, and in-flight icing.


Wide Range of MultiPhysics CFD Solutions
This serious CFD software package has the broad-ranging CFD analyzing capabilities needed to solve your Engineering design Challenges today and in the future.
Go way further and faster with well-validated CFD data across the widest scope of General, Specialized and advanced cross-domain Multiphysics simulation applications.
Similar to Ansys, Star CCM+ NX Fluid Flow Simulation Software can provide significantly faster CFD simulation results for practically any Fluid, fluid flow behavior or multiphysics application, with cutting edge accuracy and robustness.


3. Flexible Cost-Effective HPC Cloud solving options

Significantly Lower Your CFD Simulation Processing runtime with Star CCM+ Power on Demand Scalable Cloud-based Parallel Solving Capabilities. With every aspect of the Cloud-Based HPC Server Simulation 100% operated within the Online web browser, the Constraint of limited Processor computing power, accessibility, and high Operating costs are eliminated.


Fully Flexible & Robust HPC Cloud-Based Computational Solving Options
Connect Your CFD Simulation software Tools to a Fully-integrated, Online HPC Cloud-Based CFD Solving Platform for a Scalable and Cost-Effective CFD solving to Accurately Test, Validate, and Optimize your Engineering designs.


Solve Locally or Continue Working and solve in the Cloud
With Our scalable and Highly integrated and Scalable HPC cloud-based License solving features, you will be able to Work and Solve locally on your local client workstation or proceed to work on your preexisting job task at hand while you solve in the cloud.


4. Achieve Mosaic-Enabled Meshes Through Parallel Processing

Task-based Commercial CFD Software Simulation Modeling open workflow of the CD Adapco Star CCM+ uses Efficient Parallel processing Cloud Service to swiftly produce Mosaic-enabled meshes.
Mesh Mosaic Created by the CFD Meshing Software Application significantly improves CFD model simulation precision of the CFD Star CCM+ Simulation Data by conformally Bridging the 1:8 hex-core mesh-cell size jump.


5. Accurately Predict Product Design Performance & Optimize Design

This powerful and Dynamic CFD simulation capabilities of the Star CCM+ Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software Tools can help you to use the Simulation Data Insights Obtained to forecast Your Engineering CAD Design’s operational performance, optimize CAD Form Factor designs, and validate product behavior before Committing High Amount of Resource to Tooling and production fabrication Management Process.


Make Better Informed, Faster Engineering Design Decisions
Recent technological innovations to Physics Modeling, Adaptive mesh refinement, the Front-end GUI user environment, high-performance computing (HPC) and Post-processing radically compresses your computation time taken to final Simulation Data results while Making Sure it is easy to achieve it without Affecting Simulation Data Reliability.
Allow novice End-users to quickly become more Productive within a Short Time while giving Seasoned users More Opportunities to Work on the Engineering Design.


6. Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Accessible for Engineer of Every Proficiency Level

While Simcenter Star CCM+ CFD Fluid Dynamics Software Solution significantly empowers experienced CFD analysts to get deeper technical insights, serious CFD modeling is not just for seasoned experts modeling space exploration rocket ships and competitive FSAE racing automobiles.
CFD Simulation Engineers at each and every functional level across a multitude of industries are getting huge value from the CFD analysis performed by the CFD Fluid Dynamics Software.
This is in Contrast to the Free Open Source OpenFoam CFD Software Products which has a Steep Learning Curve Due to Its Code Based Input Requirement.


7. Newly Designed GUI with Revamped Layout and Customization Options 

A sleek new appearance with user-selectable themes and Local language localization.


Averaged CFD Simulation Result plane
Fully Customizable user-defined plane to display averaged Simulation result in Visually pleasing Color Coded ‘Heat’ Maps.


Automation User Defined Function (UDF) Scripting
Automate Your CFD Engineering Simulation Workflow and easily create highly Custom Simulation tasks with Siemens Simcenter Star CCM+ User Defined Function (UDF) Functionality.

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Alternatively, for a quick quote request for your specific Star CCM+ CFD Software Package needed, simply email us your detailed requirements to sales@star-ccm.com

Case Studies – Designed With STAR-CCM+

See How Our Customers Have Been Using STAR-CCM+ To Generate Design Improvements And Stay Ahead Of The Innovation Race

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Comprehensive Set of Integrated Disciplines & Physics

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

2. Integrated, Intelligent Design Exploration

3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. Re-Playable Pipelined Workflow to Reduce Engineering Time Needed

5. Affordable

4. Parallel Computing & Innovative Licensing

4. Proven Track Record

5. Single End-to-End Solving Environment

2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

6. Backed by Dedicated Technical Support


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At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
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