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FEA Analysis Services from BroadTech Engineering provides Next Generation Solutions that Solve Today’s Toughest Engineering Challenges.


Structural Engineering Consultancy 

Structural Engineering Consultancy Services is at the heart of what we do at BroadTech Engineering Singapore. Through our FEA services, we have the capability to use world-class FEA software to assist you in solving complex structural engineering problems so as to enable you to make a calculated and accurate engineering design decision within a shorter span of time.
Structural Engineering Consultancy
Here it shows the proportion of overall FEM Modeling Analysis time each phase consumes. At 38%, Engineering Simulation preprocessing consumes the most simulation Solving time, followed by postprocessing, and then Awaiting for the FEM Thermal Analysis solver. We will examine each phase to understand where to prioritize improvements and look at best practices for doing so.
This Decreases the time required by the Structural Engineering Consultants to Assess Several iterations, making it Significantly Much easier for Best Performing Engineering Team to Invent and Advance.
 Finally, Best Performing Finite Element Analysis Companies are 4.2 times more Probable to use guided wizards to Guarantee best practices are followed. This guides the Workflow of defining the model Correctly and Allows Bypass Wrong Conjectures. 


Importance of Compressing FEA simulation process time in our Structural Engineering Consultancy

Beyond Just simplifying the FEA Software modeling process, Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Encompasses Full Simulation capabilities that can help FEA Consultants performing Finite Element Analysis Services to Significantly speed up simulation process time:
  1. Easier-to-use external super elements simplify complex FE assembly modeling and speed solution time
  2. Automatic resolution of dependency conflicts saves remodeling time when dependency conflicts exist
  3. Direct interfaces to multi-body dynamic (MBD) FEA Solution solutions like Simcenter 3D Mechanical Motion, RecurDyn, Adams, and SIMPACK Allows motion Numerical simulation with Highly flexible bodies


Parametric Design Optimization

Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Provides parameter and topology optimization FEA Software solutions. The topology optimization algorithm finds an Optimized geometric Geometry to Withstand Force Loading or Satisfy certain responses and Physical manufacturing constraints.
The resulting Geometry Geometry obtained from the Finite Element Thermal Analysis are Very often described as “organic” and they can be Easily manufactured to Physically fit well with Advanced additive manufacturing methods.
The Complex algorithms of Simcenter Femap NX Nastran Assist the use of FEA Contact Analysis in Finding and Scanning the Engineering design space and finding the Suitable combination of Design param­eters that will yield optimal performance.
Common Adjustable Physics parameters include shell thickness Dimension, composite Material ply thickness,  composite ply Relative orien­tation, material Physical properties, and spring Physical stiffness.

Femap NX Nastran for structural dynamics Analysis


NVH and rotor Design dynamics 

 Dedicated Adaptive and FEA Analysis solver solutions are Included to support industry Operational Processes for NVH and the dynamics of rotating Machine mechanism Designs.

 Providing a platform for multidiscipline FEA Analysis

The Femap NX Nastran structural dynamics solution Module is part of a Bigger, Totally Assimilated multidiscipline Simulation/Analysis Platform/environment with the Femap NX Nastran Engineering Desktop at the core for centralized postprocessing for all FEA Modeling Software solutions within Femap Nastran. This Fully integrated environment Assists FEA Consultants to achieve Quicker CAE Workflow processes and streamline/Refine multidiscipline FEA Analysis that Seamlessly Fuse Advanced dynamics and other disciplines like Numerically computing dynamic Loadings from Physical motion, Newtonian flow, or electromagnetics solution.
1. Preprocessing 
This is where the Stage where Engineers in the Stress Analysis Services Companies Do the Defeaturing, synchronous technology, convergent 3D modeling, multi-CAD support, Individual Structural component Mesh Generation, boundary conditions 
2. Pre-test and correlation 
Senor and exciter Placement, Operational Performance deflection shape, modal assurance criterion (MAC), coordinate MAC, modal scale factor (MSF), crossorthogonality 
3. Multilevel assembly 
For most Finite element analysis companies, this Involves Component models subassembly, hybrid modeling with Testing modes and FRFs, automatic Big assembly label resolution 
4. Connections Simulation
Universal connections, automated Welding, Mechanical joints, spring, damper Bolting, and sealing identification Cavity mesh Solid to shell meshing, surface wrap, polygon body 
5. Force Loads
Loads from Experimentally measured data, dynamic Loadings from Siemens Femap NX Nastran motion, Conveniently mapped dynamic Structural loads electromagnetics, enforced Vibrational loads 
6. Solution 
Model reduction/techniques -modal, super elements, FRFs
7. FEA Simulation Postprocessing 
As part of the FEA Fatigue Analysis Services, this involves Modal, grid path, panel and structural model contribution, energy Generation, radiated power 




LS-DYNA Consulting

3. EM SC Consulting

1. PCB Simulation
2. SI, PI, S-Parameters
3. Return/Insertion Loss
4. Cross Talk, Eye Diagram
5. RLC Extraction

About Us

BroadTech Engineering is a Leading Engineering Simulation and Numerical Modelling Consultancy in Singapore.
We Help Our Clients Gain Valuable Insights to Optimize and Improve Product Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency.


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3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting
3. LS-DYNA Consulting

Featured Structural Engineering Consulting Case Studies


Optimize Support Structure Parameter Analysis by Ansys Software 


1. FEA Simulation objective:
• To optimize weight of supporting structure and analyze parameter effect which effects on deformation.
2. FEA Simulation Methodology and Approach:
  • • Created part model using in Ansys design modeler
  • • Click and select variable parameter and assign weight as variable parameter
  • • Generate mesh for model
  • • Assign fixed support and Ramp force 1e+6 Pa that acting on the edge of cantilever model
  • • Insert Total Deformation and equivalent stress by right-clicking Solution
  • • Double-click the Response Surface Optimization or Goal driven optimization (GDO) underneath Design Exploration
  • • Enter the Lower Bound and Upper Bound values for each parameter
  • • A DOE table listing Number design points is generated. Update in the toolbar to run finite element simulations for the different design scenarios.
  • • The response surface of the maximum total deformation as a function manipulating parameter is shown in the Response Chart.
  • • In the Table of Design Points, parameter achieves the best result in minimizing the total weight while meeting the maximum total deformation requirement
  • • Update Selected Design Points.
  • • Run the simulation again to verify the total deformation


3. Outcome & Conclusion

The weight of the structure is optimized from 0.5kg to 0.3kg and it can take designed load with a minimum deflection of the structure 4×10-5m

NVH Analyses of Braking Systems

  1. – determination of complex frequencies and instabilities for braking systems to suppress the squeal noise,
  2. – create a FE mesh in the HyperMesh software and perform the simulation through input files in the Abaqus software according to the specifications,
  3. – evaluation of instabilities, where the squeal noise occurs, comparison with the measurements, and modification of the component parameters to suppress the noise.

Nonlinear Buckling Analyses

  1. – determination of critical buckling load for the steel and wooden beams at various operation conditions,
  2. – create a FE mesh in the HyperMesh software and perform the simulation in the Abaqus software,
  3. – development of a new methodology for buckling analysis of a beam set with various beam lengths.

Numerical FEA simulation of damage process in cohesive-frictional material 

Our FEA Consultant have published one paper on fractured rock mass crack and its propagation. Also, Our FEA Consultant have done numerical simulation of femur bone fracture. For both of the previous models Our FEA Consultant have used volume averaging approach to simulate fractured region and for the intact material different failure criterion have been used. The outcome was showing a good agreement between experimental and numerical simulations.  

DMP with recursive domain partitioning Case Study :

  1. • Modal solution of FEA simulated Aircraft wing model
  2. • 50 million degrees of freedom (DOF)
  3. • 1,521 modes below 200 Hz
  4. • Each node: dual quad-core Intel Nehalem 2.67GHz, 24GB RAM
SMP performance for a model with 68K nodes solved on a laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 8GB RAM.
– Minutes
– Processors

Our Engineering Consulting Clients

BroadTech Engineering works closely with clients across a diversity of key industries in Singapore, such as Electronics, Energy, Aerospace, Marine, Government, and Building & Construction.

BroadTech Engineering Client



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1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

1. Powerful Simulation Software Tools

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2. Simulation Consultants with Extensive Research & Professional Experience

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3. Simulation projects Completed in a Timely and Cost-effective Manner

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4. Proven Track Record

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5. Affordable

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Over the years, BroadTech Engineering has Set Itself Apart By Striving To Exceed Client Expectations In Terms of Accuracy, Timeliness and Knowledge Transfer. Our Process is Both Cost-Effective and Collaborative, Ensuring That We Solve Our Clients Problems.

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At BroadTech Engineering, we are seasoned experts in Star CCM+ and ProPlus Software in our daily work.
We can help walk you through the software acquisition process, installation, and technical support.

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