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Stress Engineering Services 

Stress Engineering services are at the heart of what we do here at BroadTech Engineering in our office base in Singapore.

We are a professional Engineering consulting firm with a team of professionally trained structural engineering consultants, mechanical engineers and Pipe stress analysis consultants with extensive experience in the areas of engineering numerical modeling solutions, covering a range of specialized structural engineering services and functions such as

1. Failure analysis services (IL: Failure analysis services)- This includes simulation and prediction of any occurrence of Fatigue or Fracture of a part component design
2. Structural Bean Stress analysis
4. Structural Design Validation and Optimization

Our Stress Engineering Services


1. Design Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a complete multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate and investigate a failed component, part or structure design.
This approach involves investigating both the Material and Mechanical aspect of the failure occurrence so as to identify the potential root cause
It is base on the correct identification of the failure root cause that a proper corrective recommendation can be made
We have a broad and extensive experience in the failure analysis on diverse range of products and industries

2. Engineering Stress Analysis

At BroadTech Engineering, our stress analysis is carried out using advanced Ansys simulation modeling software tools.
Using the simulation modeling tool, critical areas of the component are identified. The reserve Material strength for a given loading condition is also calculated.
When carrying out the stress analysis, we take careful consideration into the use of various forms of loading input parameters, such as

1. Point Loads
2. Distributed Loads
3. Thermal Temperature Loading
4. Impact Loading
5. Cyclic Loading

For added verification, actual stress values can be measured using field techniques such as strain gauges.
This correlation of theoretical and actual stress data allows the stress values to be verified.
In addition, the actually generated stresses can be measured using and brittle coating.

Why Choose Us 


1. Strength Expertise in Engineering Simulation Modelling

We have been providing stress simulation solutions for companies and industries that require in-depth technical knowledge and proven track record in the fields of engineering simulation modeling and design analysis, Thermal and fluid sciences, instrumentation.

2. Extensive Industry Experience

We have the depth and bread of technical engineering consulting experience which spans across a diverse range of industries, ranging from From Upstream Oil & Gas engineering to Downstream Chemical & Refineries, Consumer Products manufacturing to final shipping & packaging design, Material Endurance Testing, Medical Devices to Pharmaceutical applications, and Pipelines to Power engineering.
This allows us to have the unique position to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools via our structural consulting services to tackle your toughest engineering challenges and deliver a cost-effective engineering solution.


About Us

BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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Stress Engineering Services

1. Powerful ANSYS FEA Simulation Software Tools

2. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

2. FEA Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

3. FEA projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

3. FEA projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

4. Proven Track Record

4. Proven Track Record

5. Affordable

5. Affordable

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

6. Full Knowledge Transfer

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Over the years, BroadTech Engineering has Set Itself Apart By Striving To Exceed Client Expectations In Terms of Accuracy, Timeliness and Knowledge Transfer. Our Process is Both Cost-Effective and Collaborative, Ensuring That We Solve Our Clients Problems.

  1. FEA Consulting
  2. CFD Consulting
  3. Electronic Design Consulting
  4. Semiconductor Design Consulting


At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
We can help walk you through the software acquisition process, installation, and technical support.

  1. Siemens Star CCM+
  2. Femap (FEA)
  3. HEEDS Design Optimization
  4. Solid Edge (CAD)
  5. Proplus Solutions SPICE Simulator
  6. Proplus Solutions DFY Platform
  7. Proplus Solutions High-Capacity Waveform Viewer


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