Stress Engineering Services 

Stress Engineering Services is at the heart of what we do here at BroadTech Engineering in our office based in Singapore.  
Stress Engineering SMBs providing FEA Structural Engineering Consultancy Services involved in an International Logistic supply chain are seeing the Impact of changing working Interlinks with larger Corporations, with Various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) passing Engineering design and Product warranty Scope down to 2nd tier suppliers. 
This is forcing Resellers and suppliers to come up with their own Innovative Engineering designs and FEM analyses, which means they have to Deliver more in Much less time for the same or cheaper cost.
Stress engineering
We are a professional Engineering consulting firm with a team of professionally trained structural engineering consultants, mechanical engineers, and Pipe stress analysis consultants with extensive experience in the areas of engineering numerical modeling solutions, covering a range of specialized structural engineering services and functions such as
  1. Failure analysis services (IL: Failure analysis services)- This includes simulation and prediction of any occurrence of Fatigue or Fracture of a part component design
  2. Structural Bean Stress analysis
  3. Structural Design Validation and Optimization
SMB Product manufacturers (with Annual Financial revenues Ranging Inbetween $7 and $700 million) are All seizing the Great opportunity to Refine their Organization’s product Engineering design and Engineering development Workflow processes through Large Financial investments in CAE Computational Modeling or Structural finite element analysis (FEA) Analysis Software Tools, according to AMR Research Consultancy.
Like Big Engineering corporations, SMBs are being Forced to Develop a Complete Working Finished product from Initial Conceptual design to Final Actual Fabrication as Fast as Practically possible without Sacrificing Design Built quality and yet Deliver a Long Term Positive Commercial profit. There are several Critical Areas that Professional Engineering manufacturers need to take into consideration, including Engineering Product Research & Development for Easy Manufacturing (DFM), Construction material selection size, Overall shape Form factor, Self-weight, Resultant Structural stress due to Actual Operational Loads  General Structural operational Functioning durability and cost.


Why FEA Stress Engineering Analysis (Finite Element Analysis)?

FEA Simulation Services is Popularly used in many FEA Consultancy to Model the Mechanism Dynamics of a real component or assembly with an Ideal mathematical model (or finite element (FE) model) representation including the Operational physical conditions ( Loading Forces, Mating Constraints and boundary conditions) in which it operates The finite element model is then Computationally analyzed by a Finite Element Analysis Simulation solver Engine, which Computes FEA results in data that Model the design Performance to the applied boundary conditions, Constraints, and can help to Recognize Structural weaknesses or Predict potential Structural failures Failing in the Mechanical design.
There is a Popular Advice,‘ measure twice, cut once.’ In the Professional mechanical engineering world, we use Simcenter Femap with NX Nastran FEM Solver to Numerically calculate twice so we only Require to Physically Validate Only once. Long-term wise, This Definitely pays off ROI in R&D Product Development time-to-market Launch, lower Product Development costs, and Significantly safer products on the roads.
In today’s International Consumer market, we’re as likely to View our Automotive wheel components in the Outback of Australia as we are on an ‘out n’ back’ to the neighborhood grocery Supermarket. We must design our Final products with Utmost care and Femap 3D FEM Software with NX Nastran plays a big role in Assisting us to do that.


Our Stress Engineering Services


1. Design Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a complete multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate and investigate a failed component, part or structure design.
This approach involves investigating both the Material and Mechanical aspect of the failure occurrence so as to identify the potential root cause
It is base on the correct identification of the failure root cause that a proper corrective recommendation can be made
We have a broad and extensive experience in the failure analysis on diverse range of products and industries

2. Engineering Stress Analysis

At BroadTech Engineering, our stress analysis is carried out using advanced Ansys simulation modeling software tools.
Using the simulation modeling tool, critical areas of the component are identified. The reserve Material strength for a given loading condition is also calculated.
When carrying out the stress analysis, we take careful consideration into the use of various forms of loading input parameters, such as

1. Point Loads
2. Distributed Loads
3. Thermal Temperature Loading
4. Impact Loading
5. Cyclic Loading

For added verification, actual stress values can be measured using field techniques such as strain gauges.
This correlation of theoretical and actual stress data allows the stress values to be verified.
In addition, the actually generated stresses can be measured using and brittle coating.


Why Choose Us 


1. Strength Expertise in Engineering Simulation Modelling

We have been providing stress simulation solutions for companies and industries that require in-depth technical knowledge and proven track record in the fields of engineering simulation modeling and design analysis, Thermal and fluid sciences, instrumentation.

2. Extensive Industry Experience

We have the depth and bread of technical engineering consulting experience which spans across a diverse range of industries, ranging from From Upstream Oil & Gas engineering to Downstream Chemical & Refineries, Consumer Products manufacturing to final shipping & packaging design, Material Endurance Testing, Medical Devices to Pharmaceutical applications, and Pipelines to Power engineering.
This allows us to have the unique position to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools via our structural consulting services to tackle your toughest engineering challenges and deliver a cost-effective engineering solution.



About Us

BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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Stress Engineering Services

1. Powerful ANSYS FEA Simulation Software Tools

2. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

3. FEA projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. FEA projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Proven Track Record

4. Proven Track Record

5. Affordable

5. Affordable

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

6. Full Knowledge Transfer



Where does FEA Stress Engineering Services fit in the Engineering Development process?

When it comes to Doing the more Highly Complex detailed FEA Simulation Services for more Advanced FEA Consultancy projects, it generally needs to be performed by more Seasoned FEA Consultants and engineering Specialists in Finite Element Analysis Companies. The Specialized Finite Element Software that is employed needs to have much greater exposure to finite element FE model Setup definition and requires a more Highly Customized Strategy. Easy access to the CAD data Library is still very essential. However, the greater level of functionality required Often Needs a more specific toolset and Finite Element Stress Analysis Platform with Easy Accessibility to various Forms of FEA solver to Handle the Relevant types of physics.
In addition, Clients are Now Demanding shortened product Customer delivery Schedules to Consumers. Therefore, SMBs Providing Structural Consulting Services and Pipe Stress Analysis Services Now need to Integrate FEA Fatigue Failure Analysis into their Engineering product Research & development R&D Development Development Operation in order to meet their product Reliability, Construction quality, and delivery commitments. Product Design Consultant and Professional CAE engineering Finite Element Analyst can now work more closely, Seamlessly sharing the Common Master design 3D CAD Geometry data and Delivering higher-quality Finished products to Consumer market Faster
New Technological Innovation is also a Highly Important influencer for FEA Consultants and FEA Structural engineers. Superior Innovation often Originates from iterating and evaluating Various different Concept ideas Iteration.
Investments in the R&D and Engineering design process can Assist FEA Structural Simulation companies Study more options in Significantly less time. While innovation can create Significant revenue opportunities for FEA Services Companies, it can also introduce New risk by the very nature of being a Brand Novel.


Our FEA Stress Engineering capabilities and Advantages

In general, the Siemens package of FEA Simulation solutions is Highly affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-Deploy, and provides a Highly Minimum total Expense of ownership. SMEs that require Professional FEA Consulting Services will Greatly appreciate what Solid Edge FloEFD Simulation and Femap with NX Nastran can do for their design-analysis process.
These products Offer a Highly scalable Software solution to Grow a company’s FEA Thermal Analysis Capabilities when Professional Finite Element Analysis Services Required are too Expensive.
Although Femap FEA Software is CAD independent, it offers Quick and Simple file Extension associativity with Solid Edge and supports all Mainstream commercial solvers and Every version of Nastran.

FEA Stress Engineering Software Key Features

Forming a Highly scalable and comprehensive CAE Analysis solution, Femap Software (an Integral part of the Simcenter portfolio of simulation product Offerings) offers in-depth mesh-centric finite element Structural Analysis modeling Capabilities that allows Easy access to Highly advanced Thermal FEA analysis solutions, such as dynamic response, Modal frequency Response, nonlinear and Linear Static Loading, and FEM Thermal Analysis.
  1. Construct the most accurate rotor dynamic FEA Modeling thanks to a Huge library of elements (1D, 3D, 2D Fourier multi harmonics, cyclic symmetry, etc.) in the FEA Software, taking Total advantage of symmetry with maximum Analysis Versatility
  2. Especially useful for Marine Structure Consultants, users get to benefit from the Powerful model reduction by super elements to Encompass reduced representations in Bigger assembly models
  3. Library of bearings and seals (rolling element, hydrodynamic, squeeze film dampers, gears, etc.) Within the FEA Analysis Software to model assembly Mechanical/Joint Joints/connections
  4. Symmetric or asymmetric Motor rotor and stator can be Numerically computed, as well as Several rotors with different rotation Velocity and Conorientations
  5. Allow Various different FEA analysis types: critical-speed analysis, harmonic-response analysis, and transient analysis
  6. Enable Pipe Stress Analysis Consultants to perform Specialized Simulation Results post-processing tools according to industrial standards Capabilities chart General

Third-party preprocessors provide support

Siemens Fully Appreciates each FEA Finite Element analyst’s engineering Workflow and preferences are Customized and different.
A number of available third-party FEA Finite Element Simulation Software prepro­cessors also support Simcenter Femap NX Nastran bulk data and FEA Simulation Data files.
Connect dissimilarly

Increasing product Performance Reliability and Design quality

Simcenter Femap Nastran Empowers Both FEA Consultants, Seasoned FEA engineering Consultants, and Product designers to Quickly & Reliably Assess Much more Possible design Variants than can be Actually Achieved with physical prototypes.
FEM Software Simulation Enables engineers in Fatigue Analysis Services Companies to Quickly understand and optimize Engineering design Compromise for Overall Engineering Design quality, cost and performance Reliability.

Final Conclusion on Importance of FEA Stress Engineering Simulation

FEA Fatigue Analysis Services Companies and SME manufacturing and Product engineering companies that fail to utilize the latest PLM technologies are foregoing a competitive advantage. SMBs face challenges that can be mitigated with the strategic Usage of Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge Simulation and Femap Finite Element Analysis Software Solution with NX Nastran. By bringing product design Significantly closer to engineering, time to manufacturing can be Drastically reduced, product quality maximized and Business profitability increased.


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At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
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